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Poroshenko Wants to Aid 'Russian Aggressor', Insists Ukraine Will Remain a Gas Transit Country After 2019

Seeing Gazprom has explicitly said this will not be the case Poroshenko seems rather optimistic (best case) or (worst case) - delusional

  • Also why is Kiev so desperate to help Russian aggressor gas reach western Europe? 
  • Is Poroshenko collaborating with the enemy invader?
  • Should he be strung up for treason?


KIEV, July 7 (TASS) - The transit agreement between Naftogaz and Gazprom will be prolonged after 2019, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on Tuesday.

"I believe that the transit agreement between Naftogaz and Gazprom will continue after 2019. Because there is no alternative to it," said Poroshenko.

The contract for the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine was signed in 2009 for 10 years.

On June 26, Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller said that Gazprom will never agree to extend its contract with Naftogaz of Ukraine on unacceptable terms.

"Ukraine insists on including changes connected with the transit rate in the 2009 contract, which was reasonable and elaborate. Naftogaz of Ukraine insists that the transit rate is increased to $5 for 1,000 cubic meters of gas per 100 km," he said. "We will never sign a contract on unacceptable terms," he noted. "We still have 4.5 years; we will hold corresponding negotiations with our Ukrainian partners before the contract expires," Miller said.


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