Singapore Company Will Invest in Russian Ports in the Far East

Baoli Bitumina will help Russia develop its infrastructe

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Two ports connected by the Baikal-Amur railway which connects to the Trans-Siberian railway in Sovetskay Gava and Vanino are to be developed in the Far East of the Russian Federation. Baoli Bitumina, a company from Singapore, will be investing in the program to help build infrastructure at these ports. The Aovetskay Gava and Vanino are at extremely strategic locations for logistics and transportation.

This would give Baoli Bitumina added tax benefits, raw materials and infrastructure. There are also plans for the city to invest around $200 million to help modernize a Russian port in the Pacific. This will help to set up an oil and gas terminal. The Singaporean company also asked for 50 hectars of land (123.55 acres) in Russia to develop trade in the Pacific Rim markets.

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