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Alex Jones Rant: Elites Hate Russia 'Cause Putin Kicked Out Their Oligarchs (Video)

A classic Jones rant - entertaining as usual

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

He starts out talking about the fact that the actual, real-life Rothschild bank was paying retainers to most of the Russian oligarchs in the 90s.   That is true, not conspiracy theory stuff, they were fishing for deals in Moscow in those days.

But then Jones goes on, lays it out.  Worth a listen

<figcaption>He's right</figcaption>
He's right

Jones has the story right, as opposed to the mainstream media, owned by, ahem, the elites he has made a career of bashing.

Jones is on a tear - his audience now exceeds many of the largest American TV networks, and he is the most popular talk show host in America, growing quickly.   Donald Trump has given him the good housekeeping seal of approval.  

Interesting factoid: half of his audience comes from outside the US.

What Jones and Trump are saying reflect what a large part of America thinks, and it is a view that is completely ignored by mainstream media.


Source: Infowars
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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