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Russia Declared Best of BRICS in Developing Human Capital

Russia ranked first in the world for its rate of primary school completion, 10th for secondary education and 13th for post-secondary education

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This article originally appeared in The Moscow Times

Russia on Wednesday claimed 26th place in a global ranking of countries' ability to foster human capital thanks to its highly educated populace, putting it first among the BRICS group of developing nations.

Among BRICS members Russia led by a mile, according to the survey of 124 economies published Wednesday by the World Economic Forum, a Geneva-based nonprofit foundation. China came in 64th place and Brazil in 78th, with South Africa and India trailing behind at 92nd and 100th place, respectively.

Accessible education is only the first step in developing a population's skills, however, and poor scores in quality of education, professional training and other categories signaled that Russia is still far from employing its people's potential to the fullest.

The World Economic Forum's Human Capital Report aims to reveal the degree to which countries are developing the talents of all their citizens, who were evaluated in five age groups ranging from 15 to 65.

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