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Putin Makes the West Accountable for Ukraine's Debt Dodging

Нaving putschists eat their economic words 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Originally appeared at KP.ruTranslated by Svetlana Kyrzhaly and Rhod Mackenzie

A well-known Russian economist and flamboyant media personality critical of the government’s liberal economic policies, supports Moscow’s offer to forgive Kiev’s $3 billion debt by the end of the year.

At the G20 summit in Turkey, Vladimir Putin said that

Since our Western partners believe Ukraine’s solvency will improve, and we have no reason to doubt this, our partners shouldn’t hesitate  to guarantee the loan.”.

He noted that the Russian Federation had asked for such guarantees either from the US or the EU -  or even from one of the international financial institutions.

"We hope that this issue will be resolved by the beginning of December this year in view of the specific timetable of the International Monetary Fund," - said Putin.

 Some commentators are already implying sarcastically that Putin's proposal not to demand full repayment of Ukraine’s debt this year as the charity of impotence. They say, we don’t have the ability  to force the money from Kiev.”

That’s why Putin gave the Ukraine the option of  paying in installments of $1 billion a year, till 2018, adding a little paragraph that changes everything. Namely, he asked the West guarantee the repayment. This isn’t about making concessions to the Poroshenko regime, but about making the West responsible for the coup they pulled off in Kiev.

They have a hopeless choice: by giving Russia the guarantee they would recognize their responsibility for the clowns they brought to power over the people of the Ukraine. And since the clowns cannot pay because they know nothing about economics, the organizers of the coup in Kiev will have to start paying for them.

If the West refuses to guarantee the debts of the Ukrainian nationalists, it will bankrupt them … and it will be clear to everyone that they lied to the global business community about Ukraine’s  economic prospects. And other US vassals will know that they will betray them just as easily.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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