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Evil Kremlin Orders All Hotels in Russia to Cut Rates 50%

This is obviously a ploy by Putin to attract more slave labor to his Gulags 

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This article originally appeared at Russia & India Report

Guests have a reason to smile as they will pay half-rates if they check in at midnight and leave by noon, and the hotel must let them know.

New regulations introduced by the authorities provide guests a reason to smile as they mandate that hotels in Russia will have to inform clients for which services they will have to pay, before their stay. If a guest checks in at midnight and checks out by noon, they will be charged for only half a day.

All hotels have to abide by the new rules, which came into effect on October 21. However, tourist youth camps, institutional dormitories, camping sites and children's camps are not included in the list of places which must comply with these rules.

Prices charged for all services at the hotel and the hotel owner's details will have to be spelt out at the reception. To check in and stay at a hotel, a guest will need to present his or her passport, regardless of whether he is Russian or a foreigner.

The new check-in and check-out time is noon. Those who check in at midnight and check out before noon will pay for half of the day. Hotels are required to serve their clients 24 hours a day, except for those with less than 50 rooms, which are allowed to determine their own opening hours.

Hotels must provide their guests with certain free services, like calling the ambulance or the police, the use of a first-aid kit, delivering mail to guests and supplying them with boiling water, needles and thread, and dishes and cutlery.

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MORE: Business

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