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'Link You' Is Innovative Russian Replacement for Banned LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the well known professional network site which was blocked in Russia, has acquired a Russian analog called Link You

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

A Russian businessman has created a LinkedIn analogue and launched it immediately after the well-known site was blocked in Russia. Called ‘Link You’, the site allows you to search for people of a particular occupation, and communicate with them. The new social network still does not have a mobile app, only a desktop version. Experts, however, believe the Russian equivalent will not succeed in replicating the success LinkedIn enjoys.

Link You is a social network for searching people by profession. The design and mechanics are similar to those in the portal for professional LinkedIn contacts blocked in Russia. The project was launched just over a month ago. On November 16, LLC "Link U" applied for a trademark registration "Introduction by the profession." LLC "Link U" was registered at the end of May, and Igor Molka is listed as the sole owner.

<figcaption>Link You is a social network for searching people by profession. Source:Andrey Zaytsev/RIR</figcaption>
Link You is a social network for searching people by profession. Source:Andrey Zaytsev/RIR

The site requires you to fill in a questionnaire with personal details – about your career, interests, favourite music, books, and even ethnicity, religion and your favourite pet. Like the foreign project where, in addition to the profession, you can provide more information about yourself. It is designed in similar white-blue-blue tones, and visually resembles LinkedIn.

The service is also similar in that it also offers a Premium-account - for a fee, you can get extended features. However, if LinkedIn "premium" allows you to see detailed information about those who are not in your circle, and write more messages to those with whom you do not have friends in common, the Link You "premium" is more like "Odnoklassniki". For 300 roubles a month, the site offers a search by nationality and religion, invisible mode, five gifts, five profile look-ups in the search results and the ability to see when a user was last online. Unlike LinkedIn, Link You cannot search for people according to the company, only by profession, age and sex. Nevertheless, it is possible, like in Facebook, to put a “like” next a certain person.

Sergey Kravtsov, the owner of OMMG Technology, said the local social network for professional contacts has no chance, and the LinkedIn audience will not change to other social networks.

“LinkedIn has an established audience, which has long used this service primarily for international contacts, they knew how to get round the blocks so the service itself does not lose its audience, while the "import substitution analogues" virtually have no chance,” said Kravtsov. “There is almost no point in the service being offered within the same country, we already have "VKontakte", "Odnoklassniki", and Facebook for socialising. The idea of LinkedIn is in being able to search for contacts from Hong Kong, for example, but Western companies are actively looking for our website designers to lure them in or for start-ups to invest in them.”

YouDo Service General Director Denis Kutergin believes the service can be claimed as a new dating site and not as communication at work.

“You can state your gender, age, profession and find a mate based on your professional preferences, for example, if a person always wanted to meet a flight attendant,” reflects Kutergin. While all the projects launched in Russia and trying to become the Russian versions of “LinkedIn” have not been successful and, in general, Facebook was increasingly used for work communication, specialized websites were used for job and personnel search

According to the similarweb analytical service, Link You had 65,000 visitors in October.

Molka, the Link You creator, did not answer any questions asked by "Izvestia".

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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