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Instead of Import Substitution, Russia Can Capture Foreign Markets

Russia on the bink of economic expansion

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There’s a lot of talk in Russia about the advantages of import substitution, but apparently that’s already so yesterday. The cost of Russian products in dollars and euros has dropped, the quality in some industries is high, so it's time to go after markets in the lair of the industrial West. 

Some Russian machine manufacturing companies are already on the move: Rostselmash will sell combine harvesters to Germany. 

The Rostselmash Group will supply equipment to Egenholf. Company reps, farmers and dealers paid an official visit to the company where the agreement was signed. The new combine harvester RSM 161 will soon be unveiled to German customers. 

According to Director General Wilhelm Egenolf, Germany’s agricultural sector is interested in acquiring high-tech machines at cost savings.

 What can I say? When you start using Russian cars, maybe you’ll remove the sanctions against us.  

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