Don't Want to Pay Through the Nose for US Colleges? Try Russia!

Russian universities are at least 50% cheaper than their US counterparts

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The cost of getting an education in the United States is well known to be astronomical. Many otherwise qualified students are unable to attend due to the costs, which can run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Those who do attend frequently end up buried under a mountain of debt which can last them a lifetime.

In 2016, student debt in the United States topped $1.3 trillion, a huge burden holding down economic growth. But it's a boon for the big banks, who used their power to get Congress to make student debt undischaragble in bankruptcy. It's with you for life. 

But there are alternatives abroad. European countries such as Germany and France provide a first world education at very low cost. But Russia may be another good option. Check out this interactive table of universities in Russia, sorted according to cost.

A screenshot of an interactive table showing the universities available in Moscow

Most university courses in Russia are taught in Russian, but some, such as international affairs and business courses, include courses held in English.

In any case, you might want to have your child break out the Russian language textbooks early. Saving tens of thousands of dollars and getting a quality education at the same time isn't exactly a bad deal.

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