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You Knew This Was Coming: Mainstream Says Maybe Hillary Was Poisoned -- By Putin

Oh WaPo, WaPo...How low will you sink?

It has happened. He has done it again! 

Putin hacked the Democratic Party and was going to rig the election for Trump. But when this wicked scheme was exposed he went ahead and straight up poisoned the Democratic nominee -- just as he has 'taken car of' of so many other who have stood in his way.

It has happened. Or at least the mainstream (regime) media wouldn't mind if you believe that it did.

First there was Metro -- a free British tabloid -- which was only to happy to pick up nonsensical Twitter noise and presented it as if it needs to be treated seriously.

Somebody on Twitter who is slightly famous has a degree in medicine suggested Hillary camp should check her for poison in case Trump or Putin dropped something in her tea.

So yeah, some bloke saying something outlandish on Twitter -- of course that's worthy of making into a serious mainstream article:

But hey this is Metro, a British tabloid -- perhaps the most infamous and least trusted genre of newspaper there is. Moreover it's a free tabloid.  It's primary use is as blankets for homeless people and Millwall bricks for hoodlums so why are we making an issue of this?

Well because after Metro ran the story, within hours The Washington Post followed:

Yupp. America's supposedly second most prestigious newspaper reported with all seriousness that a mildly famous doctor -- who by the looks of it wouldn't mind becoming more famous -- suspects Hillary has been poisoned by Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin. Nevermind he's actually on the other side of the continent in California and only ever saw Hillary on TV -- so he's about as qualified to have an opinion as any other person on the globe.

Moreover, WaPo tried to lend added credence to the conspiracy hypothesis by reminding the reader that Putin was "implicated" (ie accused in the west) in the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko (an errand boy for the exiled oligarch Berezovsky who most likely accidentally poisoned himself while smuggling radioactive substances).

It's interesting to observe how the propaganda machine feeds on its own work. First the regime media poisons the minds of the likes of Dr. Omalu with idiotic nonsense. And after the Dr. Omalus of the world say outlandish things, as the brainwashed dopes that they are, the same propaganda machine picks up their paranoid ramblings and lends them credence by treating them seriously -- to absurd results. It has come to where Vladimir Putin is for the US mainstream press almost like the Jews were for the Nazis -- the poor guy is behind everything that's not rainbows and sunshine in the world. 

As far as poor Hillary is concerned I wouldn't look for explanations to outlets who only became interested in her health after her September 11th collapse when it could no longer be ignored (read: swept under the rug). -- I would look to people who have been interested in her health for far longer and are far likelier to be on the right track. 

But what Dr. Omalu and the Washington Post have done is remind the Hillary camp that "Putin poisoned me" just might be a viable explanation she offers to the press to explain her health woes -- one that doesn't hurt her at the election but garners her added sympathy votes.

It sounds like a Hail Mary pass but it worked once before -- for Viktor Yushchenko as he was spearheading Ukraine's pro-western Orange Revolution of 2004 (he blamed his opponent, one Viktor Yanukovich who was deposed two years ago in Euromaidan). However, unlike Hillary Yushchenko actually became visibly disfigured in a manner consistent with dioxin poisoning -- albeit it was likely caused by himself and not his political rival as he claimed.

I'm sorry but it seems Hillary doesn't have any good options at this moment. -- Even Putin poison may not save her now.

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