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Brilliant Russians Engineered Brexit With 97 Cents in Facebook Ads

But even that is too much for such an unimportant country

When you're looking for advertising experts be sure to get Russian ones.

Everybody knows that British masses only voted to leave the magnificent European Union because the Kremlin implanted this idea into their heads with fake news and social media.

And we now also know that the Russian Brexit campaign on the most significant social media platfrotm, Facebook, cost just 97 cents (USD):

Russian-based operatives placed three adverts on Facebook in the run-up to Britain’s 2016 referendum on EU membership, spending just 97 cents to raise the issue of immigration, the social media platform said on Wednesday.

Facebook said it had examined whether any account profiles or pages linked to the Internet Research Agency (IRA) had funded ads during the Brexit vote. The IRA is a Russian organization that according to researchers employs hundreds of people to push pro-Kremlin content on social media.

“We have determined that these accounts associated with the IRA spent a small amount of money ($0.97) on advertisements that delivered to UK audiences during that time,” Facebook said.

“This amount resulted in three advertisements (each of which were also targeted to U.S. audiences and concerned immigration, not the EU referendum) delivering approximately 200 impressions to UK viewers over four days in May 2016.”

Reading the fine print we see the ads; did not even concern Brexit directly, did not target the UK solely, and their links to the Russian state are dubious to say the least (would the lair of evil that is Kremlin really bother with a 97 cent psy-ops campaign?)

Face it Brits, Kremlin has bigger fish to fry than you.

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