The Brilliant Boris Johnson Explains Syria Conflict in Four Short Points

Johnson steals the show at the UN lobby

Nobody does the UN, or ziplines, quite like Boris Johnson. 

He didn't quite get to speak at the actual Security Council meeting on Syria (guess Britannia no longer "rules the waves"), but he did find some reporters in the hallway to speak to, which technically makes it "Johnson's speech at the UN".

He told them:

"What is absolutely clear is that the Russians bear the moral responsibility for what is taking place," he told Channel 4 News.

"You have got aid convoys with UN markings on them being targeted, you have got medical facilities being blown up.

"This is not a civil war, this is a proxy war conducted by puppeteers and those puppeteers are principally in the Kremlin.

"They have an opportunity to bring an end to this. They could tell the Assad regime not to fly, not to bomb, to engage with the whole negotiation.

"Instead, I'm afraid you're seeing a cynical and barbaric protraction of violence and it is tragic."

Leave it to Boris to cut through the clutter and point out what's important. The sage of London brilliantly condensed the seemingly complicated war in Syria to four fundamental points:

1. We are the moral superiors of Russians.

2. West played no role in the Syrian conflict. 

3. Assad should negotiate with the 70,000 Syria moderates

4. Russians are barbarians

Any questions?