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Brennan and Clapper Double Down on RussiaGate, Kvetch with 'Meathead' for Money (Video)

An empire crumbles

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As the RussiaGate fiasco comes crashing down around Adam Schiff's ears, leaving him more beady-eyed than ever, best pals Brennan and Clapper go all in on the Russia conspiracy, picking up a few bucks at the end of their disgraceful, treasonous careers.

Reiner playing himself in the great 70s comedy 'All in the Family'

They may yet end up in the slammer, so might as well make money while they still can.

They know the gig is up, but if some of Rob Reiner's obscenely wealthy Hollywood liberals want to throw money at them, these career spooks don't have any objections. They're happy to lie for money, they've been doing it their whole professional lives.

So here we go. First they make an embarrassing video with Rob Reiner, otherwise known to most Americans as 'Meathead'. It is published on February 7th.

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“I don’t recall anything that gave me viscerally in the pit of my stomach a more uncomfortable, uneasy feeling than when I realized what the Russians were doing,” Clapper says in the video.

Bright and early the next morning, Reiner goes on 'Morning Joe', and pushes the hogwash, sending a 'shiver' down Mika Brzezinski's spine:

Co-host Mika Brzezinski said her late father, who served as national security adviser in the Carter administration, shared the same reaction to Russian meddling as Clapper did in the interview.

“These are people who are deeply immersed in confidential conversations pertaining to global stability, and they have a feeling of unease,” she said. “It sends a shiver down my spine.”

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Reiner set up the very weird 'Committee to Investigate Russia', get a load of their 'advisory board'. I wonder how much people are charging to be on here, and who is paying for it.

Back in September, we reported on how Tucker crushed Reiner on his show, when he started his committee:

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Not much to worry about here. This is just dumb money being thrown after bad. RussiaGate as a threat to Trump is finished, and everyone knows it.

What now remains to be seen is if the Republicans can turn it into a billy club with which to bludgeon the Democrats into the November elections.

That seems to be the plan, and I think it has a good chance of working.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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