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BREAKING: Rohrabacher Still in Running for Sec of State - To Meet Trump This Week

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is the runaway favorite among a large swath of Trump's base, due to his unflinching criticism of neoconservative foreign policy throughout the last 10 years.  He was often a lone voice in the wilderness, with very few supporters in Washington.

Vigorously championed by this publication and many in the alt-media, few people gave him much of a chance as little as a week ago.

<figcaption>He's the quintessential Reaganite, with whom he got his start as a speechwriter in the early 80s</figcaption>
He's the quintessential Reaganite, with whom he got his start as a speechwriter in the early 80s

Gotnews, a conservative news startup staffed by well-known mainstream media veterans who have excellent contacts in the Trump transition team are now reporting that Rohrabacher is still in the running.

Russia Insider knows the Gotnews people well, and considers them a reliable source:

From Gotnews:

Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) is still in the running for Secretary of State and will be in New York City and Washington, D.C. as soon as next week to have meetings with President-elect Donald J. Trump’s advisors and transition team, according to a source close to the process.

The source told GotNews that, despite declining an offer to be Deputy Secretary of State, Rohrabacher would be “on the East Coast” next week to meet with the transition team and be vetted further.

Rohrabacher refused an offer to be the next Deputy Secretary of State due to the possbility of serving under a “neocon” head of the State Department such as Trump-hating failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney, unstable warmonger John Bolton, or gun-grabbing classified info leaker David Petraeus.

Rudy Giuliani, another contender for the post, was exclusively revealed by GotNews to have failed his own vetting process, likely due to his recent foreign lobbying. Giuliani is no longer in the race.

GotNews also exclusively reported that Rep. Dana Rohrabacher had the support of Democratic Hawaii congresswoman and Iraq War veteran Tulsi Gabbard, an outsider who backed Bernie Sanders’ campaign and met with President-elect Donald J. Trump a few weeks ago to discuss foreign policy.

This is also being confirmed by Glenn Beck's TheBlaze, yes we know, Beck is widely considered to have lost his mind, so take it for what it is worth.

Rohrabacher announced publicly last week that if offered the job, he would accept it.

If Trump chooses somebody else, Rohrabacher would make an excellent ambassador to Russia.  He traveled to Moscow in the Spring of this year on an official visit and is one of the few public officials with good ties and relations with top Russian political figures.  

He could actually get something done, in contrast to the neocon, professional regime-change clown show who have been assigned to Moscow over the past 15 years, personified by the extraordinarily obtuse and buffoonish Michael McFaul, hand-picked and groomed by Hillary Clinton, and John F. Tefft, the imbecilic current inmate, who made his name as a 'regime change expert'.

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