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BREAKING: Rebel Leader Alexey Mozgovoy Assassinated

"In this war there will be no victory"

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

"Ghost" brigade commander Alexey Mozgovoy, along with his spokeswoman and two bodyguards, has been killed in an ambush, according to LifeNews. There seems to be confirmation from other sources as well. 

We can't help but revisit a recent interview he gave:

<figcaption>1975 - 2015. RIP</figcaption>
1975 - 2015. RIP

OD: What would be for you a victory in this civil war?

AM: In this war there will be no victory.

OD: When will it end?

AM: It will end when the majority of the people will understand that they are being exploited for the benefit of others. On both sides. Nothing new. War has always been, and always will be, a business. The greatest victory will be if we create a government that thinks of the people. Not victory in the war, but victory over ourselves, over our own minds.

OD: Are the people already realising that something is amiss?

AM: That something is not right, yes. Not as much as we would wish. But sooner or later the two opposing sides will find a common language, and only then will they talk a little bit differently with each other. Only then can we create something that is truly popular. So long as people are distracted with “suicide”, we can build nothing here. Those who were conducting black affairs behind our backs will continue to do so.

Of all the rebel leaders, Mozgovoy knew what this war was really about: The gladiator ring; the rich vs. the poor. Until the very end, he advocated for reconciliation between West and East Ukrainians — and putting the oligarchs who ruined their country up against a wall.

May he rest in peace.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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