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BREAKING: The ENTIRE World (Minus Israel, Obviously) Just Voted to Condemn the US Embargo Against Cuba

It wasn't even possible to sway Togo with some good ol' fashioned U.S. Aid?

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Very few people — maybe only your great-great grandmammy — actually remember exactly when the U.S. began its embargo against Cuba. Let's just say it was sometime after Abraham Lincoln was gunned down, but long, long before Al Gore invented the Internet. Yes, we've been embargoing Cuba that f***ing long.

And when you consider that the embargo was largely justified due to Cuba's relationship with a country that no longer exists (the USSR), it makes one wonder...Why are we still depriving ordinary Cubans of their God-given right to toilet paper? Even commies have to wipe now and then. 

<figcaption>Maybe it's time to embargo the U.S.?</figcaption>
Maybe it's time to embargo the U.S.?

The United Nations General Assembly apparently agrees with this line of reasoning. 191 nations just voted in favor of a "resolution condemning the U.S. embargo against Cuba". There are 193 voting members in the U.N. — the two partypoopers were the United States and Israel, of course. 

According to the Associated Press, after the U.S. received this severe diplomatic spanking, "diplomats jumped to their feet in a standing ovation." 

Israel and the United States are such a cute couple. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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