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BREAKING: Airstrikes, Missiles on Syrian Air Base Reported

Has war begun?

Syrian state media has reported an airbase in Homs was attacked by American aircraft crossing over from Lebanon and/or possibly cruise missiles:

The Syrian Air Defense Force has responded to a "missile attack" on a military airport in the area of Homs, state media SANA is reporting.

At least eight missiles were launched at Syria’s T-4 air base in the east of Homs province, SANA reports, citing a military source. According to the agency, the attack has “likely” been carried out by the United States.

There are several “martyrs and wounded” as a result of the strike, SANA added, without specifying the number of casualties.

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Pentagon denies launching attacks which means it could have been the French, or more likely the Israelis. Israel urged Trump to strike Syria just yesterday.

Moscow has warned of "most serious consequences" if the US strikes attacks Syria over another fake chemical attack story. Reportedly its tactical strike aircraft are now active heavily over the Eastern Mediterranean conducting reconnaissance and sending out a warning.

The US Embassy in Russia has sent out its own warning complete with a photo of a S-400 missile launch:

In this latest Syria chemical attacks story the Syrian government is supposed to have used chemical weapons just as Trump has been talking up evacuating Syria, and just as the last holdout of the once might East Ghouta rebel enclave was about to fall anyway.

UPDATE -- The Russian military says the strike was carried out by the Israelis:

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In a statement on Monday, the Russian military said: “Two Israeli Air Force F-15 jets fired eight guided missiles at the T-4 airfield.” The Israeli aircraft did not enter Syrian airspace and launched the strikes while flying over Lebanon.

“Syrian air defense units have shot down five guided missiles,” the military said, but confirmed that three of the missiles “reached the western part of the airfield.”

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