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Brazilian Pres. Bolsonaro - World's Latest Faux Populist Zionist Puppet

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Brazilian President Bolsonaro is truly the Trump of the tropics, because he’s yet another puppet populist who sold his country out to Israel.

He even has his very own Kushner in the form of Jewish handler Fabio Wajingarten, who recently tested positive for coronavirus after a visit to America, by the way.

Donald Trump was pictured with Fabio Wajngarten (right) who later tested positive for coronavirus

As the guys at the FTN podcast explain in the audio snippet below, Israel has a strong interest in co-opting the Brazilian government. Brazil is a BRICS nation (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) and thus has a lot of pull with other countries that have been historically uncooperative with the Zionist agenda. Especially now that Bolsonaro has opened Brazil’s natural resources to foreign investors, which will no doubt stimulate the wealth and global importance of this burgeoning world power, at the meager cost of national independence.

At least one silver lining to Zionist world leaders shaking hands behind the people’s back is that they all seem to be giving each other coronavirus, which is funny.

For more info, check out this audio clip. Transcript follows below.

(Backup audio player in case YouTube decides to censor the original video)

From the FTN Website:

By now, most are aware of how President Jair Bolsonaro’s chewy handler, Fabio Wajngarten, tested positive for Coronavirus and subsequently infected at least one U.S. politician and sent half a dozen others into quarantine. What you may not know is why Jair Bolsonaro and his kippah clad entourage was in the United States, just as CPAC and AIPAC were winding down.

Jazz and James discuss Bolsonaro as yet another faux populist puppet of Israel and his long term plans for Brazil.

Full episode:

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Transcript: the following is machine transcribed. There may be some errors, but it is surprisingly accurate.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:00:08] Of course, the virus has spread from C-PAC to AIPAC to Brazil. You have these people, who were all in contact with each other. This is you know, this is all this is all people who are in the same rooms together transmitting things, having Mulvany cough all over them, because in the video of C-PAC, like at the end of that, where he's coughing and hacking into his right hand, he stands up and, you know, takes that sweaty paw and jams it in it into the hand of the guy who is interviewing him. And yeah, it's just it's just awful. Especially with when, you know, the transmission of what's going on here. So also infected Fabio Wajingarten, who is Jewish. This is the aide to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:00:59] This is, you know, once again, it's like everybody's got a Jewish handler Bolsonaro has Wajingarten, Trump has Kushner. Obama had Axelrod, Plouffe and Rahm Emanuel. And as we pointed out in the midweek show, Vladimir Putin has Roman Abramovich. It's kind of funny how these guys all have their their handlers. You know, Roman Abramovich, as we pointed out, this is the guy who does all of Putin's cabinet interviews and makes decisions about who to investigate, who not to investigate. There's not just a a casual sort of relationship where Abramovitch is a donor or something. It's like, no, he's he's like Kushner. He's like the guy. It's like a kick it to that guy. He's gonna make the decision, of course, Bolsonaro, who has Wajingartener, who is you know, he's he's got he's tested positive for the virus.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:01:51] And he was in contact with Mulvany. He was in contact with basically all of the people who have self-quarantined that I just mentioned, including Rick Scott and and Lindsey Graham. It's kind of funny the fact that this virus has like I mean, it's not like we all knew that these people were interacting and deeply interwoven with Israel and Israeli interests and keep AIPAC and C-PAC. But it's kind of funny that the that the virus itself and who is freaking out and putting themselves into self-quarantine is doing the dot connecting for us. It's like, oh, yeah, that person is getting sick and this person is getting sick. And it's like, you know, as Paul Singer got the virus now.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:02:32] I mean, do all these people sort of it's like, yeah, of course, because they're all in the same back room talking about how they're going to fuck everybody.

James Allsup: [00:02:41] Right. Smoky back room, cough filled, aerosolized, cough filled back room, Jesus.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:02:47] But of course, Brazil, as we all know, has become very tightly interwoven with Israel, especially with Bolsonaro's election. Remember his sons? I remember seeing this, the IDF and the Mossad shirts that they were wearing.

James Allsup: [00:03:01] Right. And he did this livestream that had I think he had a menorah in the background while doing a livestream.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:03:07] So fucking disgusting. Totally, Jewed up administration. But why? Right. Why is Brazil so important to Zionism? Well, aside from just signing a number of deals, including weapons agreements, tech development agreements and partnerships. Brazil is a BRICS nation. Right. BRICS which stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. South Africa was tacked on at the end. It used to just be BRIC nation. This is an organization that's headquartered in Shanghai and its main objectives are to cooperate between the member nations for development, provide financial assistance, support various projects. Infrastructure. Is also agreed to provide financial assistance and support to countries other than members.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:03:54] And as a burgeoning world power, especially in South America, it's a great concern to Israel that Brazil would be a BRICS nation allied with these other countries that they're not very happy with and don't control and want to destroy. Actually, I should add, and so I think there is a pressure move slowly but surely to get Brazil out of BRICS and join NATO. And I would go as far as to bridge this is going to happen while Bolsonaro's in office, in fact, that's why he was put into office. In fact, I am sure because it's like how does a guy like but because a lot of people cope and they're like, oh, guys, don't worry. You know, and when America when whites are a minority in the country, you know, Bolsonaro got elected. It's like, how do you know that that wasn't with Israeli meddling in that election, wasn't totally fucking rigged to make sure that Bolsonaro is in office so that he could pull this off.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:04:47] How do you know that? So is the cope that don't worry. When we get to be a minority status in our own country, we can still elect Shabos into office to screw up our country even more. That's great. That's good news. Glad to hear that.

James Allsup: [00:04:59] Right. That's the thing about Bolsonaro's. He's not this right wing populist firebrand like he's interpreted in American media. He was characterized as the Trump of the tropics. Right. Which I suppose is actually a very good characterization in retrospect, they're not. Right, because, you know. Well, they're not, in fact. Yeah. He ran on the same promise of restoring law and order, which which he has done to limited degrees in in Brazil, but also on privatizing Brazil's natural resources and on selling off further shares of the Amazon rainforest and and generally privatizing industry, much as was seen in Chile in the 1980s. And so this is why he was he was not met with the same fervor that he would have been if he really worry a nationalist or a national socialist of that.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:05:52] And I remember, you know, being you know, everybody was on the bandwagon for Bolsonaro and then. But that sort of petered out very quickly because they tipped their hat or they tipped the mask, slipped a little bit too much. They tip their kippa. Yeah, the typical kippa got tipped in the IDF and Mossad thing basically sealed that deal. And there are still people out there trying to say like, oh, they're doing that to mock the Jews. It's like, sure. I'm sure that's what they're doing. But no, it's pretty much what I just said.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:06:21] I mean, it's it's pretty pretty simple to figure out you just to look look at who these people are associated with and who they're associating with and what their motives are, what they do.

James Allsup: [00:06:29] And it's and it's funny how this plays out. If you listened, if you didn't listen to the MIDDLEWEEK show, you need to go back and listen to that, because we dug in depth on the privatization of Russian industry after the fall of the Soviet Union. And it is so funny how this playbook seems to seems to be unified itself, being implemented across the world in nations that are either developing or redeveloping, as in the case of the USSR, Brazil. Right. This is a country that has had some of the most vast timber resources in the world.

James Allsup: [00:07:02] And of course, it's not all, you know, timber for exploitation. Much of it is to be preserved as natural parks and as, you know, greenspace. So funny that Bolsonaro, this guy backed by by Israeli interests, gets in office and immediately begins privatizing it and opening it up to investors. And do you think the investors buying this land up are Brazilians? Are these, you know, middle class people from Sao Paulo that are are buying shares of the of the rainforest industry? No, these are international investors. And this is exactly what happened in Russia where the fall of the USSR. It's happened across the world.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:07:40] And it's going to continue to happen each time you see one of these countries getting ready to enter the first world. Yeah, they're going to try to elect some sort of puppet dictator who is is like, you know, Bolsonaro's. I go look at populism is rising and it's important that people don't get caught up in this and recognize it for what it is. I mean, we I think everybody has learned the lesson now, and that's good news, because it means that it's going to be more difficult for these people to pull this off.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:08:07] This is a trick that you only pull one time like a Donald Trump running again and promising the world on immigration and all the other. And nobody's going to you're going gonna get a subset of people who buy into that each and every time. I mean, it's just the way the bell curve works. But you're not going to keep fooling the same people over and over again and you're not going to stop us from telling the truth about it. So continuing on with this, of course, picture show pictures and video show that Trump and Bolsonaro and his press secretary, Fabio Wajingarten, we're all in close proximity on March 7th.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:08:39] Wajingarten, of course, was tested in Sao Paulo and received his positive result onThursday after showing signs of the flu. Trump, however, told reporters on Thursday, I'm not concerned. No, we have no symptoms whatsoever. Donald Trump told reporters that at the White House on Friday, and this is when he was asked why he had not been tested or why he has not self isolated. I don't need to self isolate, he says. I'm not even putting words into his mouth like this is all things that he said verbatim. And, of course, the White House also said that the first family will not go into quarantine, despite their closeness to several confirmed cases of the virus in the past week.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:09:19] Ivanka Trump stayed home from the White House on Friday after meeting on March 5th with Australian official who had later tested positive for the virus. So maybe we'll see a positive, positive report from Jared Kushner very soon. Who knows where this where this thing could go. But there are some conflicting reports on Friday as of noon on Friday. Of course, you probably are aware of got blasted all over the place that Jair Bolsonaro himself had tested positive.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:09:47] And then he denied those reports and later claimed that he had a negative test. But the funny thing is, is guess what? Jair Bolsonaro is doing just a few days before downplaying coronavirus. Blaming the media for causing mass hysteria made headlines on Tuesday after alleging that a major chunk of information surrounding the Corona virus was just, quote, a fantasy. During the past year, obviously we've had a few moments of crisis. A lot of that is fantasy and coronavirus, which is not all the mainstream media makes it out to be. Some of the press has managed to turn a fall in the oil price into a crisis.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:10:25] I understand that it is better to drop 30 percent than to raise 30 percent. But this is not a crisis. Obviously, there are problems in the stock market. This happens sporadically. And as we're seeing, markets have opened today and we are beginning to show signs of recovery. And this is I guess on Tuesday when it was up a couple hundred points and then dropped twenty five hundred or twenty three hundred. So it's just the crude, bro. Yeah. It's just just the crude oil. Yeah. It's a man. But yeah. I mean it's like as soon as he meets with Trump though in case this is lost on anybody, you know, Bolsonaro spends a couple days with Trump and then goes to the media and starts playing the fucking Donald Trump record of like this is nothing.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:11:10] It's gonna be fine. We're on our way to recovery. We're turning the corner. It's just it it never fucking ends. And then you have Miami mayor testing positive for coronavirus after event with both senario and staffers. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez tested positive for the virus four days after the mayor attended a local event with Brazilian government official who later tested positive. The 42 year old mayor become the first of the U.S. elected officials to learn that they have the virus. I'm sure there are others who already have it and they just don't know yet. Rick Scott, as I mentioned, he is as well.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:11:46] But the funny thing is, is that Lindsey Graham, I don't think is self isolating or maybe he's self isolating. I don't remember what the deal is. But he said that he wasn't in contact with anybody. So let me get this straight. Lindsey Graham was in the room with Bolsonaro and all these other people that he didn't shake hands with anybody, didn't talk to anybody, didn't have direct contact is what he's claiming to come on, guy, like you were in the room and you didn't shake hands with these people. Get the fuck out of here, but be the mayor of Miami. Of course, his announcement rippled through top levels of Miami's gay bathhouse scene on Friday, forcing government officials to self-quarantine and sparking increased concerns over the spread of the virus in Miami. So. Andrew Gillerman, Marco Rubio, hardest hit.

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