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Brazil President Bolsonaro's Deep Connections to Israel and Zionism (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

They call him the "Trump of the Tropics", and in one respect he is very similar to Trump, he is owned by powerful, Zionist Jews.

From the FTN Website:

When Bolsonaro was stabbed during his presidential campaign, he demanded to be transported to Albert Einstein Hospital. The paramedics preferred to take him to a privately owned closer hospital commonly chosen by the country’s most senior politicians. But Bolsonaro insisted he be taken to Albert Einstein Hospital, believing that a Jewish hospital was the only place he would be safe. It was in that hospital bed that Bolsonaro was given a gift he’d never forget.

In their continuing series on fake nationalism, Jazz and James discuss the origins of the dollar bill Bolsonaro carries with him everywhere.

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And now back to Fash, the nation heard only on the CPRS radio network. Hello, welcome back. Our two here in FTN and like we mentioned in the first hour, taking the shibboleth, wrecking ball, heading down south, heading down to the Amazon rainforest for this one.

We've already talked about Putin at length and his connections with Roman Abramovich and the Rahbi, et cetera. And we've done Trump, obviously, ad nauseum. We don't ORBAN And now, you know, to get a little bit of geographical diversity on the ticket, we're taking a look at Yarbo scenario down in Brazil. This is a guy who you'll remember back in 2018 was celebrated by many as a as a champion figure, as a nationalist, as some called him, Trump of the tropics, which was always kind of an obnoxious name. But, you know, at the time of my understanding of him in jazz, you may have had a different take was all right. This guy is friendly with Trump. Cool. This guy is going to crack down on crime in Brazil. Great. You know, that'll be awesome. That's probably what they need. He's a white dude, Blue-Eyed Brazilian guy. All right. How bad could it really be? And as we've come to find out through our research, extensive research we've done for this presentation here, the truth was much more intertwined with global Zionism and Jigen battery than we had predicted.

Well, it's all in a name to ya is, of course, Hebrew, for he will illuminate an Yarbo scenario. I did not realize his middle name is Messiah. So he is the Messiah of Brazil who is illuminating the evangelical Brazilians with Jigme Battery. I suppose he would not be in office. You know, you guys talked about that with sticks and but tedious as well. I mean, Stick's is not wrong about the evangelicals. I mean, without evangelical support in Brazil, ya would never be in office because Jews alone cannot make these jigme that happen, like they can't make their favored fake nationalist candidates happen in the United States. It's true, too. If you did not have evangelicals supporting Trump or even supporting these Zionist positions would say you've worked a very long time over time with these televangelist pastors and everything else to make happen. They've they've gotten this aligned in this way. And of course, ya Balsan arrow in 2016. So, you know, this is always the question that we answer with these guys too, is was it an op from the very beginning or was this a totally based guy who got co-opted. Right. It's a question that we've answered on Trump. It's a question that we've answered on Viktor Orban and and with both scenario. My take essentially is based on what we see, is that from the very beginning, what does that mean? Well, in 2016, Yarbo scenario donned a white robe and was baptized in the Jordan River on a visit to Israel by a prominent evangelical pastor. And when you look back at his history, he's got some base quotes who are going to talk about here, which is always the tempting thing.

But he's got a 27 year history in Brazilian politics before he ran for President Day. So where are all those based quotes? 10, 15, 20 years ago. They don't exist. It's only in the last four years, just like we saw with Trump 2012. Donald Trump is teasing this run for president and starting to say it goes in deeply into Obama birther ism. Right. And then it's like, whoa. But before that, Donald Trump was a gun control fag and was, you know, in really supporting a lot of other a lot of other issues. Now, I can't say that about ya, but these base quotes from your only recent. And, you know, we said, well, when is he gone to Israel? Well, the answer to that is two years before he ran for the election, he got baptized in a river because he's Catholic to become an evangelical and his wife is evangelical. And, you know, this was him and Eduardo and his brothers with their father and a few other members of the Social Liberal Party came on this little noticed parliamentary visit to Israel. And it was that moment that he became a fan. He recalled. And so for a whole week, he was shown around the country by a Brazilian Israeli tour guide who effectively conveyed Israeli government talking points, which turned him from a casual supporter of Israel, just a casual Zionist, James, into a hot blooded activist.

And ya would not announce his run for office until two years later in 2013. And this is where this photo of Eduardo and the other brother who doesn't matter is water. Eduardo is going to be carrying on the mantle of bull senario politics. The brothers walking in Israel with the Israeli Defense Force t shirt and the Masad t shirt. And this is people pointing this stuff out.

Well, the campaign was going on. We knew about. This, that this was the thickest of thickest fake nationalists. But our purpose today is to tell you just how fake it really was all along. And it it's pretty fake, isn't it, James?

Yeah, that's exactly right. And Bulsara, I mean, his his track record of rhetoric, you can you can you know, people could split hairs about when the based rhetoric took place, when it didn't take place. But the fact is that at no point in the in his political history, because he does have a long track record. He was a deputy, which is the equivalent of a U.S. senator for over a decade. And at no point did he address these these issues. And this is so typical, right, with Republicans in the U.S. We see this with Democrats. We see this where they will will talk a great deal and say very popular things that people really like to hear. Yet they never take action or never seem to take action and actually do things or do anything about those issues when they have the ability to do so. But understandable scenario.

We have to look back way back in Brazilian history, back to the 60s, and you see that somewhat ironically, both scenarios, political career emerged out of resistance to the result of U.S. meddling, CIA meddling in Brazil in the 60s and 70s. There was a coup in 64 where the CIA, the Catholic Church, Brazilian elites and others held a military coup through the president. João Gua out of power. This was later admitted by the U.S. ambassador, Lincoln Gordon. The U.S. even went so far as to have the USS Forestall off the coast of Rio de Janeiro in case Brazilian troops required assistance. Jazz, you think? Wasn't that the ship that John McCain was on, that he was burned down at one time?

I think so far in the wet, wet, I don't know, wet, red, wet start, wet start in west starting. Yeah, that's right.

Yeah. Down there with John McCain wet starting on the deck. But this CIA coup then sent Brazil down this path, multi decade path of military rule and the U.S. military leaders, generals being selected for president. Where and these people, you know, this was military rule. People would be imprisoned, no trials, no habeas corpus, crackdowns on citizens, etc. and all the while liberalizing the economy as seems to be the model for South American CIA intrusions. Right. We get our guy in charge and all of a sudden market reforms and opening up to outsiders. Now, it's not a light switch crackdown. Right. Some of these crackdowns were good Jewish revolutionaries, often thrown in jail, tortured, executed. At the same time, they were often punished alongside regular Brazilians. They were seeking reasonable standard of living and wage reforms. Right. So this was this was a you know, if you wanna talk about dark times, these fairly dark times in Brazil. And they started holding elections again in 1970. Now, these elections were heavily controlled in influence. And the first winner of one of these new free and fair elections was a guy named or Nesto Geisel, elected in 1974. An Army general. He was a corporate bureaucrat. And the 1970s became a time of great revival of Brazil's relationship, not only with the United States, but a revival of their relationship with Jewry and Israel.

Brazil would cast these anti Zionist votes, much like China does sometimes in the U.N. And every time after they did that, they the government would send people to explain to the Brazilian Jewish community that this wasn't really about their stance on Israel and Zionism. And they really did support all that stuff. But they were just concerned about the petrodollar and wanted to encourage Arab petrodollar investments. So we've heard this before, too, right? That it's all about the petrodollar, bro. That's what that's what's going on here. But, you know, if you read what people from the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society were saying at the time, HHS representatives record only received by foreign minister as Ratto to Ceverha and Justice Minister Amando Falko. The ministers expressed high regard for the constructive accomplishments of the Jewish community. They were guided on their tour by Fred Weinstein, HHS director of Latin American operations. So 70s were a real inflection point in Brazilian politics and opening of the door of this new Brazil to U.S. investment and to Israeli international investment and Janni more Rodley just Chuks, every where you look, no matter where you turn, there's a Chuck there.

Chuck Everywhere. Chuck. Yeah, of course. This is going on. And in Brazil then this kicked off a dictatorship, right? I mean, for for a long time. And it strengthened the Brazilian military to the point where it's going to make a lot of sense to. And what we talk about today, because the military nothing, not much has changed. They say it's a democracy there, but it's really just both scenarios, essentially. Backstopped by the military and then the question becomes, is who does the military support? Now, some people say it's not possible for them to go back to a military dictatorship. And what we're going to find out is whether or not this military supports ya, old scenario, or they support getting rid of him. And that's the big question. I mean, he he attended the Brazilian Army's elite prep school.

He was in the military and there are some pictures of him with the fam back then. And so, you know, he's not it's it's it's different when you have a guy who has no veteran background whatsoever, but he does have some some solidarity with them. So that'll be a big question as things unfold.

Yeah. And that's how his political career began. Right. And this is where Bolson Hour fits into this. This story is his political career began as he was a captain, actually in the Brazilian military of paratrooper and artillery units.

And he wrote this op ed for a magazine or gave an interview where he discussed this liberalizing government in the 80s and their efforts to cut troop pay to cut troop benefits, some misconduct with with firing commanders. And they were accused of deviant conduct. But really, it was all about budget cuts imposed by the shifting new liberal government.

And so this he was drummed out of the military for this, but he became a hero for rank and file officers. So he used this as the launching point for his political career, going on to become a city councilor in Rio and and eventually later on, a deputy. But you're right. His political career originated. He was he was born in the military, molded by it. Right. This is where he came from. So, yeah, this this relationship hugely important and a defining characteristic of who he is and what his political career is. But, of course, the great irony here is that both scenarios, new political career, a new presidency, I should say, which was born indirectly out of frustration with the result of a U.S. psyop, is now being used to further Bible scenario, being used to further and advance modern psyops to control these nationalist movements across the world. He's a he's fitting right in.

Yeah, he fits right in. And they they cherry pick these guys. I mean, he's a he's a white Brazilian. He is. There is a sizable white population in Brazil, though, believe it's majority non-white down there. And then you have a whole sort of group of people who are mixed race. And so, you know, he he is a law and order guy. He's part of the military junta. And whether it's you know, they said it's under the thin veil of democracy down there because that's what you have to do. Look, when you have majority non-white countries, you can't actually leave a lot of power in decision in their hand. They the white whites are really running the show. And often in these places, it's Jews who are running the show. And then you have a larger white thing. You see this a lot of Latin American countries. But, you know, he had this base rhetoric back then. He he and this was this is some of the stuff. So we're going to sort of take a step back and think about, you know, the pieces that were in place when this guy ran. You, like you said at the beginning, it was Trump of Brazil. He says based stuff in really the first time I heard about him was when he was stabbed. That's when it first came to my attention. Frex, it actually old friend brought this to my attention and say, you got to sit with this guy. What's going on with this guy down in Brazil?

And I remember seeing the Meems with the quotes and one of them, you know, again, this is all these were all things that didn't happen, you know, in the 1990s or 1980s. These are things that happened in 2011. Like when he said in an interview with Playboy that he would be incapable of loving a gay son and added that he would prefer any gay son of his to die in an accident. But this is always this is always the thing that they do, right? These when they don't because it's not bolson like these quotes. Sweet on unfurl them. These are not quotes about.

You know, we need to have a Brazil for Brazilians. We need to shore up the white white ruling class in Brazil. We need to do various things. It's just, you know, it's it's stuff that that I would agree with. But it's all social. Like Larry Fink, it's all the social because Larry Fink was promoting candidates who are very much based on social conservatism. But that's what the party then moved away from. And they didn't really have to deliver on and let the cry turkey basically run it over and run it over again and back up and run over it a third time where it's like, yeah, I mean, he can feel this way about these things, but he's not going to stop it.

What did he done tangibly in the legislature to to stop the advancement of homosexuals? Now the before, of course, in these Latin American countries that they don't put up with that as much in in America? Well, you know, once you go down to a big old carnival some time and tell me that they don't put up with homosexuality down in Brazil, let me tell you.

Yeah, well, that's that's exactly the point. And they were actually doing the idea. They don't put up with it as much as some of these quotes came out of this effort in Brazil to introduce what he refer to as a gay kid into the Brazilian schools that would educate kids about. About gender and sexual identity.

And this was back in 2012 when the order audience filled with dildos into the schools. A gay kid. Yeah.

The gay kid. And so, yeah, you know, he would come out and say things like, if I see two men kissing in the street, I will beat them. He said, no fathers ever proud of having a gay son. Many children adopted by gay couples will be abused by these couples. These things are all true. But then we look at the action he undertook because again, he has been a deputy. The equivalent of a U.S. senator now for decades. And you look at his legislative history when he first came into power, his focus in the 90s was almost exclusively on legislation dealing with military interests. And then over time, he shifted to doing more things regarding crime and public safety.

But he's only ever proposed three economic pieces of legislation, 10 pieces of health legislation. One of them is an expansion of abortion prohibitions. But these are not issues that this guy was passionate enough about, apparently, to introduce legislation on how he would run his mouth. But that's it.

This is why they had to start pivoting to outsiders with Finckel. Think in the Finckel, think strategy is because the problem that they had, you know, in the 1960s, they could have people saying and doing things. And there's not much of a track record. Right. They were replacing the old guard and then they they. But then now they have a track record. Right. And Bolson Arrow had to switch parties and then have no party because he he got elected by not being a member of any party. So that's how they sort of synthesized based outsider. But for the most part, they had a lot of trouble with this stuff pulling from within their own ranks because they typically don't have a good track record. They don't have tangible things that they can point to where they've gotten anything done, because it's the same old play. It's the same old thing that they've always done. You know, Ted Cruz, as soon as the GOP loses the House, solve a sudden Ted Cruz is publishing all these bill based bills on immigration, the same old thing. You look at packable scenario and what he's done and what he's actually put forward. It's very little. It's it's hardly anything at all. And it's kind of telling when he comes forward and starts saying this stuff about gays, because these are the types of. This is the bait. This is the bait for conservative whites in Brazil, evangelical whites to talk about. This is why this was the focus. This is why there is a very concentrated focus on this type of rhetoric about men kissing in the street and the gay kid in the schools. They knew that this is what was going to animate these people. And they were right.

Right. Yeah, I am. Not only those evangelicals, but many of these sort of mystery meatiness Castillo Mestizo types that that have a gut reaction to disliking this stuff. This is very popular in Brazil and in a country like Brazil, where Brazil is such a weird place, it really is actually very unique, even amongst Latin American, South American countries, in that you have a in English, a largely partially English speaking population. I mean, the majority is Portuguese, obviously part Portuguese, part Spanish, part English. And you're you're operating this government that is on its face, a democratic republic to a degree, but also like you need to appeal to people's very base instincts. And so Brazil becomes a place that is the perfect ground zero for Finckel. Think for animating people along racial lines, for talking about crime and drugs. I mean, these were the things that Finkelstein talked about in the 70s as being the key vectors to get people riled up. And so what what do you imagine Bolson Arrow does when he runs his campaign? He he obviously has his military bona fides put. The focus of his campaign was on crime, was on drugs. And he he repeatedly would make comments and insinuations that would rile up some of these racial tensions against specifically against black people in Brazil. And you look at his legislative track record, it's literally before and after the trip to Israel. He's doing all military stuff before after the trip to Israel. It's all public security legislation building up a track record as a guy that is serious, a serious guy about public safety.

And then the race stuff. I mean, you just look at the boxes for Finckel think, and he's meeting every standard. Twenty, seventeen. He goes to a Jewish club in Rio de Janeiro and describes visiting an African neighborhood. And he says, quote, The latest African descendant weighed 220 pounds. They don't do anything. They don't even serve to procreate. Anymore, which I guess I would say on the one hand, you're based. But on the other hand, it's like, why is he saying this?

It's to incite the people he needs inside it and get them excited for his candidacy of have a Jewish Club is called Habré, aka site.

And another parallel between Bordonaro Trump, you know that that moniker Trump of the tropics. It really is just so accurate. And that's the thing is at the time we would look at that like, well, you know, maybe, maybe not. But now with everything we're learning, it's absolutely true. But even like Trump, once they become fully operational, Finckel think agents, he drops the bass rhetoric, drops the bass rhetoric about gays, that that made him popular, that bought him this credibility amongst Brazil's social conservative right in 2016, coinciding perfectly with that shift to Israel. He begins to moderate his discourse on gays and posts a little video on his YouTube channel saying that what people do in the privacy of their own home, you know, go and be happy. It's the privacy of their own bedroom kind of thing. And then in 2017, he goes and says that each person after a certain age will take care of their life for kids, you know, for six year old children, they can't be gay. But anybody else that wants to any adult, you know, that's their right. And homosexuals will be very happy if I become president. That sounds truly needed to do. Was like hug the hug the rainbow flag as we'd have a good old trump of the tropics right here.

Yeah, it sounds exactly like Donald Trump. And there's a lot of very eerily familiar parallels that will run through with this stuff as well. And it's it's it's funny how it's all part. And when you realize that it's all part of the same strategy, because we used to just, you know, we sort of pivoted off of focusing on just hyper focus on American politics. We need to really look at how this stuff is being orchestrated internationally and what they're doing in multiple countries at the same time, because when you start connecting those dots, then you really start to see this stuff coming through. Now, like I said, you know, I mean, talk about being shot part now. Yeah, let's do the shooting. Yeah. Because this is the part where it really boosted him to prominence, because I remember people were like, yeah, Trump of the tropics got esan like fags and he's running for office in Brazil and blah blah, blah. Oh, it's a white guy running for office in Brazil. All that's crazy. And they tried to keep as much of the Israeli stuff to the side, although that photo of of the brothers eventually surfaced and you started to figure this stuff out. But this happened at a time when, you know, most people were still on the Trump train and you saw like, wow, there's this rising populism. You have Matteo Salvini and you have the PC party and you have all these things going on in Europe. And it's like, wow, or populism, nationalism rising and realizing now that this is all part and parcel to the same same set of people, same set of interests, same set of circumstances and who have the same goals. And I thought people were saying like, well, how can a white guy win in Brazil?

How can this guy win in a country that's majority non-white? And, you know, then there are some things that were said about like, oh, well, you know, even these these, you know, half black, half white, like whatever.

You remember the Negrito and lose x10 Guido and the different the different shades trusted the America us.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. All those different. Fifty six percent face Meems. They do some of those people like they want law and order and they want McKees Mo. And they don't like gays and that that was also part of the design with the speech because he can't go nativist because what's a native Brazilian like. I mean Hedo you can't go ethnos state or whatever it is, even if it's implicit or whatever. He can't say a Brazil for Brazilians. What does that even mean? It doesn't even mean anything. You just have a color palette of Peter Griffin getting arrested, color palette. It's like, well, who knows what this even fucking means. And so one of the reasons, one of the ways that they had to bolster his sort of outsider raised his status was you have him getting stabbed in the streets. And they say that it was a left and anti-Semitic leftist who dressed up as one of his supporters and stabbed him with a five inch knife. And even let's say that you take that story at face value or you think it's a gap. I don't really know. Whatever it was, it I think was what made pushed him over the top. It made him it was like it was similar to the never Trump op that was run to benefit Trump. And with bull scenario, it's like I have an assassination attempt on this guy having go to the hospital and then, you know, 24 hours later, he's fine. Everything's cool. But one story that I did not. Realize about this at the time, and it really sews the whole thing together rather nicely.

Is the connection to the Rebbie and the Arbel scenario actually flows right through this little stabbing incident. And we talked about this on the weekend show with the Rebbie and in who he is in his prominence within Habab Lubavitch and everything else.

And so there's just this story about the Rebbie and the Brazilian president. And, of course, Rebbie has been dead for a long time. But the Rebbie has this thing that he does where he gives out dollar bills that are blessed by the Rebbie and these dollar bills make their way around and so on and so forth. So little known story spanning several decades reveals the hidden connection between Brazil's new president in Israel's prime minister and how together the two leaders may be designated to usher in the Messiah. The following story was told to breaking Israel news by Raffaelle Rabinovich, a member of the Habad Lubavitch sect of Hasidic Judaism, which lives in Brooklyn. Rebbe Remotivate heard the story directly from the emissary who made the connection between Habad, Rebbie and Yarbo scenario. The newly inaugurated Brazilian president. The story concerns Rabbi Schneerson, which we talked about lovable. Thirty six years ago, a young man who is a member of the Habad sect went to visit the rabbi at his headquarters in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. One of the rabbi's methods for connecting with people was to give them a dollar accompanied by blessing. The intention was that the person would give charity and retain the actual dollar bill as a keepsake from the Rebbie and probably also so the rabbi can never be confused, accused of being a money grubber because he's giving dollars away. This particular young man waited in line when it was his turn to talk to the Revy and asked a few questions about him. The young man mentioned that he was on his way back home to Brazil.

The Revy gave him a dollar with a blessing and then asked him to wait for a moment. Revy gave him a second dollar, very generous from his secretary, and handed it to the young men. This is for Brazil, said the Revy, the man. The man took the dollar. It's another country that we have to eventually commandeer and take control of. The young man took the dollar and clipped a note to the bill with the message. The Rebbie said, this is for Brazil. Upon his arrival, he gave money to charity. Upon his arrival back in Brazil, he gave money to charity and stored away the second dollar bill from the Rebbie with the note attached. Oddly enough, though, he carries the first dollar bill with him at all times. He forgot about the bill with the note attached. Years passed and the young man was ordained as a rabbi and got married. The young man became a Habad emissary in Sao Paolo as part of his duties to fulfill the mitzvah Torah commandment of visiting the ill. He made regular visits to the patients at Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo in the year 2018. Brazil is in the midst of a hotly contested presidential election. Among the candidates was conservative Yarbo scenario. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. In September, a member of a left wing anti Semitic group disguised himself as a supporter and stabbed both senario with a five inch knife. When Bolson Arab boarded the ambulance, he was barely conscious.

But he demanded to be transported to Albert Einstein Hospital. The paramedics preferred to take him to a hospital that was closer. The hospital serio Lebanese, a Syrian Lebanese hospital okole at a privately owned Arab hospital commonly chosen by the country's most senior politicians. But the wounded both senario insisted that the ambulance take him to Albert Einstein Hospital, believing that a Jewish hospital was the only place he would be truly safe. He did not want to risk another anti-Semitic attack. It was later revealed that the attacker was affiliated with Brazil's far left piety that how la la la la Bolson area lost a lot of blood in the wound is very deep. Initially, the doctors told the Boston area children that their father is not likely to recover for several days. His life hung in the balance. A few days after Bill scenario was admitted to the hospital, the Habad emissary was preparing for his regular visit to the hospital. By chance, he came across the dollar bill with the note attach. Thirty six years had passed since he received it from the Revy. He took the bill in his pocket and went to the hospital. When he arrived, he was surprised at the numerous security guards around the halls when he was informed of the reason of the heightened security. He understood that this had been the intention of the Rebbie so many years ago that the dollar bill would make its way into the hands of the man who is soon to be president of Brazil.

Thus, that dollar bill would be for all of Brazil and not just for one person. As one of the rabbis affiliated with the hospital, he was able to get a security clearance and visit the presidential candidate. Yeah, give Shlomo whatever he wants. For the first time since the attack, Bulle scenario was alert and sitting up. He was weak, but insisted on making a video thanking the. Doctors and hospital personnel for helping him through this. He received the visiting rabbi and accepted the dollar from the Rebbie. And there is a picture of balseros, smiling, holding the dollar bill. Shortly thereafter, the patient took a definite turn for the better. Thanks, Rebbie. And while he was recuperating at home, Bill Senario won the first round. Israeli prime minister attended the inauguration. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, Yaya. We get it. We get it. We get it. So let's see. How does this go? Later, the rabbi the rabbi confided in Rabbi David Knokke shown a close friend of Benjamin Netanyahu. It really pains me as a friend, as a brother, as a close friend, to see how many people can constantly spill Netanyahu's blood, Rabbie Schneerson told Noxon. But I have a surprise for you. He's coming out of it. He'll stand tall on God's side and he has a promise from the rabbi he's going to make it through this. We've seen it happen up to now. And that's how it's going to be now as well. He'll make it through this.

He will continue and he will hand his keys over to Messiah. And we'll have the complete and true redemption. Yeah. So, yeah. One of the disciples of the of the Messiah. I suppose that's what ya messiah whole scenario is. Yeah.

Wow. I mean, even from the grave, the Revy rearing his head and bik to to extend his blessing to. Yeah. To one of these guys who would later go on to become one of the most rabid and fervent Zionists on the world stage. That's remarkable. And this is you know, this is the kind of thing that you're not going to find in any reporting.

You're not going to hear this story anywhere else unless you really, really look for it and you really seek out these connections. And I wonder why that is. I wonder why this is not something that is being being broadcast everywhere. This is a very odd, very odd thing to do, happen by chance.

Why wouldn't they celebrate this? You would think that this would be something to tell the world, James, but maybe you just don't want to tell everybody about these connections until guys already in power and then does nothing and make sure that nothing happens and even says that let gays be gay.


Well, it's funny you mention that because this story was not actually published until January of twenty nineteen, almost a full year after this stabbing took place. So, yeah, that's a that's a little nice little hidden piece of hidden history that was not made. It was made available to Brazilians at the time. And yeah, you could look at the picture here, Bolson. There was a little armband on and is the outages on and he's sitting there smiling.

Dollar bill stretched side to side one who knew what one fucking dollar really was all about.

Yeah. Yeah. And so yeah. I mean. That's that's pretty remarkable.

But, you know, you should talk about the relationship between Brazil and the U.S. as well and how this makes sense not only from the jig, that perspective, but from well, I guess, but from the GeoNet perspective within both of these countries, because the U.S. so Brazilians in choosing a president, they are looking for legitimacy. Right. U.S. legitimacy. And the U.S. is the one in their eyes that confers legitimacy. They don't want to be another one of these third world countries that is on the outs internationally and can't get what it wants from.

I mean, global U.S., U.N., Zionist power. So they want to be close to the U.S.. This was a very important consideration. Brazil also wanted to get U.S. support to join the OED in May 2018. Brazil wanted U.S. support to join NATO, which they got in March twenty nineteen. And as a result of this closer relationship between Brazil and the U.S., this works. I mean, this works out to be a 360 degree win for jig nuts on all sides, doesn't it? Because the U.S. gets a new puppet state. Jews get new and expanded access to natural resources and markets to exploit. Thanks to both scenarios, continued liberalization of the economy, this all this all falls into place as to why this makes sense beyond just a, you know, the jig net perspective. And then, you know, we have more interesting stories about Volson R.O. and and figures he's affiliated with at his inauguration. He received a procession of foreign dignitaries. And as they stepped up to pay their respects, the crowd greeted them with cheers.

One of guests who walked up first on stage there, jazz, none other than Viktor Orban walked up in applause.

And that's important, too, because there were the only people who came were Netanyahu and Orban. It wasn't you know, there wasn't this Trump didn't go to the inauguration. And there are probably some people who are like, I don't want to Brazil inauguration of a white guy who, you know, there was violence committed. I mean, I'm sure that factored in, too. But there were just people who didn't go because it's just like, yeah, well, I mean, if you know what if you know what is really going on, you know what the play is going to be with these fake nationalists all over the world. It's like, yeah, I mean, maybe you go do the photo op or whatever, but it is kind of funny. It's like the two key figures, Viktor Orban and Netanyahu were there. And Finkelstein, of course, was dead by this point.

The good old, good old paths, I think, is what finally did him in. But he died in 2017, I believe. But anyway, yeah, you know, he was dead at this point.

And the one leader unaffiliated with this coalition was the guy from Ecuador, the like Brown leader of Ecuador. And when he came up, the shake bows and arrows hand, he got booed and yelled at and apparently multiple people started chanting fucking Indio at him. So, yeah, that guy did not not get a great reception.

But Netanyahu got a riotous cheer from bows and arrows, inner circle and key supporters. So, you know, funny how that works. And then in his inaugural ceremony, he gave a little speech vowing to, quote, rescue the family, respect religions and our Judeo-Christian tradition to conserve are values. These parallels coming in hot and heavy, aren't they?

Yeah, it's almost like they're written by the same. The same. Rebbie is writing all of these things. It's perfect. It's fits really well. So, yeah. I mean. Yeah.

Good. I was just going to say that, yeah, you're right. Donald Trump didn't come to the inauguration, but he did tweet. President Tweetie chimed in, saying the USA is with you. And then, I mean, this is just like opening the can of worms on Zionist rhetoric and statements this guy's given, which you can look up and find Bordonaro. Israel is a very fun search term in Google to find these quotes. And this just slavish is phyla Semitism. I love Israel, Senario said in Hebrew at a welcoming ceremony at Ben Gurion Airport. He's talking about Palestine not being a country, how you don't negotiate with terrorists. Praising Winston Churchill, he was. His victory was praised by John Bolton, so on and so forth. I mean, there's a lot there, but it's beyond the rhetoric. It just like it is with what he hasn't done on social issues. We're looking at his career as a deputy. It's beyond the rhetoric of all scenarios now become one of the most hardcore jig nets on the world stage. And part of that has been his support for the Venezuelan coup and CIA efforts in his neighboring country. He went as far as to admit in April 2019 that he's working with the US government to sow dissent in the Venezuelan army. He says we cannot allow Venezuela to become a new Cuba or North Korea, he said. And then in March of twenty twenty, President Trump hosted both scenario for dinner at Mar a Lago, where the two leaders discussed the US led effort to oust Maduro and Volson hours. Press secretary said that, quote, President Trump and Bolson Arrow reiterated their country's support for democracy in the region, including interim president CIA puppet one Giardina. So, yeah, this guy's playing right along.

Yeah. And we also talked about them joining NATO and the fact that BRICS will become. Right. The BRICS, of course, is Brazil, Russia, India, China and now South Africa. But now it's just going to be Rik's and they're hoping to just make it R, C. S and maybe even more than that, because Modi is another one of these puppets that they have propped up and funded and made sure, you know, it's it's what why why is it that that Modi is is making sure that Israel gets whatever hydrochloric he queen that it wants and masks and whatever else, but nobody else. Right. They they banned all exportation of it. But Israel gets what it wants. And then you have Modi and Netanyahu and Trump are very cozy. And so, yeah, it's it's kind of funny. And then. Yeah. Modi going to war with the Pakistanis and the based immigration stuff. And we did that bit on World Toilet Day and everything. But, you know, they're they're trying to break what is this alliance of countries that are not part of NATO and Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are part of these BRICS nations and they're trying to chop some letters off of this. And so, yeah, I mean, do you want to talk about the. Yeah.

Ok, yeah. And why this is important for financial reasons, too, because BRICS, they are also not only this, this alliance, but they're trying to stand up a parallel, a financial system. And we've talked about this before. A parallel system to the swift system which would allow countries to bypass U.S. sanctions. And this is this is a another one of these very key levers of U.S. power. They're concerned about losing and they're concerned about a system popping up outside of their control. So, yeah, you see them trying to break break BRICS up and you see them. You see Bolson Arrow and his sons coming along and doing the anti China bit as well, which is sowing discord within BRICS, which of course is only serving us real interests because it makes sense for these countries to have their own standalone financial system right outside of U.S. control.

The only reason for them to do this is to serve someone else's interest, and that appears to be what they're doing. Breaking this up.

Yeah, to the extent that that much of that is real, given. No, given what we know about Russia and India and all the focuses on China, it's like I mean, like I said, they've got more pieces on the board than they've had at any point.

And so going back to this 2019 visit to Israel, Bolson R.O. was on a four day visit to Israel in April of twenty nineteen, just four days before Netanyahu's election. It was payback for Netanyahu's visit to Brazil during the presidential campaign in 2018, where we're talking about this. And Netanyahu greeted both scenario there by in Israel when he arrived in twenty nineteen. My friend, the president, who are making history together. Brazil has opened a trade mission in Jerusalem and is seeking increased cooperation on security and technology, which means basically just offshoring as much of its own tech sector to Israel as it possibly can, including the purchase of advanced drones equipped with facial recognition technology for police to use against political opponents of. The main driver of this visit is the close alignment of Bolson R.O. with Trump and his evangelical base, said Ari Kassovitz, a professor of international relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Netanyahu accompanied both S.R.O. to the Western Wall in the old city of East Jerusalem as the first official visit by a head of state to the wall, together with an Israeli leader, did not know that. I didn't realize that they usually just go by themselves. This apparently merited when you have Yare Messiah yet Rebbie Dollar Carrion, Bolson Arrow coming into town, then I guess you've got to have Netanyahu go with him. It gave tacit recognition to Israeli sovereignty over territory illegally annexed after the 1967 war. By far the most disgusting aspect of both scenarios trip was his visit to Israel.

Israel's Yad Vashem International Holocaust Memorial and Museum, after which he declared in a filthy effort to slander socialists, is anti Semite this bolt from a leftist rag that the Nazis were the leftists? There is no doubt set in both scenario that Naziism was a leftist movement he maintained as the full name. See, now look here. Nazi Party that stands from the National Socialist Party of Germany, which includes the word socialist. That's our new enemy. Yeah. Oh, disguise it. Like we said earlier, he's checking every box. Everybody or these conservative Meems. Yeah, every box right down the line. Now, some things that he says are interesting. Right. He goes on to say, same visit to Yad Vashem. He says that we could forgive but not forget the crimes of the Holocaust. Now, that is a big taboo. You cannot say that anyone will be forgiven for the crimes of the Holocaust. That never really happened. The unforgiveness, the fact that you shall be guilty forever is part of that play. And the 64 year old made the comments while addressing a group of evangelical Christians on Thursday. This was actually last Thursday. We can forgive, but we can't forget. That's my phrase. The president said at the event those who forget their past are condemned not to have a future. Now, of course, now he's talking about. If you don't if you go back to being a Nazi, you're not going to have a future.

That's really what that means. There is no immediate response to both scenarios. Comments from Netanyahu. And there won't be because both Netanyahu counts. As we pointed out numerous times, he counts on stoking things like this. This is why Poland was allowed to do what it did, because they want to make it at least seem plausible that something based might be afoot following a backlash. Bill Senario issued a statement from through. Yossi Shelly, Israeli's ambassador to Brazil, to the people of Israel. I wrote in the guestbook of the Yad Vashem Museum in Jerusalem. Those who forget their past are doomed not to have a future. Therefore, any interpretation is only in the interest of those who want to push me away from Mide Josh friends and what friends you have. Oh yeah, friends that give you the Friends of Zion award. Right, James. The photo that accompanies this is just great. Yeah. Donald Trump got one of these that that photo of Trump surrounded by Habad in the Oval Office. He was getting one of these. I don't even think this is any valuable medal at all. But it's a it's a it's a I don't even remember. I don't even know what these are called. What the fuck is this called? A candelabra. I forgot. These are called. What is this called? James. The menorah. Right. There you go. The menorah. But it's like it's made to look like it's encrusted in gold and precious metals. But it's probably just like recycled brass.

Yeah. This is like scrap from the shell casings for the rockets even shooting at Palestinians. Smelted down repurposed. Actually, that would be a very fitting use. It was metals.

And I wouldn't be surprised if they did that. You're a friend of Zion.

And here is the recycled metal that we use to kill a bunch of the enemies that don't belong in this land that was theirs long before it was Israel. So, yeah, it gets the Friends of Zion award. And this is given to world leaders who have gone above and beyond for the state of Israel. The Friends of Zion Museum presents this award. In December 2017, President Trump received the Friends of Zion Award from the founder of Fathers Friends of Zion Museum.

Funny enough, was the father's Jewish too. It's not funny. Yeah. Yeah. Of Fonds, whatever. Yeah, you. Just you. He was the original guy who jumped the shark because before we did. That's right. Yeah. Mike Evans, who serves on the Trump Faith Initiative upon his arrival, President Yarbo scenario met with Benjamin Netanyahu and the.

Museum Netanyahu is quoted saying, I don't believe the Jewish state and modern Zionism would be possible without Christian Zionism, President Bolson Arrow and Brazil's friendship with the state of Israel speaks to the Friends of Zion message, saying that his government is, quote, determined to strengthen the partnership between Israel and Brazil.

Course, Brazil also played a role in the establishment of the state of Israel in 1947. Brazil voted in favor of the U.N. partition plan supporting the creation of a Jewish state in the land of Israel. Ambassador, as Valdo, our Unha head of the Brazilian delegation, was a key supporter of the plan and the Israel Brazil relationship has spanned decades. Brazil, in fact, was one of the first countries to recognize the state of Israel in 1949, while based dreams totally based.

They pioneered Third World support for Israel, the real innovation coming out of Brazil, Bilo said.

Pioneers. They are.

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