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Book About Pro-Russia Alt-Media Tops Amazon Lists (Putin's Praetorians)

Russia Insider has published two reviews about this book, which seems to have struck a chord.

Coming as it does at the height of the Russiagate hysteria, it provides an entertaining and colorful insight into what actually explains the massive pro-Russia mood in the alternative media.

It turns out it wasn't Russian 'meddling', rather a spontaneous reaction across the political spectrum of regular folks rebelling against what they believed to be gross dishonesty on the part of the media.

Here are the reviews:

From the Saker:  Profiles in Trollage - New Book Exposes Top Putin Apologists

From Jim Dean:  'Putin’s Praetorians' – New Book on Alt-Media Pro-Russia Insurrection (Review)

The book is proving a viral success - hitting #3 in the journalism category after only 3 days. Here is the ranking from Amazon:

A large number of orders are coming from ... Russia. Lol.

The book is available in paper and Kindle format, and translations into French and German will appear in 2 months for the European market.

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