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BOMBSHELL VIDEO: Vital Litvinenko Murder Clues Unearthed by 'Sherlock' Fans

  • Citizen sleuths are on the case, and they demonstrate pretty convincingly what we've said all along.  Russia is innocent, and anyone who tells you otherwise has no idea what they are talking about
  • Masha Gessen makes a cameo appearance - and she gets caught flat-out lying
  • It's just a big Russophobia fest kicked up by Russia-hating western media and British politicians who follow their bidding - yes, that is you we are talking about David Cameron, you pathetic sell-out

This originally appeared on Russia Insider on November 16 of last year, and we are re-running it today because of the media circus in London and New York surrounding the preposterous finding released today.

Image icon Sir%20Robert%20Owen.jpg
Public inquiry chairman Sir Richard Owen attending a convention of Christopher Columbus imitators

Thank you, thank you, Sir Robert Owen, public inquiry chairman, and the whole corrupt British pedophilic political establishment, it's thanks to hard working dolts like you that we have millions of fans and followers and jump out of bed every morning to eagerly rush to our computers, like children on Christmas morning!

<figcaption>Inspired by the series, citizen sleuths are taking matters into their own hands</figcaption>
Inspired by the series, citizen sleuths are taking matters into their own hands

Somebody buy this man a beer!

Everyone loves a good murder mystery, almost as much as a good spy story!

And everyone hates lying bastards, especially in the person of the Crown prosecution, venal neocon press lords, and cynical politicians.

Investigative citizen journalists with a sense of humor ride to the rescue!

RI has written a lot about Litvinenko, pointing out that from the beginning, the whole thing was a massive stunt to smear Putin and Russia, and that there is simply no validity to the preposterous accusations being made in the media.  RI's very own William Dunkerly is an expert on the case and has written a book about it.  Here are some of our headlines:

David Cameron's Litvinenko Hearings are a Silly Political Sham - by William Dunkerly

UK Litvinenko Inquiry Is Less Transparent and Less Fair than Russia's Magnitsky Trial - by Alexander Mercouris

Litvinenko Wasn't Poisoned by Putin. He Was Likely Smuggling the Polonium That Killed Him - by Ryan Dawson

This past summer, a group of Russian and UK journalists, actors, and Sherlock enthusiasts, finally decided they had had enough of the transparent lying around the Litvinenko case - particularly on the part of the Crown prosecution, and the British media which seem to work in perfect symphony, blasting one ridiculous headline after another about how Putin murdered this chap with polonium.  

The latest volley occurred a month ago - it is the smear that keeps on giving whenever MI6 the obsequious UK media it controls want to whip up some anti-Russia hysteria.

Here is the full 22 minute video - separate shorter sections are broken out below

At the initiative of the Russian Hour television channel, they put together a humorous 22 minute mini-documentary pointing out some of the most glaring inconsistencies in the Crown's case.

Russian Hour approached Russia Insider, offering us the film, and we jumped at the opportunity - this is what RI is all about! : citizen journalism revealing the lies in the corporate media, so we proudly present it to you here, today, as an exclusive RI scoop.

The film is a tongue-in-cheek little gem - gently pointing out some of the nonsense around the case.

Some of our western viewers might miss an interesting facet of the film - the narrator is none other than Vasily Livanov, a true phenomenon in the Sherlock world.  Livanov played Sherlock Holmes in a Soviet series which was wildly popular almost everywhere in the world except the US and Europe, made during the late 70s and early 80s.  

Image icon Livanov.jpg
Vasily Livanov as Sherlock Holmes

Peculiarly, many Sherlock connoisseurs, even in Europe, think he was the best Sherlock ever, the Sean Connery of the Sherlock world.  The series has a cult following in the US and UK among the Sherlock faithful.  Click here for a UK teaser.  It is Livanov who most Indians, Chinese, Middle Easterners, Africans, South Americans, and former Soviet peoples instantly think of when they think of Sherlock Holmes.  In recognition of this, in 2006 the Queen awarded Livanov the Order of the British Empire (OBE) "for service to the theatre and performing arts," a rare honor for a non-British citizen.

Thanks to Livanov, Russians are Sherlock crazy.  The books are required reading for every Russian child and the country is hooked on the new Sherlock series starring my British namesake.

But back to case at at hand...

The film reveals a major new relevation, and completely destroys one of the most repeated lies about the Litvinenko case.

First the lie:  The Russians must have done it because poloniun only comes from Russia.  The film humorously despatches this one by citing the appalling Masha Gessen who blathers on about this in her weirdly hateful hatchet job on Pushkin, a much beloved tome on every neocon, Russia-hating bookshelf.  Fired from every job she ever held, how Gessen manages to carry on as a serious journalist is a mystery - well actually its not a mystery at all, - she keeps getting paid to spit venom by neocon media types - its as simple as that.  Furthermore, this is what we mean when the western media is consciously lying.  This was not a mistake by Gessen.  This was a deliberate lie.

Here's the bit about Gessen - priceless

The film simply interviews a world-famous physicist, William Happer, of Princeton University (Wikipedia), who explains that what Gessen writes, and is repeated ad nauseum in the media, is complete nonsense.  Funny to watch.  The interviewer struggles to keep straight face.

Next the revelation:  The sleuths sleuthed around a seedy London nightclub where Litvinenko enjoyed whiling away early morning hours with ladies of ill repute and assorted ne'er do wells, and interviews the Dickensian owner of the club, who explains that Litvinenko was there a full week before the supposed poisoning, but not after, and that polonium traces were found all over the club.  A bombshell new revelation, overturning the Crown's case!  Elementary my dear Watson!  

What is not in the film is that, mysteriously, the club owner was murdered by his son a year after the interview!  Smells like foul play to us, - who could have wanted him out of the way?  

There's more work to be done by our fearless team of citizen sleuthers.

Here's the bit about seedy nightclub and it's mysterious owner who mysteriously died a few days after this fateful and game-changing interview

The film starts with the Crown's prime suspect, acing a lie detector test from the safety of Moscow.  This was less compelling to us, but still, interesting up to a point.

The film is worth the 20 minutes.   Well done!



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