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BLOWBACK: Syria Will Receive S-300 Air Defenses and State-of-the-Art Guidance Systems in 2 Weeks -- Russian MoD

A week after a Russian Il-20 is lost with 15 service members in midst of an Israeli air raid on northern Syria the Russians announce Syria is getting modern air defenses Israel has long objected to

Syria will get a S-300 air defense system from Russia within two weeks, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu officially announced on September 24. He pointed out that the S-300 system will boost air defense capabilities of the Syrian military.

Shoigu recalled that in 2013 Russia halted S-300 systems supplies to Syria upon request from Israel. However, now the situation is different.

The Russian decision is likely a result of the recent developments over the IL-20 shootdown off Syrian coast on September 17. According to data provided by the Russian military the IL-20 was shot down by Syrian air defense fire as a result of actions of the Israeli military and its warplanes: Israel violated the deconfliction agreement with Russia, provided missinformation to the Russian side as well as Israeli F-16 warplanes were using the IL-20 as a cover from Syrian anti-air missiles.

However, the Israeli military denounced the data provided by the Russians as fake and claimed that Syria, Iran and even Hezbollah are the side responsible for the incident.  Furthermore, Israeli Defense Minister stated that Israel will continue act as it wants in the war-torn country.

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Source: South Front
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