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Blackwater Mercenaries Killed as Saudi-Led Invasion of Yemen Spirals Into Disaster

Blackwater excelled at murdering unarmed civilians in Iraq. But in Yemen, they're being picked off like flies

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A war that you never read about (with good reason) is the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen. This is mostly because responsible media outlets are too busy reporting on Russia's bloodless "invasion" of Crimea, and also because Saudi Arabia bombs at least one hospital or center for the blind each week. Nobody wants to embarrass a close ally with bad press, right?

One of the more appalling aspects of this completely illegal "intervention" in Yemen is that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates rely heavily upon foreign mercenaries to do the on-the-ground dirty work. The New York Times reported back in November that the UAE "hired foreign mercenaries, from a program launched by Blackwater’s head Erik Prince, and secretly sent them to the fighting in Yemen."

<figcaption>Blackwater slayers</figcaption>
Blackwater slayers

Since then, western mercenaries have been killed at a fairly regular pace in Yemen — some deaths have even received mainstream coverage.

Even with billions of dollars worth of American death toys, Saudi Arabia's campaign in Yemen has been a miserable failure. And now even their defensive strongholds are under siege — poor mercenaries!:

On Sunday morning, the Yemeni Army’s Republican Guard – in coordination with Saleh loyalists and the Houthis – carried out a powerful assault on the Saudi Royal Army’s defensive positions at the Al-Bayrak Camp in the Mar’eb Governorate, resulting in heavy casualties and the destruction of the base’s western fortifications.

According to the Yemeni Army, their forces struck the Saudi Royal Army’s positions at the western perimeter of the Al-Bayrak Camp with a toshka missile; this caused a large explosion that resulted in the death of several soldiers form the Saudi Army, the Blackwater Group, and the Emirati Army.

Joinng Blackwater was probably a pretty good deal when you could just zoom around Baghdad as you murdered Iraqi women from the comfort of an armored SUV. Easy money. But the Yemen campaign? They have guns too, it's not fair!


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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