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Bigwig Madrid Politician Attempts to Drag Russia Into the Catalan Crisis

People's Party speaker has denounced Catalan leader as a tool of Russia

Having mismanaged Catalonia since at least 2004 when its idiot PM Jose Maria Aznar, who followed George Bush into the Iraq quagmire, reduced Catalan autonomy against the wishes of its pro-Madrid and pro-independence constituencies alike, the centralist People's Party may be getting ready to take a page from Hillary Clinton's book and blame it all on Russia:

In another extraordinary and dangerous provocation, the PP’s speaker in the European parliament, Esteban Pons, denounced Puigdemont as a tool of Russia. Asking his fellow European parliamentarians to “not believe the national-populist propaganda,” he promised to present next week “proof that Russian networks supported Carles Puigdemont and the secessionist movement.”

Unsubstantiated accusations of Russian involvement in the Catalan crisis had previously been made in the US media, including Politico and the Washington Times, and had been echoed in El País. However, Madrid had until now explicitly contradicted these allegations in its official statements.

Asked by Russia Today last week for a comment, Spanish Ambassador to Russia Ignacio Ibanez Rubio said: “On the contrary, Spain endorses Russia’s official stance. From the very beginning, Russia has recognized that this is an internal affair of our country.” He added that Spain and Russia enjoy “great relations… So we are very pleased with Russia’s stand on the crisis in Catalonia.”

Now, however, without providing any evidence against Moscow, the PP is carrying out a 180-degree turn in its position. The provocative charges Pons is making against Russia have uncertain but potentially explosive implications. If the PP truly believed that Moscow was allying with Catalan separatists to dismember its territory, it could cite this as an aggressive Russian action against Spain and invoke NATO provisions for common self defense to demand joint NATO military action against Russia.

How about this for an idea: Spaniards (and possible future ex-Spaniards) please try to keep Russia outside your inter-Spanish squabbles. Nobody is interested.

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