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Big Media Is Lying Through Its Teeth on Aleppo

As government side advances at lighting speed in eastern Aleppo press in the west launches a media counter-offensive -- built on lies

In just one week now the Syrian army has forced the retreat of Islamist rebels from 60% of land they held in eastern Aleppo prior. This is a welcome development for anyone who doesn't harbor a soft spot for jihadis but has sent the mainstream media into panic. 

Not only are their precious moderate head choppers being beaten back, but by and large the civilians switching sides are jubilant that the siege is over fort them.  

Here is just one such video of residents moving out and towards accommodation centers and being extremely happy and grateful to see a familiar face -- a well-known pro-government journalist from the state Syrian TV:

So what do you do when you've decided your virtual 'fight' against Assad is akin to your grandfather's actual scrape with Hitler, but it turns out that the actual people of east Aleppo are anything but anti-government and are experiencing Syrian army advances as liberation?

You lie, of course. And lying they are.

Talk about fake newsBBC changes its headline when it realizes it's just a little bit too truthful, AFP mistranslates a militant with a Salafist beard to hide that he is a sectarian (that one is from Western Ghouta rather than Aleppo) and CNN is adding whole sentences to what interviewees say.

So, propOrNot? You be the judge.

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