Lonely Chancellor Enjoys Sitting Next to Attractive Lady During White House Summit

Angela Merkel crushes hard on Ivanka

Everyone needs love — even shameless Washington flunkies.

But who has time for internet dating or even Tinder, especially when you're so preoccupied with flushing your country down the toilet?

<figcaption>Unrequited 'Liebe'</figcaption>
Unrequited 'Liebe'

Such is the fate of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

But new photographs have emerged suggesting that Merkel has finally found a reason to exist:

As a British tabloid tells it:

The President’s daughter attended a roundtable discussion at the White House, where Donald Trump met German and US business leaders, including the CEOs of IBM and Salesforce.

The First Daughter sat next to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and was joined by her husband Jared Kushner.

Wait ... Ivanka is married? That is very schlecht news for Merkel. 

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