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BETRAYAL: 5 Mil Illegals Enter in 2019, Trump Looks Other Way - US Workers Sold Out to Big Agri (Audio + Transcript)

Trump is lying about immigration. He's actually letting illegals in to win support for the 2020 election. 79% of illegals caught by ICE are released into the US interior to stay indefinitely. Trump has not rescinded Obama's catch and release policies. And he hasn't built the wall. He has no intention of doing anything about immigration.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Written by RI Staff:

There have been a lot of headlines lately trumpeting the fact that illegal border crossings from Mexico are way down over the past year. But this is not true. The team at the FTN podcast make a compelling argument, that, in fact, the number is alarmingly high.

They bring up the following troubling facts: For starters, nobody really knows what percentage of illegal border crossers are apprehended by ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement). Best estimates by ICE suggest that they are able to intercept 1 out of every 10. But it could be more. It could be 1 in 15, or even 1 in 20. The US government, which spends literally $100s of billions spying on their own people, can’t be bothered to figure this one out, but we digress …

ICE reports catching 473,682 illegals with families. How many came without families is not even recorded. Of these, 79% were released into the interior of the US. So you do the math.

The FTN team argue that this is all deliberate - that Trump is doing this to support big  US agribusiness going into the election. All the while, he bellows at his campaign rallies that he’s reduced immigration. He hasn’t. He’s lying. The US worker is paying the price, and his billionaire farming pals are getting what basically amounts to another government handout at the expense of the American people.

Check this clip (transcript below) from their recent podcast, it is an eye-opener. Jazzhands McFeels and James Allsup are devastating in their critique of Trump's fake anti-immigration stance.

The FTN archives are full of these insightful investigations. Another immigration related one posted recently was an astonishing expose of how Jewish-owned lending companies make very high interest rate loans to poor men in Latin America, so that they can make the trip north, enter the US illegally, and pay off the loans from their US earnings. It turns out that a huge factor driving immigration into the US is this usurious lending industry, all supported by US taxpayers! Micro-Financed Macromigration.

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FTN and the other podcasts on the TRS podcast platform have become required listening for anyone serious about understanding American politics. In a highly professional and competent manner, they analyze topics, including Jewish influence, that others won't.

The FTN podcast in particular is hard news focused, delivering fresh dissident angles on current events that ruthlessly challenge the mainstream narrative.

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Transcript: the following is machine transcribed. There may be some errors, but it is surprisingly accurate.

[00:00:00] James, did you see this? U.S. released three hundred and seventy five thousand illegal immigrants who entered with family members in F.Y. 19. This is incredible because how many came in with family members that we know of? Four hundred and seventy three thousand six hundred eighty two immigrants who are caught illegally who were caught. Remember, because remember, our narrative from this is like the ones that they encountered. It's what, 10, 15, 20 that they don't. So three hundred and seventy five thousand out of the four hundred seventy three thousand six hundred eighty two immigrants who were caught illegally crossing the southern border with a family member and fiscal twenty nineteen were released by federal law enforcement into the interior of the United States.

[00:00:50] Yeah. This is about 70 percent catch and release rate. Eighty five thousand out of 473.

[00:00:57] Who needs a farm bill? When you have ice to shuffle people around on Greyhound buses. What do you need a farm bill for right? Like this is what we've always talked about. This was the low skill cap list for fiscal twenty nineteen. Like this was the order. This was the load of workers that were paid for with microfinance loans that came into the United States and each and every one of these immigrants invaders, they're not they don't belong here.

[00:01:30] They definitely need to go back. Each and every one of those is a recurring loan payment at some ungodly interest rate. And they're in here taking the jobs, depressing the wages. And Donald Trump thinks it's funny and everybody else thinks it's funny because nobody's talking about this. It was just on Drudge. And, you know, I'm sure MAGA Tards and conservatives price on that number. And they're like, oh, yeah, look at Drudge. Where's Drudge?

[00:01:58] Drudge, you in there? What happened to Drudge, man? He's being held hostage. He's held hostage. He's putting out these lies. It's like, no, this is business as usual, GOP politics.

[00:02:10] And this actually, it's not business as usual, James. I've got to say, this is a fucking record. This has broken the bank. I have never seen anything like this. This is this is not business as usual. This is like GOP. This is this is Trump.

[00:02:24] Donald Trump going ham on low skill workers coming into the country. And so let's do the math on this. Right. So if three hundred and seventy five thousand were those that were released, which is a subset of the number of those that we're encountered. And we're saying that. If you think about the ones that were not encountered, every ten people that come toward the border and they encounter 1 and 9 are not encountered, is. Are we saying that there were 3 million people that came into the country in fiscal 19?

[00:02:59] If you're assuming there are four hundred seventy three thousand that we're encountered and these are just people with family members. Right. So if we do if we say yeah. At times five times 10. You're looking at then anywhere from two point five million, two point five million, up to around 5 million coming in with family members. And of those you're seeing about, what, 15 percent, 20 percent actually be actually be detained, 80 percent of them being released into the interior. So yeah, that you then looking at anywhere from about 2 million to 2 million to 4 and a half million then being released, who's being just not even being released? Not even being encountered. Four and a half million people with families being allowed into the U.S. and that's people with families.

[00:03:48] So what about the people who just came in solo? Right. Was that, you know, people who came in, you know. No. You know, illegal. Yeah. It's probably like five, 6 million. So. But yet the media will still say, oh, yeah, eleven million illegals in this country. It's like that number probably increased by 5 million in the last fiscal. Which is. So we're at four. I'm just going to say that we're between 40 and 50 million illegal immigrants in the United States at this point. It's unfair. No, I think it like.

[00:04:20] Yeah, five years ago that might have been in overrepresentation. But given what we know about how the rate at which people flow into the country, the encounter rate that Border Patrol has and what they are telling us, how many they're telling us they're encountering. It's absolutely not a stretch to assume that. And this is the Trump effect, right. People want to talk about a Trump effect. This is the Trump effect. Record numbers of illegal alien family units being arrested, being encountered and then immediately released into the country, not being sent back, not being that they say that catch and release is over. Catch and release clearly is not over.

[00:04:56] If you ask the three seventy five thousand illegal aliens that were caught and then immediately allowed to roam free in the U.S.A. while they're saying catch and release is over because they have now gotten back to a manageable flow and they don't have to do this. Apparently, it's as though this was some accident. Right. Like the excuses they give and we're gonna get into the deportation numbers here shortly. The excuses they give for not deporting as many people from the interior of the country as they normally would is because resources had to be focused on the southern border, which isn't that convenient. They still let in 75, 80 percent, 75, 80, 80 percent of those that they encountered as family with family members, quote, unquote. And so therefore, they up just couldn't deport as many people in the middle of the country. Oh, well, not a bit. You know, we had prioritized children and deep prioritize, you know, everything else in the country, peop- criminals and everybody else.

[00:05:54] Right. So during the summer, when we don't have the resources to manage the surges at the border, it's because we're devoting our resources towards interior enforcement. And then during the winter, oh, by the way, nobody's actually getting deported. And then during the winter when nobody's actually getting deported, it's because we don't have the resources because they're all tied up at the at the at the border. Right. This is the real Trump effect. The Border Patrol at DHS being willingly to be being willing to lie like this.

[00:06:21] That's the real trouble effect. Well, not to skip ahead, but will. Well, actually, you just slightly ice is deporting people, but it's a 10 percent decrease from F.Y.I 18. And it's the lowest level of Trump's presidency. So Obama's record in 2012 was a deportation. Number of four hundred and nine thousand people were deported under Obama in 2012. Two hundred seventy six thousand were deported from the border. And the interior is only a quarter of a million. What happened to the millions and millions and millions of people going back? Right. And that's a low number with a high number of people coming in. So they're taking out some of the trash and they're letting in even more trash. So the net figure is is higher than it has been in the past. Now there's some nuance to that and we'll get we'll get to that. But but here's here's some of the more details on this. These are those that have been released with family members because so they're one hundred and forty five thousand family members that were released directly from its stations between March and September. They were just like let go because they apparently didn't have the resources to do to deal with this. And so then a hundred forty five thousand family members released by Border Patrol. We're not even transferred to ICE. They were rereleased with a legal document known as a notice to appear. You know, we've talked about this a million times, right?

[00:07:52] 90 percent of the time they don't show up. Right. That's that's what this notices.

[00:07:56] Yeah. And so they transferred a total of three hundred seventy three thousand people to ICE and they don't track individual outcomes for each of the three hundred and seventy three thousand. This is what a spokes person from ICE said. We don't track individual outcomes of each of these people. You know, it's like wow. OK, so the total three hundred seventy five thousand released into the country are among 3.2 million who have been released by federal immigration authorities and are awaiting court hearings to decide whether they will be removed from the country. So 3.2 million since Trump has been in office. And what was the other stat that came out of this?

[00:08:37] Well, now he is not deported, right? That's 3.2 million people released into the U.S.A. and they're really deporting 270000 people a year 270000 deportations in twenty nineteen. So even these two numbers alone, you juxtapose ICE's 270000 deportations with the three hundred seventy thousand seventy five thousand people that came in as part of family units released into the interior. And sure, you can say that some of these people may have left on their own recognizance or they may have have gone back at a later date. But you're still looking at a one hundred thousand illegal alien net that you have to make up there.

[00:09:13] Yeah. And that's how you can come. That's how it's, you know, by Trump's logic. Right. Like the wall is being built, but there's no new wall. Like we're building the wall, but there's no new wall. Like I'm selling you a building that's a million square feet. But the ad says two million square feet. So by Trump's logic, let's use Trump's logic and apply it to the immigration and the deportations, because there are more people coming into the country than are leaving the country. I don't care if you've physically deported a quarter million of these people that don't belong there because there is a number greater than the quarter million that you've deported. You haven't deported anybody because it's a net increase. So how about that? You like that? So I will well, actually, my well, actually and say nobody's been deported because the net gain is a positive number until that net number is negative, like you're deporting more people than are coming in or people are leaving on their own reconnaissance, then you're deported. Anybody you haven't done anybody. You start at fucking zero. How about that?

[00:10:12] Donald. Yeah. And those three seventy five thousand again are only the people that we're one encountered and two came as part of family units. Is you're not counting those that went on encountered, which is a number we know is five to ten times larger than the number that are encountered. This is not counting the individual arrivals and it's also not counting the unaccompanied minors of which there were several thousand again in twenty nineteen.

[00:10:36] So yeah, that too. That 270000 deportation number is significantly underwhelming guy.

[00:10:44] So the people who have been released. All right. So catch and release. It's the the for the three hundred seventy five thousand earth that were again those with family members. The 3.2 million isn't the entirety of Donald Trump's administration. That was last year, 3.2 million immigrants without permanent legal status have been released, an F.Y.I twenty nineteen. And they still have cases open because the immigration court backlog has exceeded more than 1 million cases this year. So on an average day there, more than 50000 immigrants in ICE custody in 2019, up 19 percent from the previous year. And apparently this is such an overload. Oh, yeah, we just got to release 3.2 million shrug. What are we going to do? What do we do about this? We can't possibly get more people into these yobs, right? Well, what do they do? James, they just hire back the ones that hang out in the shadows for a while. This also includes seventy six thousand unaccompanied minors who are basically just dreamer fuel. Right? Like those are all people who can apply for and qualify for DACA. All these unaccompanied minors, in fact. Right. All of the all of these immigrants qualify for Dacca because they can all lie and say that they got here before a certain date. Right. Right. This is the game that we know.

[00:12:06] Like this is just this is this is the Donald Trump amnesty. This is this is the amnesty.

[00:12:13] This is front-loading. The people who are going to get amnesty from whatever DACA deal comes out of the Supreme Court ruling on DACA this summer. No other. Whether the Supreme Court rules against Dacca. And then that allows Donald Trump to create a deal or they strike or these or they uphold Dacca and Trump acts like I don't know what he's going to do at that point. But I mean, either way, it's it's it's gonna be a shit show and that that's what they're going to do. I mean, that those arguments are going to be heard this summer. So. Yeah, yeah. I mean, definitely attack every everybody is a DACA eligible recipient. Right. Like that's how that works.

[00:12:52] Every brown person across the world is a DACA eligible recipient and Dacca itself is is almost a foregone conclusion. I remember back in 2015, 2016 and 2017 to when we thought this was going to matter and that like DACA status was that was all that was holding holding these people back from actually being deported. Because you not only do you have to eliminate DACA and have the Supreme Court rule in your favor, you then have to fight through the myriad of legal challenges that will emerge to the constitutionality of you deporting the previously dach eligible individuals. Right. Because all of these people are going to claim that they have standing they're going to claim their rights are being infringed, that Trump is violating the law. DHS is violating the law by deporting them.

[00:13:37] And that is not a fight that we have any hope or indication this administration will pick up. No, no, they're not going to.

[00:13:45] And that's what I think the the supreme I mean, the law the law is on the side of those who oppose Dacca like it. I mean, surely. Absolutely. Surely the Supreme Court has made all kinds of rulings that are not within the law like it does. It does this all the time. But I think in this case, they may do that ruling to kick it to Trump, who then is going to use it as as a pawn to try to get some action on immigration, which we've seen how that plays out over and over and over again, because why would the Democrats deal with Trump when they know that there's nothing actionable? He's not actually in a deport any dreamers, like let's get let's get real.

[00:14:25] And that threat worked in 2017 and 2018 when there was that remember that proposed deal, $50 billion in wall funding for Dacca and Trump could have, could have had. And that worked that worked as a negotiating tactic or negotiating peace at the time because there was the threat of action. But these past two years, past two and half years, have revealed that to be a completely paper tiger they had that they had.

[00:14:52] That was a hedge, though. There's a hedge there, though, like the Democrats could say, yeah, we'll give you 50 billion for your wall and know full well that the krytarchy is going to cooperate in making sure that not a single mile of that wall gets built and that money just sits there. So they're like ash or whatever.

[00:15:07] But they would never commit to mandatory E-Verify. They would never commit to an exit system. They would never commit to anything that would be that would be substantial that they don't have a hedge for, you know. So it's. Yeah, that's huge. That's usually how that goes. So if you're wondering where deportations are and you're wondering where the the numbers are at for immigration, that's where they are.

[00:15:29] But there is some nuts. There's some nuts to this because people are like, holy fuck chests, James. These are like really black, deep, deep black pills. And yes, they are. They're very black.

[00:15:41] But we have to look we have to look further, further along here, because there are some interesting reactions in the media and there are some things happening within the judicial system as well. This one is sort of a this is one sort of like a what would you call this? This is like your your first cocktail. This is like a very light, very light, low alcohol content cocktail, very white sort of thing here. This is something that we predicted and I've only ever thrown in here because it's a we predicted this. But the Jared Kushner immigration plan that was released in twenty nineteen and nobody gives a shit about it. There's an article in Politico saying it's gone nowhere and few believe it ever will.

[00:16:22] So the White House is still holding regular meetings with lawmakers, business leaders and activists about its 600 page bill, but none of them see any hope for it to pass. Some outright oppose the efforts. And no one has stepped forward to introduce the legislation, in part because the White House insists on retaining control over any changes. yadayada Within the administration, a divide remains over the offering. One Homeland Security official mocked it as a, quote, silly bill. Outside the administration, some of the once sympathetic immigration activists are taking a rare. Yep. Of opposing the White House's efforts through TV ads and e-mail blasts. Even business groups that broadly support the thrust of the bill prefer more narrow legislation that has a better chance of passing. So like Jared Kushner, you know, for all we always say about like this guy in the White House, like, you know, manipulating Trump, and no doubt he is, but he is just a feckless fucking guy. When it comes down to it, it's like not a single shred of support from any of the usual suspects on this. And they're just like lathers laughing at it because it's a fucking joke. And it's not just the bill itself and it's such as Jared Kushner. I mean, that's part of it. It's that this is like there's there's no the country is so polarized at this point. There's no hope for any of this passing of the devil's advocate argument for this, though, is, well, they passed NAFTA, right. They passed the redo of NAFTA. So why aren't they passing? Jared Kushner, is Bill sick? Because they don't want. They know that immigration is is bad for conservatives to be a topic that everybody's talking about. And they also know that it's it's something that it gets Democrats in trouble, too, like the border. The open border stuff actually was damaging, which is why they've shut all this off. Like you're not on the campaign trail for the Democratic Party. You're not hearing you're not hearing very much anti-white stuff at all except stuff that's implicit. You're not hearing explicit like white hate.

[00:18:20] They were doing that for a while. They shut it off. They're not talking about immigration. They shut that off. I think the only reason other than winter that you're not seeing much with caravans and border swarming and all that kind of stuff is because Trump doesn't that Trump doesn't want to have to deal with the base getting upset on immigration. They've turned the issue completely off. And I think that's also sort of baked into the reaction to Jared Kushner's bill. It's kind of like, yeah, guy, wrong time for this. Like we're not we do want to talk about this now, because when people notice immigration, it becomes a problem.

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