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Best Of German Media: How Putin Smuggled Weapons With Humanitarian Convoys

Halfwit propagandist still trying to sell German public dimwit news

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The article originally appeared at Blauer Bote Magazin. Translated for RI by Mihajlo Doknic

A few days ago we reported how Der Spiegel tried to prove -- with a fake photo -- the intrusion of Russian troops into Ukraine. The photo, which showed a Russian air defense carrier vehicle, had already been used on a Polish website and other media on August 14, 2014, and it was actually shot in Russia. On August 14 it was used by the German Press Agency (DPA) to maliciously “prove” a link between military supplies and the humanitarian convoy that was passing through the same region.  

Nikolaus von Twickel is an international correspondent working for the powerful DPA news agency. DPA is the only German news agency and one of the big international news agencies. It supplies information and prewritten articles to all German newspapers and media. Von Twickel clearly abused his position when he used his Twitter account to suggest that the humanitarian convoy was used to covertly bring military vehicles across the border into

Ukraine. He doesn’t give an explanation as to how this could be done, considering the presence of international journalists accompanying the convoy. The antiaircraft defense unit in the photo in question was on patrol in the same region in Russia as the humanitarian convoy. This seems enough for von Twickel to make the link. The fake photo is probably the basis for his accusations and those of his colleagues.

Below is the picture that was used by Der Spiegel and Polskie Radio, as we reported earlier Spiegel Online claims -- in contrast to what the German government says -- that Russian troops are already in Ukraine, that the war in eastern Ukraine is thus a war between Russia and Ukraine, and that those Russian troops are being reiforced. To illustrate this, Spiegel Online used a fake photo in its article on April 23, 2015: The photo used, showing the alleged reinforcement of Russian troops, was already used by Polskie Radio back in August 2014 and actually shows a Russian air defense unit in the region of Rostov.”

On August 15, 2014, the HannoverscheAllgemeine Zeitung (HNA) used the same photo to claim that Russian military vehicles were spotted in Ukraine, thus supporting the alleged intrusion of Russia into Ukraine. This allegation, however, turned out later to be a lie. The HNA article said: “A Russian humanitarian convoy is stuck at the border crossing. A smaller military convoy, however, has crossed into Ukraine during the night.” The caption of the famous photo reads: “23 military vehicles (troop transportation vehicles, fuel transportations vehicles and other military vehicles) crossed from Russia into Ukraine.” To be on the safe side, HNA pointed out -- in small print -- that the photo was just a “symbolic photo.” In any case, it was gross negligence to print such a photo caption.

We have, then, a photo of a Russian air defense system in the region of Rostov that made it into four different news reports:

1. Polskie Radio reports on August 14, 2014, correctly, that the photo was taken in the region of Rostov-on-Don in Russia, some 30 kilometers away from the Russian-Ukrainian border.

2. Der Spiegel “documents” with the same photo that Putin is marching into Ukraine.

3. Nikolaus von Twickel suggests on August 14, 2014, that those military vehicles are among the humanitarian convoy.

4. HNA uses the photo to illustrate the intrusion of Russian military into Ukraine, as falsely claimed by the Ukrainian government.

It seems that a great part of the media uses all means available to make propaganda about the Ukrainian conflict. 



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