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Bernie Fans Are Going to Feel Pain and Anger Over the Coming Months - It Will Wake Them Up (Audio - Transcript)

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Bernie supporters are about to learn the hard way that no matter how much money you raise, no matter how much you fight, no matter how sincere your candidate is, if your candidate is anti-establishment, he will fail. Even if you get him into office, he won't change anything that matters. Because the system no longer exists to serve the people.

Sanders has become the first legitimate threat to establishment power since Trump in 2016, and the establishment is striking back. Bernie is already in the cross hairs of the Russia collusion myth, and Bernie bros are about to be put through the same wringer that Trump supporters have been going through for 4 years.

It'll hurt, but pain is a good teacher. Disillusionment is what we need before anyone is willing to change anything.  The hosts of the FTN podcast predict that this election cycle might be just the experience Bernie supporters need to draw the same conclusions so many Trump supporters already have: that whether you vote left or right, before the will of the people can be represented again, this rotten system needs to go.

From the FTN Website:

Bernie Sanders is on a roll- after winning the popular vote in every caucus and primary so far, he’s pulling out to a formidable delegate lead, and could be on track to enter the Democratic National Convention with a plurality, if not a majority, of pledged delegates.

As a result, the DNC and “intelligence community” have begun to treat Bernie less like an annoyance and more like a legitimate threat. The myth of Russian social media manipulation, used effectively against Donald Trump, is being dusted off and presented as the reason Sanders is enjoying success.

His Twitter presence? RUSSIANS! Winning Iowa and New Hampshire? COLLUSION! Embarrassing Joe Biden in Nevada, his first big, beautiful, brown electoral firewall? THE KREMLIN!

Sanders, who has agreed and amplified accusations of Russian meddling in the past, finds himself unable to tell the truth: Foreign interference is real, but Russians running Facebook memes isn’t the problem. Because he has accepted the Russian hacking premise, he’s left to twist in the wind, offering a convoluted explanation that Russian meddling is real- it’s a big problem!- but only benefits Trump.

In this clip, Jazz and James explore the charge of pro-Bernie Russian collusion, how conservatives are picking it up and amplifying it to their own detriment, and how this narrative is being seeded now in order to seriously damage Bernie and leftist populism in the future.

Full episode here.

About the FTN and TRS podcasts:

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The FTN podcast in particular is hard news focused, delivering fresh dissident angles on current events that ruthlessly challenge the mainstream narrative.

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Transcript: the following is machine transcribed. There may be some errors, but it is surprisingly accurate.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:00:08] It's time to turn back to the horse face horse race as strategies have really started to crystallize. Bernie Sanders is now maintaining a double digit lead over the rest of the field, and Bloomberg has surged to a second in many polls. And once a long shot speculation, the thought of a brokered convention has now become a widespread force for foregone foreskin, foregone conclusion. And the impeachment is over now. So, of course, it's amazing, James, this totally coincidental timing of an intel briefing alleging that Russia is interfering on behalf of Donald Trump and Bernie.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:00:52] So if you're sitting out there saying this is tin foil, you know, the people that straw manning, of course, the people that are out there saying this is tin foil. You know, these are conspiracy theories. This is a common charge levied by the media. If these aren't gay ops, why are they so perfectly choreographed? I've made this point before. Look, why. Why aren't why aren't if the world is all these disparate pieces, it's this like beautiful organic biology, like diversity and all this stuff. Why aren't the Hong Kong protests happening at the same time as this stuff? Like, why is that the focus? Why is Venezuela a separate thing? It's almost like the world is this stage and we get to watch the play put on by world Jewry every day on the media, because that's what it is.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:01:41] Right. Like this this intel briefing shows up out of out of nowhere. And I guess on one hand you could say, oh, wow, they're going back to the original playbook. But the original playbook works really well. And they're now deploying that strategy on Bernie Sanders. It's just really funny that if Russia, as this sort of independent organic object out there, its own sovereign country, was meddling this whole time, why isn't that news popping up in the middle of Corona Chan reporting or. I don't know. At Christmas. Like, why are they why is it just happened to be now? Like as Bernie Sanders is surging ahead in the lead, as Donald Trump's impeachment is over, it's like it's almost like a pivot. James, isn't it perfect choreography.

James Allsup: [00:02:27] Sure. And the day after Bloomberg bungles his initial debate performance, a few days after the US announces additional actions against Russian contractors and European contractors involved in building Russian pipelines, it's all very fitting. And it all fits together very nicely. And if you're not if you're not aware of these other machinations that are going on, one may be led to to believe that, oh, wow, you're Russia.

James Allsup: [00:02:51] They're hacking the election just like just like they did with Trump.

James Allsup: [00:02:55] And of course, Sanders now finds himself in a very unenviable position, as he is so commonly this election cycle where he gave credence to these ideas over the last four years. He was out there saying, yes, Russian interference is real, Russian hacking is real. And he now has to find himself defending against that charge of benefiting from Russian hackers. And of course, Bernie did this as well with with Trump supporters indicating that Trump was responsible for the violent rhetoric and on and on and on. And now this playbook is being used against him. So it really is remarkable to see this playbook. They sort of tested and prodded and and started fighting around Trump in 2016. Now being deployed almost verbatim right back against Bernie.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:03:42] Yeah. And it's like I guess Bernie thought that maybe he could be immune from it because he's Jewish. He thought that they were not going to come after him in this way. Like the Russia meme is something only reserved for a bad goy like Donald. When the reality is, is, no, they're going to deploy this to any outsider who threatens to disrupt their system.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:04:03] And they're doing the same thing against Bernie's supporters as well. They're saying that that a lot of the ugly stuff he said, you know, Bernie was saying in 2016, Russia used Internet propaganda to sow division in our country. And my understanding is that they're doing it again in 2020. Some of the some of the ugly stuff on the Internet attributed to our campaign may well not be coming from our real supporters. So he's even going so far now that Trump's credit, Trump never threw his own supporters under the bus. And Bernie, maybe he's just a little bit new at this. He's caught off guard. He's not really expecting this sort of strategy to be deployed against him.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:04:48] It's like Bernie, like your supporters are a real and authentic. There's no gay up happening out there from anybody else. So if you're going to buy this bit that, oh, are this ugly stuff on the Internet coming from our real supporters. And then what about off the Internet? Right. Like Bloomberg's office got. And if Bernie wasn't in the race, you know, it would've been swastikas and everything else and blamed on the Trump campaign. But no. Since Bernie Jew is there, the campaign immediately says that Bernie Sanders is to blame. So they're playing this game with Bernie, and Bernie is playing right into their hands, which is nice. Yeah, it's got to be dismaying to his supporters. I mean, his supporters have to see this for what it is, and they can't like the rhetoric. He's got to go hard on this stuff. And I don't know that he's gonna go as hard as as maybe Trump did, but it's it's the same. It's the same intel community, Bernie Jew, that is doing this to Trump. And they're doing it because they see that he can be successful. And we'll talk about how that has changed in the last couple of weeks with the polling, because it's been a big shift. And it's amazing to me that they're trotting this out there right now.

James Allsup: [00:05:59] Right. No, it's. It is all amazing. And it just fits fits together so perfectly. And Bloomberg has actually already seized on this. And the Bloomberg campaign has been releasing ads decrying the poor behavior of Bernie Sanders supporters, condemning the radicalism of the Sanders camp. We saw Pete Butt Grug get into this a little bit as well. He's done this in two debates now where he's come out and said, Bernie, you have to condemn these horrible things your your supporters are saying online. And you would think this smart move here is similar to what Trump did in 2016, which is to say, look, I didn't do anything. I don't know what you're talking about. But Bernie, because he already ceded this ground, that election interference is real. Russian meddling is real. He has to he he has he has signed his own death warrant basically on this issue and is forced to play along with it because they're going to the flex here with this Russia stuff and then bringing that back in.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:06:58] This is not, you know the media took about a week, you know, two weeks after the conclusion of impeachment to sort of figure out what they were gonna do. But these strategies are very well-planned out in the media, often over overextends itself. This has happened before. But the idea that they're just going to pop up and have this story, the idea because it's not just the media having the story, it's literally the intelligence agencies have prepared these briefings only for Bernie and only and for Trump. This is going to be a central part of their strategy.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:07:28] And we don't have to tell you, but you probably already know any any thing that Bernie does that's successful from now on can all be attributed to assistance from Vladimir Putin. Bernie, the Kremlin shill is the label that is going to be a fixed on Bernie, no matter how successfully he is. And see, this is what I was talking about. This is why, you know, this is why we have to take this nuanced position, which is that I want Bernie to succeed as much as he possibly can and then get destroyed by the establishment, the intel community in world Jewry. I mean, yes, I get that Bernie is a Jew. We get the whole Bernie Jew meme. But they they they want to destroy this guy and his supporters. And I'll keep saying this until I'm Blue in the face, his supporters have to feel the same pain and anguish that we did. That's the only way that you learn. And we we have evidence. We talked to one on Jazz and Jesse last week, somebody who was actually a Bernie supporter in 2016 and then became a Trump supporter and then is exactly where we are today. And that guy walked us through. Very interesting.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:08:35] It actually sort of slows down some of the the absolutist thinking that people fall into. And our thing when you hear the transformation that somebody had to go through to get there and these his supporters have to see what happens when they are subjected to this as well. It's part of it's part of a huge strategy that they're deploying because they see that Bernie Sanders can actually be successful and he is disrupting what they wanted, which is to force you to buy into neo liberalism. Like that's what they wanted. Right. They wanted a they wanted a Jeb Bush to be the nominee to lose to Hillary Clinton. They wanted that to be the perfectly choreographed election of 2016. It didn't work out that way. And this year, they had a number of establishment candidates that they wanted to run to the front and they're all getting blown the fuck out. Like even even Bloomberg, who is doing very well, had a horrible debate debate performance. It's. I mean, I would argue it's only going to set him back just a little bit.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:09:36] He's going to rebound because the guy has spent half a billion dollars in the race in nine weeks. How much should Trump spend in 2016? One billion. And Bloomberg has spent four hundred and $9 million in nine weeks on his campaign. Yeah, yeah. There's no. And there's no like there's no there's no limit to that. Right. It's not predicated on him raising more money and whatever. Now, Bernie has access to a ton of cash. Lots of cash. He's got.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:10:05] Tons of cash, but it's I mean, Bernie can't just go out there and say yet tomorrow we're going to spend 150 million on advertising in Super Tuesday states. But that's what you have to do if you're trying to pitch in an authentic message like Bloomberg. Bloomberg is doing well because he's saturating the media with Bloomberg product that people like, you know. It's it's good it's good marketing, but it's not good in actuality. And so they have to trot out this this Bernie Kremlin shill meme and his supporters have to feel this pain. And they're going to because as we get into this a little bit later, you're gonna see that they are already plotting how to steal the convention. And they don't really seem to be that concerned about what happens to the 40 percent, 50 percent of the Democratic Party who said they will not support the eventual nominee if they if somebody gets screwed in 30 percent of Bernie supporters said they won't support the nominee.

James Allsup: [00:11:03] Yeah, exactly. And how long do you think it's going to be Jazz before we get Jared Kushner and the other Trump campaign intelligencia in Donald's ear, advising him to go out at a rally and say, look, Bernie, the Russians, they love him. He's the Russian candidate. How long do you think it's going to be before the Trump campaign starts putting this forward as their as their message? Because that would be that would just be the perfect kosher maneuver for them. It would it would reinforce the idea that there is Russian meddling. There are Russian bots that have some degree of power over the electoral process. And it would flip it back on on blue team. So Dems are the real Russians. It would be great.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:11:43] Yeah, there's a couple. There are a number of avenues for Bernie Sanders supporters to to feel the pain that I'd like them to feel.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:11:50] Number one is, is if Bernie Sanders doesn't fight back against the Bernie Kremlin shill meme and then loses or has the convention stolen from him and then ultimately supports the eventual nominee. I just I can envision a world where he is finished. Bernie is totally finished. And Bernie can't win. And that whole thing has died. And then he comes out and says that he'll support Bloomberg, too. You know, because we have to defeat Donald Trump. I can see that him doing that. It's just really tough to envision. And I. I want. I want his supporters to feel that pain. I mean, I want them to have to come to the same conclusions that we have, which is the whole system is fake and gay and rigged against you. And you're never going to get what you want out of it, even when you have a guy that has really strong grassroots support who is winning handily in every primary. Who may clinch the number of delegates needed, if not a plurality, a plurality, a majority, and and still get destroyed. Like I want those people to feel that pain. And it's not because I get enjoyment out of other people feeling pain. It's that pain is a learning experience. Rain gets you from here to there. If we didn't feel pain, if we didn't have disappointment, if we didn't see that Donald Trump has become an abject failure, we people look at the people who haven't figured that out.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:13:17] People who are either dumb or shills or otherwise who are still in the Trump train, who have sold out. Right. Imagine doubling down on Donald Trump and thinking that this is going to be like he's gonna go ham in 2020, fam like, is that what's gonna happen? You know, it's like the people that are selling you this and it's like you can't take them seriously. But look. And I've said this. I think I've said this before. If I haven't, it's like the great things about this program and the great things about t.r.'s generally is that we're not we're not being paid by anybody but our listeners that we don't have we don't have big, big name donors. We don't have lobbyists like coming in to tell us what to do or tell us what to say. And, you know, you you were on YouTube for a very long time, James. And I mean, you know, it's it's nice having the ability to have free and independent thought. Like nobody is coming in to tell you what you do. You don't have to feel like you have to toe any sort of line. It's good. It's nice. Like, you know, will we tell you exactly what we think?

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:14:17] And I have no I have no like ulterior motive to to tell you anything different. Like, I want I want Bernie Sanders supporters honestly, like this is a take that that I feel is is very genuine. I want them to feel what we felt. So they end up where we do because they're not that much out of face with us, right?

James Allsup: [00:14:35] No, they're not. It's actually this whole experience with 20/20 and being disappointed by Trump has actually been a good opportunity for introspection from for me, because I'm able to look back to where I was four years ago, five years ago at this point and the types of arguments I was having with people. And I think back to the times when I was debating with people and, you know, I knew a guy who was Bernie bro at the time. And he was arguing to me that it was it was unfair that that health care costs. Bankrupt someone, and you know me five years ago, smarmy libertarian.

James Allsup: [00:15:09] Wow. Well, actually, that's the part of the effect of the free market. People need to make good decisions and good jobs.

James Allsup: [00:15:17] And, you know, I've looked back just mortified, thunderstruck at how much, you know, how bad how how bad that was. And so people evolve over time and people learn over time and. Yeah, to to to write off someone who was a Bernie supporter. Now in this moment, because they have because they're identifying the correct symptoms. And this is something we've said before, the Sanders supporter, many of them the white working class Sanders supporter, they're probably identifying the correct symptoms of the disease, but they're misdiagnosing it. They're being led to believe that it is either, you know, white greed that is doing this or it's a white supremacy or white men that are responsible for the system we have. And they just need to be to be guided in the correct direction to focus that energy and that that that analytical perspective they have about our system towards the right targets.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:16:12] That's what guided or just feel pain because you can guide someone so far and then they always snap back. So, you know, and this is sort of the thing that it goes back to people getting frustrated with, like, why won't this person who is where I was 10 years ago not respond to my immediate, like, magic elixir rhetoric, like why can't they automatically download everything that I all the accumulated knowledge that I have had in the last 10 years and immediately be where I am today, because that's not how it works, right.

James Allsup: [00:16:41] Your perspective is shaped by your experience and what you know. And you have to have. You have to have both. And so one day they do have to be exposed. People do have to be exposed to the correct argumentation to the truth and be shown the truth of the situation. But they also need to have a jarring experience, such as what we went through with Trump, such as what Bernie Sanders supporters are on the precipice of going through with with Bernie Jew if he is to be screwed out of the nomination or if they watch the Democratic establishment throw the general election and allow Trump to win. So so Bernie doesn't become president, or if Bernie just disappoints them in office, something like that has to happen in order to to make real what they're being told.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:17:26] And we know where this is going to go. Right. We know how this story ends for Bernie. Right. That's why that's why I like people. I think maybe the Grug-Nats will interpret what I'm saying as, oh, we're supporting Bernie Sanders. No, we're not like very clearly. Listen to what I'm saying. We want Bernie Sanders to - because we know that Bernie Sanders, like Bernie, is not going to become president. And if Bernie does become president, we know what happens when someone who is an outsider becomes president. We see how the system works. The system is is extremely powerful. And if Bernie became president, it would come with a certain set of conditions for him. And slowly over time, he would be brought to heel. Whether that is through impeachment in a special special prosecutor depends on how much he wants to fight back.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:18:18] But it's not even it's not even to that point. The point is we know how the story ends. So now that they are they have put this Bernie Kremlin shill label on him. We know what they're going to do. We know that that for Bernie Sanders to understand, for Bernie Sanders supporters to understand what's going to happen next. It's like you can fight as hard as you want for this guy. You can raise as much money as you want for this guy. You can grassroots and have 50000 people show up at rallies and so on and so forth. The media is going to wake up and say the very next morning and say, yeah, those are all Russian bots that genuine support, all of that money, everything that's going on that that's fueling Bernie's rise. And that's all fake.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:19:04] That's all coming from the Kremlin. That's not a real phenomenon.

James Allsup: [00:19:07] And it's very telling they didn't do this with Elizabeth Warren when Warren was setting record breaking crowds and generating a record Internet interest and record amounts of this and that. They didn't do it for Warren, but they're doing it for Bernie now. Ask yourself why that is.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:19:22] Exactly. Yeah. This the sowing of of of division, when they always claim that it's somebody that they're actually making this claim against Bernie now that he sows division. It's one of the one of the reasons that they've put in put put up here. It says U.S. prosecutors found a Russian effort in 2016 to use social media to boost Sanders campaign against Hillary Clinton. Part of a broader effort to hurt Clinton, but also to sow dissension in the American electorate. And they're saying that Bernie Sanders is sowing division in the country as well. And of course, they were told about this about a month ago. But people I get in Trump for obvious reasons wasn't disclosing it to the public. And neither did Bernie. And in fact, the media is asking him why he didn't disclose this intel briefing publicly. And he said, because I go to a lot of these briefings and I don't want to reveal them to the public. It's like, well, obviously, he's not going to want to tell people. Like, why would Bernie?

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:20:20] I don't think Bernie doesn't know what's going on with him. Like, he he he probably is caught off guard, as we sort of surmised. But it's it's not like he can't know. So, of course, he's not going to go and say, like, oh, Russia. Russia. Russia's meddling in the elections again. And they're helping me, guys. It's like so fucking dumb. But meanwhile, Bloomberg can deploy a bot army on Twitter. And yeah, that's just a campaign strategy. He's road testing, right. James, like Bloomberg has got these bots out there doing, you know, just hardcore repetitive messaging and a few of them got suspended. But yeah, that's not that's not Russia. We know. We know that's not Russia. That's just you know, his campaign is trying some things out that Twitter doesn't like. Right.

James Allsup: [00:21:03] Oh, yeah. It's a creative creative marketing.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:21:06] Yeah. Yeah.

James Allsup: [00:21:07] Well, just like just like I'm paying a million dollars to Tick-Tock influencers to get the zoomers behind Mike.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:21:14] Oh, my God. Yes. So the media narrative on this is kind of funny. I've heard a couple different media narratives on Russia pop up now, which is one of them is - Do we even really need an intel briefing at this point to know that Russia wants to meddle in our elections? We know what Putin wants. American democracy was made for interfering with, and and no I mean, that's that's kind of the line. Like they're sort of like, look, do we even need the intelligence organizations, deep state, whatever? Do we even need them to lift a finger and put together a briefing for us? Don't we know by now who Russia's going to intercede on behalf of and who they won't? And that's like one side of it. And the other side of it is complete and total nihilism, which I think is kind of funny. Like they want people to be extremely outraged about this. And this is the greatest part about this. Like, yes, they're gonna try to do this to Bernie, too. But because they beat the shit out of this meme for four years, nobody cares about it anymore. Listen to Brian Williams. This is from Friday.

Brian Williams: [00:22:20] And we begin tonight with sad word that funeral services are pending this evening after the death of outrage. Earlier today, outrage officially died of exhaustion, though buoyed at the very end by the one bright spot, the realization that as close relative apathy survives and is thriving, we are obviously taking some poetic license here to underscore the gravity of the story that broke late in the day that nobody cares. From The New York Times, later confirmed by NBC News, The Washington Post and others, the headline is, The Russians are in the midst of tampering with our next presidential election. More than that. The Times reports the effort is to tip the result to Donald Trump. The campaign, they say, will include tinkering with this year's Democratic primaries, getting Americans themselves to spread mistruths and divisions, and casting doubt upon close elections and recounts.

Jazzhands McFeels: [00:23:19] Getting Americans themselves involved in the project. See, this is the code for anybody out there saying anything in support of Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump. But it's really about Bernie, right? Like they the trumps of like this this meme is is being deployed at Bernie right now. Like Trump. Trump is mad about it, but that's not really who the target is yet. Trump isn't. It's not the general election. This is all about the Democratic primary. And I think it's hilarious that that Brian Williams is like, please care about this. Someone please get upset. Please get mad about this. It's like, no, right.

James Allsup: [00:23:54] And they're setting this up now so they can use it later. Like they're seeding this idea in your mind. And we see this so, so often in American politics with our media, they will seed things like this now for future use. And this is going to be become a reference point when the general election does come around that they will be able to use against whoever they want if the matchup is Bloomberg versus Trump. They'll be able to say that. Yes. Remember back in in February twenty twenty when we warned you about Russian interference for Trump, and if it Sanders versus Trump, they'll be able to say, look, remember, we remember when we warned you not to nominate Sanders because because bunni Jew was the recipient of Russian interference and we told you he couldn't win. It was all fake Russian popularity. That's the point of this now. And it's curious also that Brian Williams doesn't mention foreign interference, such as one and a half million dollars being spent by the Democratic majority for Israel PAC, it spent in attack ads against Bernie Sanders. That is much more substantive than any any. So. Suppose a Russian interference if uncovered so far, the one and a half million spent in Iowa and in Nevada and. Negative ads attacking Bernie. But somehow that doesn't make Brian Williams editorial cut for his foreign interference story.

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