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Belarus Ignores COVID, Holds Massive Victory Day Parade, No Masks, No Fear (Video)

Europe terrorized by a bad cold but Belarusians are made of sterner stuff

“Even just the thought of betraying the traditions…is unthinkable for us.” — Lukashenko

And barely a mask in sight!

Belarus was the epicenter of partisan resistance in Nazi-occupied Europe 1941-1944, birthing more guerrilla resistance per capita than any other place on the continent. Now history repeats itself.


“This holiday is sacred for us. The tragedy of the Belarusian nation, which bore the titanic burden of losses and destruction of the cruelest war of the 20th century, is incomparable to any hardships of today.“

“Even just the thought of betraying the traditions that have been glorifying the history of the great deeds of the victors for 75 years already are unthinkable for us.”

Check out the video of the entire thing for yourself:

Or these delightful screengrabs:

Meanwhile in Moscow:

More official high resolution photos have been published:

A young steely-eyed Belarusian:

Source: Anti-Empire
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