BBC Dances on Mozgovoy's Grave — SURPRISE!

If he had molested children they would have covered for him...

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The BBC has really hit rock bottom, folks. The fabled British broadcaster went out of its way to drag a dead man through the mud

Last November Mozgovoi was seen at the head of a summary court system.

<figcaption>His body is still warm, but the mud-slinging has already started...</figcaption>
His body is still warm, but the mud-slinging has already started...

He is heard issuing a warning to residents: "Too many women go to restaurants. What kind of example do they show to their children? From now on, we will arrest all women we find in restaurants and cafes."

He was being sarcastic, you brainless twats. Of course, the BBC knows this — they just choose to make a dead hero look like some sort of Sharia Law maniac. 

We hope the monster-ghost of Jimmy Savile haunts the BBC until the sun explodes. 

Seriously, the BBC should go get bent. 

If you're a UK citizen, please stop giving these cretins your money. 

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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