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German Businesses Keep Calling For End to Russia Sanctions

President of the Bavarian Business Association blasts the policy in article for Bayernkurier

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Originally Appeared at Sputnik Deutschland. Translated from the Germany by Werner Schrimpf.

Alfred Gaffal, President of the Bavarian Business Association, wrote in an article published Tuesday in the German newspaper “Bayernkurier,” that  the prolongation of EU-sanctions against Russia is a severe mistake which will hurt the EU. It will especially hurt the German Federal State Bavaria and Russia.  

“Current global conflicts prove more than ever that Russia is an important economic and strategic partner to the EU and the U.S. for overcoming global challenges. We clearly see that Russia is indispensable, especially when one considers the global threat caused by the terror organization Islamic State and the civil war in Syria which is triggering millions of refugees we see clearly that Russia is indispensable,” Mr. Gaffal emphasized in his article.

In this sense Bavaria’s business community has always stressed the upmost importance of remaining at the negotiating table and “maintaining the historically well-developed relationship” with Russia.

It became apparent that EU-sanctions are the wrong measure for solving the Ukraine crisis; rather on the contrary, they will deteriorate relations between Russia and the EU and will lead to a disintegration of the economic areas of Europe and Russia. Prolongation of EU-sanctions against Russia is a severe mistake which will hurt not just Russia but the EU as well, particularly the German Federal State of Bavaria.

„A look at the data and figures shows that foreign trade with Russia has nosedived in comparison to previous year,” says Mr. Gaffal.

Bavarian exports to Russia, within the period from January to September 2015, declined by incredible 36.4 % compared to previous year. And in 2014 we saw already a decline of 13.2%.

According to the article that Mr. Gaffal wrote:

„Many Bavarian companies have developed good and fruitful relations with Russia for decades. These good business relations are also contributing to good political relations between the two countries. Having said this, the order of the day has to be continuing the dialogue and rapprochement. Our Russian partners confirmed during our last business trip that there is good will on both sides.”


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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