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Top BILD Editor Blows Whistle: It's a Propaganda Mouthpiece

Former editor Peter Bartels has confirmed what readers already knew - that BILD is crass German government hogwash

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Originally Appeared at Neo Presse. Translated from the German by Susan Neumann

The former top editor of BILD, Peter Bartels,  blows the whistle on Germany’s major tabloid in his explosive tell-all book. In his book, BILD – Ex- editor reveals the truth about the demise of a once great newspaper, Bartels reveals how the BILD has degenerated into a "propaganda mouthpiece of the power elite".

We probably won’t be seeing this as the next issue of BILD: "Ex-editor spills the beans, BILD is a propaganda mouthpiece"

BILD-Schlagzeile, die es nie geben wird. (Collage von NEOPresse)

And yet the headline would be appropriate. The former editor of the Bild-Magazine, Peter Bartels, released his tell-all book "BILD" in February. Peter Bartels was a top editor, along with Hans-Hermann Tiedje. Under Bartels’ direction, the tabloid had a circulation of 5 million. Bartels reveals what is happening behind the scenes at BILD and he describes how and why the tabloid has lost some 3 million of its readers in recent years.

In his book, he complains about the massive precipitous drop in circulation in recent decades. Kai Diekmann, the boss of the editorship at BILD, is mainly responsible for the loss of readership. What used to be a strong circulating paper, what used to be the “lawyer of the people”, has become a “private federal press organ”. “Diekmann is a member of the Atlantik-Brücke [nurturing the transatlantic partnership between Germany and the US] and the main advocate of the ‘welcome culture’. He doesn’t seem to be interested in the demise of the tabloid. Under Diekmann, the once highly successful BILD, which was once feared by the powerful and mighty, was transformed into an outsourced, popular education journal for Angela Merkel, and a propaganda machine designed to service the power elite. "

Bartels references numerous cases to support his theses. By examining a broad range of issues, from Hartz IV (social welfare) reform, to the euro crisis, to the current refugee problem in Europe and Germany, Bartels shows that, through it all, BILD did not choose to make it uncomfortable for the elite by exerting criticism; rather, it chose to do the exact opposite. BILD cozied up to the elite and supported their politics in every way that it could.

Der Spiegel reported already some years ago, how BILD had appeared to embrace politics. “CARTA” writes:  “The chancellor allows herself to be impressed by BILD. She hones excellent relationships to the editors and publishers. BILD is putting on heirs as being every bit a tribune of the people for a Merkel Republic, a power which has never been granted to Merkel.”

The book, BILD – Ex- editor reveals the truth about the demise of a once great newspaper, is available for 19,90 € at Kopp Verlag and

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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