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Backing Checkpoint Asia Is Your Chance to Make a Stand

Checkpoint Asia, the site founded by our former deputy editor who on a day-to-day basis crafted the majority of RI editions you read over the years, is running a crowdfunding campaign. If you liked RI over the years, you'll probably like CPA as well, though there are differences as well. Please donate, this here is his pitch we find quite compelling (admittedly we're partial):

There is no doubt in my mind that to some small extent all of the alternative media taken together diminishes the Empire just a little bit from where it would otherwise be.

Empire’s lies are debunked sooner, and the truth reaches far more people than it would have in the dark, miserable pre-internet 1990s when CNN reigned unopposed.

It is a fight where the other side has all the advantages and we’re never going to win outright. But it is a struggle absolutely worth fighting, to help establish the truth for posterity and to save whatever lives we can along the way.

And to be able to say that we were not bystanders but that we did something,anything, no matter how seemingly hopeless the fight, to try and to push back.

To back alternative media is one way to join the fight and push back against the warmaking Empire — I sincerely believe that.

There are numerous great alternative media outlets doing a wonderful job that deserve your backing. But by backing Checkpoint Asia you will get the most bang for your buck.

Checkpoint Asia brings a whole new meaning to “shoestring”.

A one-man show (for now), three months after its launch has 250,000 monthly page views, reaches 80,000 people monthly with at least one article, and has a core readership group of 3,000 who check in at least once a week, 1,500 who signed up for email updates and 25,000 Facebook fans. Who knows how many it will be reaching by next year.

It has 2/3rds of pageviews of, which I love and which is extraordinarily valuable. But each quarter brings in $80,000 from its readers.

Checkpoint Asia doesn’t need tens of thousands. It can do damage with far less ammunition, but it does need some. (The present fundraising goal is just $1500 for the next three months.)

This site has a bright future ahead of it, but it does need your help. Send it five bucks and extend a middle finger to the Empire.

Try it out. See how it makes you feel.

Any amount is welcome. Thank you so much!

To visit: here To donate: here.

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