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Expert in: Geopolitics, World Affairs, History and Geography

Phil Butler (born 1955) is an American journalist, editor, and analyst. He is a partner at Pamil Visions, a leading digital PR firm, and is the former managing editor of Everything PR News, Europe's leading public relations news portal. He contributes to such online publications as The Epoch Times, the Huffington Post, Japan Today, and RT, as well as dozens of others. He's covered breaking news and is outspoken expert on such events as; BP's Gulf Oil Spill, the Fukushima nuclear accident, and the Olympics in Sochi in 2014. 

A media relations expert and analyst, Phil began his career in journalism as a technology reporter  for such important tech blogs as Mashable and ReadWriteWeb. He was also one of the early adapters and evangelists of what was to become the social/digital communicative world we experience today online. 

Phil holds a Masters in Political Science, and was formerly an engineering professional for a number of Fortune 500 companies including Nucor Steel, Ameristeel, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., and Tenneco Automotive. Phil's first professional writing experience came as a member of the crew of the USS Iowa, one of the World War II battleships modernized for Ronald Reagan's 600 ship navy. Phil was a technical writer then, on a team creating all the ship's new technical and training manuals. He transferred this engineering experience into a career in industry until being sought out for covering Web 2.0 technology innovations.

Phil's expertise and interests are eclectic to the extreme encompassing topical coverages in worldwide media in fashion, travel, travel technology, environmental concerns, world news, and even entertainment. Phil's blog is another popular outlet for his analysis, as is his company's travel news site, Argophilia Travel News