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Are Whites Really the Most Privileged Race in America?

"The Yellow Jackets aren't roaming the streets of France, burning and smashing structures, because they are privileged, they are doing so because they are powerless. They are in the streets trying to overthrow a highly oppressive, extremely privileged, supremely extractive bankster-owned power class ..."

This article from our archives was first published on RI in December 2018

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

White privilege is real. Whites really do enjoy some privileges on account of being descended from other whites. Whites daily enjoy the technological fruits of white genius, rights framed in law by great white leaders of the past, and the many good things which arise from parents and grandparents and great grandparents and even their predecessors who made good decisions and great sacrifices on our behalf. White privilege is real.

You know what's more real though? The privilege of those groups that exploit the nations and systems whites built, the machines whites invented, and the rights whites won, despite the fact that their ancestors had nothing to do with those feats, didn't earn them or sacrifice for them, and weren't even the intended recipients of those achievements and triumphs. Indeed, many of these groups have far, far more “privilege” than do whites in the modern West.

Consider Jewish-Americans, a not truly white population which can trace its origins to the Near East. On average, Jews earn three times as much money annually as white Americans. Jews are 2% of the country, and 40% of the major donors to both major parties. Talk about outsized power and influence. What's more, they are not alone. Consider East Asians and Indian-Americans. Like Jews, both of these populations also have far more wealth than whites on average, they are more likely to enter the U.S. power class, they are more likely to be millionaires, they have better health outcomes than whites on average, they are more likely to be doctors and scientists, they have access to greater resources in education, they enjoy even better public images than do whites (“model minority” perks), they often ethnically network with impunity (Hollywood/MSM – Jews, Nail Industry – E Asians), they enjoy more advantages and more success than whites by every relevant metric of human success and well-being.

So why doesn't the media address the outsized “privilege” of Jews, East Asians, or Indian-Americans? Why don't academics study their “privilege”? Why aren't legislators trying to close the educational success gap between whites and East Asians? Why do Western elites long to bring whites down to the level of blacks? Why don't they want to bring whites up to the level of East Asians? Why aren't Jews vilified daily for their outsized power and privilege?

As it always is under Marxist systems, Cultural Marxist systems being no exception, the supposed dominant, oppressive class/group remains as the principal target of the proletariat's malice and enmity long after the Marxists themselves have become the dominant, oppressor class. The Cultural Marxists who today rule America are still waging a war against whites, long after whites ceased to be anything resembling a dominant power group in America.

“White privilege”, like “white fragility” and other Cultural Marxist propaganda terms, is a vicious, racist slur. Its roots simply can not be discovered in reason or data or truth. It is rooted in prejudice and animus toward whites (prejudice and animus felt by and exhibited by various non-white populations, Jews, Arabs, and blacks in particular), and in the selective vilification of one particular population for privileges and advantages which are actually more common and more pronounced among many non-white populations in America, and in the West more generally. Not only is the term “white privilege” not anti-racist, it is the very opposite of anti-racist. It is steeped in white-hatred, like the Cultural Marxist philosophical paradigm which spawned it.

The ugly reality of course, is that the few perquisites and privileges whites today possess merely on account of being white, are more than offset by the many systemic disadvantages whites now face in the nations our ancestors founded. In fact, we are an aggrieved, despised, often completely ignored population in the modern West. We dominate neither the economy nor the culture. There will be no diversity seats set aside for our children at Harvard, I assure you.

While we generously, albeit foolishly give away our resources, our governments, and our lands to ethnically alien peoples, we receive only scorn in return. When blacks spread into an area or a boardroom, it is considered “progress”, when whites spread into an area it is labeled “gentrification” or “white flight” (dirty words), when we remain in a boardroom it is deemed intrinsically discriminatory. Increasingly, our mere existence seems to offend those who rule over us.

The Yellow Jackets aren't roaming the streets of France, burning and smashing structures, because they are privileged, they are doing so because they are powerless. They are in the streets trying to overthrow a highly oppressive, extremely privileged, supremely extractive bankster-owned power class comprised of various groups with diverse interests, but with a common enemy in us, their white subjects. This power class clumsily and callously rules over us, routinely ignoring our interests and mocking our concerns, and the indigenous French people have had about enough of it, it would seem.

Granted, “privilege” is a complex issue. Privilege is primarily a function of class, not of race, after all. The notion that a poor white child on food stamps in Appalachia is more privileged than Tiger Woods' non-white billionaire children is laughably idiotic. However, to the extent “privilege” can be linked to race, whites do not possess the lion's share of it, not per capita or on average anyway. The utterly anti-white, predominantly non-white folks who rule the Western World won't ever let you know that though. You can't lead a class struggle against imaginary sources of oppression and imaginary oppressors if the common people know the truth about whose boot is on their throat.

Furthermore, the argument could be made that the anti-white, racist propaganda (“white privilege” propaganda included) which serves as the philosophical foundation for the Cultural Marxist class struggle here in the West, serves multiple other functions for our Cultural Marxist overlords. In the first place, so long as whites wrongly see themselves as powerful and privileged they will not rise up against their extractive, hate-filled, anti-white overlords. In the second place, “white privilege” propaganda can be seen not merely as highly ideological, prejudicial, weaponized anti-white hatred, but as a shrewd, self-serving ploy by parasitic, anti-white, Cultural Marxist power players to offload the long-term consequences (riots, coups, blame for market crashes, interracial violence) of their own policies onto their racial and political enemies.

Fortunately, whites around the world seem to no longer be buying it. They have identified the enemy, and it is no longer themselves.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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