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Are Ukrainians Banned From the US? Even Libyans, Sudanis More Likely to Be Let In

Visa applications from Ukraine are rejected as often as those from Uganda, or four times as often as those from Russia

Ukrainians you're great guys but please don't visit. That seems to be Uncle's Sam message to Europe's poorest country.

While Washington is happy to "fight the Russians" (as they imagine it) to the last Ukrainian, it is not very eager to have them wandering around the States.

New statistics by the US Immigration for 2016 show that fully 41 percent of applications from Ukrainians for a US tourism or business visa are rejected.

Compare this to a mere 9 percent rejection rate for Russian passports, or even the 39 and 40 percent rejection rates for Sudanis and Libyans.

Sudanis and Libyans were of course recently banned by Trump from entering -- ban is currently suspended due to a court challenge -- but through 2016 you actually stood a slightly better chance of being allowed to visit as a spooky Muslim from Sudan or Libya than as a Ukrainian.

Is that any way to treat a country that you claim you're so glad to see opt for EU and NATO?

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