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Are Strange 'Militia' Riot Police a Govt Bid to Fake White Supremacist Presence at Riots? (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

From the FTN Website:

"Tear down white supremacy! The white supremacist system of American government must come to an end! Our painful racist history of white supremacy is bad for business!"

The agitprop never seems to end, but the actual white supremacy is nowhere to be found, except in cases where it must be created for effect. In this clip Jazz and James discuss the real purpose of the virtually all white positioned in and around protests in drab military-style uniforms with no insignia, identifying emblems or name badges.

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They've erected this boogie man of white supremacy, which does not exist, but they try to manifest that white supremacy in various ways.

We talked a little bit about the midweek with these private military contractor looking guys all over the city. And we're going to have a little bit deeper on that. But what are the reasons why they have those guys out there rather than, you know, they have the National Guard doing the talking, but these private military contractors are not doing the twerking. These are the guys. These are the right. Heavily armed riot police that are in military style uniforms with no insignia, no identifying emblems or name badges. Protesters have been shouting at them to identify themselves. A couple of them have managed to figure out that some of these guys are part of the Bureau of Prisons riot police. A lot of them are different government agencies, in fact, since 9/11.

There are 75000 of these guys employed by the U.S. government that are not FBI, not DHS, not DEA, not CBP.

They're not like name badge, sort of law enforcement guys.

They're just like this. And so if you're a protester and you're out on the street and you see one of these guys, you can see pictures of these guys all over the place.

I mean, these guys are and, you know, they're where it looks like, where whatever the fuck you want, bring whatever fucking weapon you want, wear whatever helmet you want.

They all look different into a protester. And you see these guys and they're ninety five percent white. I don't I haven't seen a non-white in any one of these pictures of these guys. What would your impression be? These guys are indistinguishable from the Larbi militia survivalist guys that were on the steps of the capital of Michigan. These guys are totally indistinguishable from three persse. Right. So your impression as a protester in the city seeing these guys around, thousands of these guys stationed around the city, not military, not police. What do you think these are? These guys look like white militiamen, right, James? I mean, and it's it's meant to make you know, they're there to protect Jewish institutions, but they're there to make the protesters think that this is the manifestation of white supremacy on the streets. No names, no emblems, no badges. These are just white guys with weapons who will fuck you up. But these guys are going to I mean, they'll protect, you know, the Department of Justice from damage, of course. But other than that, they're just meant this is just supposed to be something that you think is really scary. And it's not because white supremacy doesn't exist.

Well, that's exactly right. And that's actually what I was going to say about the guard and the police, is that you cannot believe you cannot continue to believe there is a white supremacist state, a superstructure needing to be dismantled. When you see if you are a protester or if you see the videos that are coming out of these protests where it's protoje, it's rioters and riot police hand in hand in many cases, you know, kneeling together, praying together, white. White cops getting down to their knees, bowing to these protesters. You you cannot look at that and then credibly say there is a white supremacy structure these people are a part of and they're enforcing. So that just it just falls flat. And so, yeah, these PMC guys, I don't know if they're even authorized to make arrests or if they're just awful. Oh, no.

No, listen to this. One of the agents said, you know, there's some nebulous rules around this. There's some Markt. There are what some you'll see some Whitemark patrol vehicles labeled as United States police. Like, what the fuck is that? It's called the United States police. Well, this is part of the CIA's Secret Security Protective Services, which provide security to the CIA and the office of DNI. But they're allowed to be deployed in the city. And according to one of the agents, it's like, yeah. I mean, we really can't arrest you, but we can kill you if we have to. So, like, they don't have handcuffs. They just have five, five, six. And if you fuck with them, it's basically like, you know, shoot first, ask questions later. I mean, that's that's the reality of what this is. So, yeah. Yeah. No, they they do not make arrests.

Well, yeah. These guys can can easily get re station protecting an oil tanker, you know, around the Horn of Mozambique or something because that's where a lot of this PMC work comes from. Yes. When it's when it's not doing stuff like this. So. Yeah. But I mean, it's so it's important they have an avatar out there, right.

Because you can't call them. You can't AML. Let's just call them Jamesy. They're not really private. I was calling the PMC when I didn't know what they were. And I still have like in the prep PMC, but they're really jamesy. These are Jewish military contractors. They are. They're stationed around the city station around the world to protect Jewish interests. And they have been growing twenty five hundred new officers per year since the year 2000. And that is the equivalent of the entirety of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives, because now the ATF e now every year. Twenty five hundred new officers join these ranks every year because these guys can be deployed wherever. You don't have to have an Insurrection Act proclamation to put them down. Now, this isn't Trump doing this. This is the Jewish apparat apparatus making sure that these are in place. Big, big, big old Bill Bar, whenever whenever he's out there in the Rose Garden, sweating, fully covered in slime and just.

Yeah. Anyway.

Yeah. And you remember when, like 10 years ago when the left made a big deal about Blackwater and how we knew Erik Prince is a terrorist and we need to tear down Blackwater. Yeah. You're not seeing you're not seeing those costs. Betsy.

Betsy Tomas's brother, by the way. You know that Erik Prince. Yeah, I didn't know that until recently. It's like. Wow.

All right. Yeah. But you notice that there aren't writing articles about these PMS, E.M.S. or JAMESY IMC.

They're not writing articles about them other than who are these people? And then they tell you who they are. And then they sort of just say, like, yeah, they can read. They can arrest you, but they can kill you. So it's kind of just like putting it out there. But yeah, when you have the rank and file identifiable National Guardsmen, Guardsmen and the cops out there doing the Macarena and dropping to their knees. I mean, they've been ordered to do this. That's not a cope on my part because I don't have a dog in the fight. As far as they are concerned, they will be told to do whatever they want. And in some cases, some some of these policemen have just decided to quit. And we'll talk about that as well. But, yeah, I mean, this is the way that they mean the white supremacy. They have to keep it going because, you know, they would love to have that neatly folded windmill of peace flag fluttering around in one of these protests to to do that on its own, to point to. But no, I mean, if they can just make it seem like white militia down there and it's sanctioned by the government. Sure. Yeah. Blacks just think white supremacy. Here we go.

Certo. Well, just wait till you get a till you get some iron cross like skateboarder tattoo on one of these guys, his arms or something. And then it's like, oh, see, see, we told you they're a white supremacist militia.

Some guy, some guy just liked independent wheels and trucks and, you know, really into boarding. And now he's a nut. Now he just likes Auto von Bismarck. That's that's what that is.

Right. He's a second. Second, right. Can do this. Yeah. Well, it's just such a hard sell. I mean, I saw an advertisement this week, Coca-Cola running a black square advertised mint on Instagram saying we're giving millions upon millions of dollars to, you know, so and so black organization. And then. There was a list that came out this this week of all the companies giving money to various black groups, Jewish groups as well. The SPDC, of course, wetting their beaks. You know, you have Apple, you have just name, name your company. They're all doing the bit. So when you have the corporate superstructure on your site, clearly on your side, you've read a hit. We'll talk about it later. Changing their their app avatar to a black a black red alien. Dude, you'd like this whole corporate superstructures on your side. And then you have the government, like if you if this was a white supremacist state, these people would be moderating. And then, like, just opening fire on the crowd. This isn't happening. So where are you from? Where are you deriving your white supremacy? They're running out of.

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