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More MH17 Propaganda From the West

The investigation is turning into a farce

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This article originally appeared at Deep Resource

Yesterday on the first German television channel (ARD) a much hyped ‘profound’ investigation of the MH17 tragedy. We didn’t care to watch, since we know how the German television ticks:

<figcaption>The propaganda battle over MH17 is part of a larger fight.</figcaption>
The propaganda battle over MH17 is part of a larger fight.

[] – How the CIA Infiltrated Germany’s Mainstream Media
[] – Atlantik-Brücke
(Since 1945, Germany is a complete colony of the USA and media are US controlled, just like the USSR controlled the media of the GDR)
[Member list Atlantik-Brücke]

Reading online reviews (summary: “it was a Buk, Ukraine did not do it and there was no SU-25“) and quickly browsing through the Youtube content:

– The usual Bellingcat stuff is promoted as ‘independent research’ [Eliot Higgins]
– SU-25 couldn’t have done it, because a Russian engineer says so
– Ignored are the numerous eyewitnesses who confirmed that two military jets were near the MH17
– Cockpit audio tapes are secret, main suspect Ukraine has a veto right over research results, Holland mysteriously gets 122.5 ton gold back from the US, Russia has no motive, Ukraine/USA/West does have a motive, Dutch government circleemail reveals that Ukraine government admits on July 14, 2014, that rebels do NOT have Buks at their disposal, etc., etc.
– The Dutch stall and sabotage the investigation to the hilt.

Again the context: the US is embroiled with Russia over the control of the Ukraine, that is currently being transferred from the Russian to the Western sphere of influence. The propaganda battle over MH17 is part of that larger fight. The truth is completely irrelevant, propaganda is all that matters.

[] – ARD – Weitere einseitige Recherche um den »Todesflug MH17«
[] – MH17: Das Erste (ARD) propaganda legt Achilleshiel bloot

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MORE: Ukraine

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