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Anti-Assad Kurds: US Should Also Bomb the Rebels, They Have Chemical Weapons Too

If you're against chemical weapons you can't stop at punishing the government -- say anti-government Kurdish rebels

Of all reactions to the US attack on Syria one of the most interesting has been that of the Syrian Kurds.

The co-leader of their main party, Salih Muslim of the Syrian branch of the PKK (PYD), has told the Americans it's great they're bombing Assad but they should also bomb the rebels:

“We believe that this attack must yield positive results since the parties who did not believe in a political solution may reconsider and see that there is no military solution.” 

We hope that the United States will not confine itself to punishing the Syrian regime alone, because there are a lot of chemical weapons in Syria and others parties have also used it, in Sheikh Maqsoud, in Rojava, and Raqqa.”

Firstly the Kurdish leadership believes US bombing the Syrian government is a good thing. This is only to be expected. The Kurds are technically in a rebellion against Damascus and seek wider self-rule. The weaker the central government the better things look for them.

But they're also pointing out that if Americans are going to bomb the Syrian military over chemical weapons use then they should also bomb the rebels -- who the Kurds assert also have such weapons and have used them before, for example against Sheikh Maqsoud, the Kurdish enclave of Aleppo city.

Ultimately it shouldn't be surprising that a party in a multi-sided civil war would ideally want to see all the other factions get some cruise missile attention. But it is rather interesting that Kurds -- who have received more US backing than anyone -- are urging Washington to please not stop at bombing the government, but pulverize the other US-backed side, the rebels, as well.

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