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Another US Visa Program for Jewish Swindlers, the EB-5 'Investment' Visa (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

From the FTN Website:

Jazz and James expose even deeper levels of fraud in the EB-5 visa program while also explaining why Trump's immigration EO as a red meat headfake to the base is only part of the story.

Transcript follows below.

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I'm glad that we're addressing a lot of this stuff. I mean, you know, the EO is is almost a week ago and people are like, well, why are you still talking about this? Well, because it's important we're seeing the fallout. And I also wanted to point out, like I said, that some people are starting to see the light on this. They're starting to make mention of this fact. But also to do a little bit of we predicted this because what I called this EO was a bailout for microfinance, because you do have as a result of what's going on right now with the corona virus, you do have not a lot of people coming into the country.

And this has got to be a significant problem for microfinance industry, especially because according to the World Bank, remittances have actually plummeted to record lows around the world. So in remittances are obviously what these banks are counting on in the form of payments.

But another thing that happened that we're finding out in this EO as well is that this action not only does nothing to curtail immigration, what was in the yo yo is that it actually appears to restart entries for select categories that were paused indefinitely by the State Department on March 20th. So when they shut down the visa adjudications on March 20th, that was something done by state and it was done in reaction to the Corona virus. The EO that Trump is claiming is going to, you know, stop immigration. That's going to put a moratorium on immigration. It actually starts all that stuff back up again. It also prioritizes the entry of Eby five visas, which we've talked about many times in the past. The EBE five. For those of you out in Rio, Rhinelander is an employment based 5th preference category, or Eby five immigrant investor visa program created in 1990 in the Immigration Act of 1990, which provides a method for eligible immigrant investors to become lawful permanent residents informally known as green card holders, by investing at least five hundred thousand or nine hundred thousand dollars after November 21st to finance a business in the United States that will employ at least 10 workers. Now, the E. O is it's not just that they were exempted. It's that it was carved out in the EO that this shall not be touched. Now, we've talked about the Eby five a couple times before, and it isn't just some guy shows up at the door and has half a million or almost a million dollars.

And he's just a he's just a shrewd foreign investor, James, looking for looking for a place to lay down his cash and help the good old American workers know. What actually happens is you have eight hundred and twenty six of what they call regional centres, which taken ten thousand applicants a year, a piece for a five to ten billion dollar a year industry. And these these regional centres, oftentimes, as we pointed out in our research over and over again, they're run largely by Jews.

They're in essence, miniature investment banks funded by illegal and ill gotten cash. Usually it's illegal and ill gotten cash from fraudulent resources for the purpose of profiting as a middle man. Well, at the same time, importing Third World criminals and their money enmasse in a fast tracked manner with an expedited pathway to citizenship and chain migration, because all it takes is one guy with money to get in the door and then that one guy. We all understand how the chain migration works. It gets a shoe in and then that guy brings in whoever he wants. And so guess who's making all the profit from this? And then on top of that, most of these regional centres are just operations for commercial real estate construction. Guess who's involved in commercial real estate construction? It's like. Come on, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump and the people that are promoting the EEB fives. There was actually something that people didn't know. Something I didn't know is that in the stimulus. Lindsey Graham actually tried to force EB five visas into the must pass Senate Corona virus stimulus package. He was apparently using this to expand the EEB five program, which would mainly include wealthy Chinese, Taiwanese and South Korean nationals. And the proposal, which could be included in one of the rescue bills, would significantly boost the number of visas offered annually from ten thousand to seventy five thousand. So increasing it by 700 percent. Yeah, Senator. And 50 percent while having the investment required to earn legal residents from 900000 to 450000. So. Wow. Yeah, it's just amazing.

That got defeated, by the way, on. I think they're on iteration for now. I'm sure that Lindsey Graham tries to jam this fucker in every time, but. Yeah.

Oh yeah, definitely. Seeing this piece of legislation in in and over and over into them. Any any bill that comes to the floor. And yeah, just do the math on that, though. Like, even at nine hundred thousand dollars a year, if you're assuming this is what these people are bringing in. Ninety thousand dollars a year for for 10 jobs. Right. I mean, this is not the math doesn't make sense. And these jobs that are being created, there's no requirement of these be American hires. There's very little requirement these jobs even be documented that these these be proven creations. Right. So essentially, what you're doing, essentially what this amounts to is ten billion dollars plus in money laundering, international money laundering with with the usual suspects, as crystal ball would say, what the Wall Street profiteers hold their nose in Wall Street corporatists.

Oh, yeah. Yeah. The corporatists on Wall Street hooking their nose in time and time again, layer by layer, the Tim Cook's, the Tim Cooks and the Jeb Bush's of the world.

All good boy among the world sitting at the top of the pile. Yeah. The people that you must hate just don't hate anybody else. Yeah. And it's kind of funny, too, because they asked Lindsey Graham about this. Well, let me before I do the Lindsey Graham impression. Notice the timing of this, too. This got defeated in the Senate stimulus package and then the EO came out. So the EO is far more sinister than Donald Trump just wanting to electrify the base before an election. No doubt that that was probably baked in with some of the motivation. But what it looks like even more, especially as this unfolds with the EEB five stuff, is that the EO was done because Graham, as Trump and Kushner's proxy in the Senate, didn't get what they wanted to administer, because the idea that this is Lindsey Graham who wants this. Lindsey Graham is a poster he doesn't want. I mean, he's just going to do whatever anybody tells him to do. And that's just gonna be that. I'm sure he maybe he genuinely wants this. But Trump in Kushner genuinely want this. And everybody else everybody wants the EEB five program expanded. They attempted to slip it into this, the stimulus package. I didn't look into how this got defeated, but that probably would be of interest to see who, who and how this this was defeated. But when Lindsey Graham got called out for this, he said, I haven't hugged anybody on the planet, much less to the Trump administration about putting EB five into the core rotavirus bill.

And Sean Hannity says, let me be clear. So the Politico magazine report is an outright, outright falsehood. And you are indeed a great American, Lindsey. Yes, that is absolute garbage. Sean Hannity. I like it when when when Lindsey is talking to Tucker because of my favorite Lindsey Graham ism is to do Tugger. Yes, it is absolute garbage tugger. I haven't talked to anybody. I would object to putting anything on these bills that are not related to solving the coronavirus a problem. So he goes back to this thing where it's like, yeah, I would object to putting that told soldiers to total abject denial when we all know when we all know that this was what was done. So this is this is like the new evolution that you have to get to. It's like, you know, today it's like Stephen Miller's bad. He's probably a problem. Kushner's definitely bad. He's tricking Trump. It's like, no, you have to get to the point where these things that are intended to get you excited and got you all worked up with let's go. We're actually something to solve one of their problems. It wasn't to make. It wasn't to fake you out. I mean, that was part of it. But it was really to get this done, which it did. It succeeded. And nobody's going to challenge this aspect of it.

Right. These are elaborate schemes and they're working multiple angles at once. And you have to you have to be aware that these are elaborate schemes where you can just look at something like Lindsey Graham saying this or or Tom Cotton, just just accept that they are lying to you. Just accept you are being lied to and don't, you know, get in the weeds about. Well, if he says this, then this has to happen and this has to happen, then this other thing will happen. No, they're just lying to you. Lindsey Graham is lying to you about. About him being a great American and not proposing this. This a line item in the bill. And it's not not a coincidence that Lindsey Graham is, of course, facing his toughest re-election bid ever and that he could lose.

Bay, why are you mad at Graham? Right. Graham Graham is just a gay clown, right? That's all he is. He's somebody to laugh at. He's he's somebody who's funny. He's a front man for the Jewish operation that is working him in. Yeah. I mean, he's just a front man, bottom and top man. But they want they want him to be the face of of this. Right. They want him to be the patsy who gets the blame for trying to do the underhanded thing with the five theses. When in reality it's a okay, he was doing an underhanded thing on behalf of somebody else. Yes. Most people aren't going to recognize. Upset about, right.

Who was he hoping would stroke him a cheque for thousands upon thousands of millions of dollars after he did this? Right. Get married. Yeah. Stroke him a nice long jack. The Bernie Markus's of the world. Larry thinks of the world, right. These are the people that are that are pulling his strings. It's not the not Lindsay Graham and Jeb Bush and Tim Cook, the evil mastermind.

Yeah. Well, and then so there's another layer of this, too. And this is where this starts to get even more interesting, because this is new ground we haven't talked about yet with the Big Five. But back in 2018, a judge ruled that aliens can borrow the funds to buy EB five feces. So for years, the Department of Homeland Security has said that if an alien wants to buy a bunch of Vehbi five visas for the alien, the alien spouse sold their kids the half a million that had to belong to the alien.

And the person had to prove it and it had to be obtained legitimately. Right. Borrowing this sum was a big fat no no. Buying visas with your own money is controversial enough, but buying a bunch of them was someone else's money actually out of the question. Right. But it's not a skilled immigration lawyer whose name has popped up again and again and whose nose has been protruding from every photograph that he is in, in such proceedings, has persuaded a federal judge that cash obtained from a loan is not an indebtedness. Listen to the Jewishness of this cash obtained to this again. He has persuaded a federal judge that cash obtained from a loan is not an indebtedness and an alien can use borrowed cash to invest in an EBE five project. Who is this guy, you ask? Well, his name is IRA Kurzban and he is the Jew immigration lawyer behind everything. Seriously, Google this guy in tell me that this is not a caricature of these people like this guy's face. This guy's phenotype is an anti-Semitic canard, like he is the anti-Semitic canard. But in any case, this is a case that he filed and he faced filed hundreds of these cases. But this is only the most recent one EB five class action lawsuit, Xang vs. USCIS. Cash is cash. The heart of the case, according to D.C. Federal Circuit Court Judge Emmet Sullivan, was this. USCIS denied plaintiffs petitions on the sole basis that because plaintiffs obtained the cash they invested in the new commercial and Trilla Empire Enterprise through a loan, that cash was not cash, but indebtedness. So, yeah, this is this is USCIS is like yet not you're not going to do loans. But this was this was a trial balloon that they did.

And IRA Kurzban picked up that trial balloon and he has inflated it and inflated it and made it into a ruling. Now where.

Yeah. Now, what what happens, James, these eight hundred and twenty six regional centres, which are investment banks, they are essentially banks. They they don't have to wait for somebody to come to them. They don't actually have to go out. And you can look out online at all the advertising that these places do, too, like they are. They hard core advertise for people to come in and give them money and sign up for the for the. For the five, and they make sure that it all gets taken care of. With the immigration attorney and everything they make, they they cover it all like that. If we left that part out service. Yeah, it's full service. It's not just like this regional center is some place that you go and you have the cash ready, like they they make sure that you have everything you need to get your green card. Like they're a green card servicer industry. And now they will be able to loan the money to anyone who wants to come in and they won't care. Do you think these people will care if the money gets paid back? Do you think they'll care if an alien defaults, if they chain migrate five hundred people? Why would they care? They don't care about any of this. It's it's amazing how this has unfolded in an IRA Kurzban has been at the center of this for a long time.

Oh, yeah. Now he he definitely his is a linchpin here. And it is. It is remarkable to look at the different standards for for indebtedness. Right. There are several jobs in the U.S. that you can't get if you if your debts aren't right. Right. If you owe too much money and it's a suspect. Right. If if you wanted to become a police officer, for example, they investigate your finances. If you if you want to get a second mortgage and you're overextended, you'll get denied. If you have too many too many outstanding loans. But to become a U.S. citizen and to to get that foot in the door, to get your family's foot in the door for dozens upon hundreds upon thousands of of potential anchor babies and chain immigrants. Yeah, no big deal. We don't care where you got the money from. As long as you give it to to our friends in the investment banking industry over there. Come right on in. Yeah. How about a green card? No problem.

Help. Help us build our commercial real estate. We'll charge you interest. And you're going to come pollute this country full of filthy white goyim that we want to get rid of. Right. That's the. That's right. Whole game.

You just claim just fill out an Excel spreadsheet claiming you're going to hire 10 Mexican landscapers or something and you're good.

Oh, they'll hire 10 Mexican landscapers. They'll do that, too. Like, this is a this is this is like a pedal powered brain bashing machine. Except they're bashing they're bashing your brain. And so the idea, the concept of this whole thing, the key concept of a Vehbi five is that the money invested must be, quote unquote, at risk. So the idea was that if an alien put up five hundred thousand dollars in an enterprise, maybe that new investment would help expand the economy. Maybe that money would go to a new factory of mine.

Bob Barr can't be alone. But now the vast majority of IBA Ebe funds go into a single purpose, nominally for profit entities that simply lend aliens money to urban real estate developers. The alien nominally owns a share of a firm controlled by others that is virtually guaranteed not to have a profit. Other than the receipt of some interest, the firm does only one thing. It makes low interest mezzanine project construction loans. But DHS now regards this as an at risk investment. So meanwhile, projects would have moved ahead easily without the EBE five money, but at a lower level of profit for the developers.

So the EEB five money in reality is often lent at one or one point five percent when the going rate for this kind of transaction in the free market is often 10 percent. EB five investors, in fact, are operating in a totally non free market and the program is beloved by city developers using it. So you can see what's going on here. Right. Like every aspect, every facet of this filthy number two diamond is set up and constructed in a way where you're getting screwed. They benefit. This is like a win win, win, win, win on every side. Trump wins. Jared wins. Investors win. Immigrants win. White people lose. Right. White people lose on every front of this.

Yeah. They sell you the idea that these people are coming here. Like with a wheelbarrow full of nine hundred thousand dollars and they're going to open like a taco truck or something.

They're going to like stockades of saving for the American dream, right?

They've been. Yeah, the whore holding the cash in the walls of their tenement house and they fled under cover of darkness from their oppressive regime. No. These people are essentially opening up a mutual fund account that is extremely low risk. And as a result, they're entitled to infinite immigration for them, for their family, for whoever they want to claim as a relative. They're allowed to bring in and across the board. Yeah, the the IRA occurs, bonds and associates are profiting from it.

Well, the whole purpose of this obviously is at this stage of the game, when they've attained this much power in a particular country, is in this much wealth and they've amassed this much control is you have the IRA Kurtzman's who have been working on this. He's been an American civil rights and immigration lawyer for a very long time from 87 through 88. He was the president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. He was also their general counsel. He has litigated over 50 federal cases concerning the rights of aliens. He's also litigated. Cases under the Alien Tort Claims Act, the Torture Victim Protection Act, including obtaining a 500 million dollar judgment against John Claude Duvalier, a former direct dictator of Haiti. He recently prevailed against homeland security after a 2003 battle to gain U.S. citizenship for English born rapper Slick Rick. So this guy, this is what they do when they get to this phase of looting in societal control and power is they are now going to use the. Do you think these people are going to build? I mean, sure, they're going to buy themselves like five million dollar yachts and aircraft and everything else. But above and beyond that, beyond the Jewish philanthropy and beyond the personal enrichment and hookers and rape and everything else that they do, they are going to subsidize.

One of their biggest priorities is subsidizing anyone coming into this country that they want to. And it's like, why? Why even why even talk about a wall at all? But this is this is what people have to see when you hear Trump talking about a wall. This is what you have to see. You have to put on the they live glasses in and see IRA recurs, Bond's face smiling like behind like the Trump facade.

I mean, because that's what it is like if you are serious about these things. Why wouldn't you call IRA Kurzban out? I have never heard his name before in my life. This is the first time I've ever heard of this guy. He's got Major Ebe five victory of Chang versus USCIS. That was in 2018. He has also if there was another case that he did where he had been trying to narrow the definition of legitimate Eby Fort sorry you USCIS was trying to narrow the definition of a legitimate EB five investment like U.S. USCIS was doing the right thing. Kurzban gets in there and he gets the judge to accept a broader definition of a legitimate EB five investment and to benefit EB five investors and maybe five middlemen. I mean, this is a major this is what he did in February of 2013. Then in the fall of 2018, he won the case on loans. So it's it never ends.

Yeah, no, this is and this is the guy. Right. He's been involved in all of these pivotal lawsuits, specifically regarding maybe five migration. And we talk a lot about H-1B migration. But but he'd be five. One could argue is I mean, they're all dangerous, right? Whether it's illegals coming across the border to do menial jobs or maybe fives or H-1B. They're all dangerous in different ways. EB five is particularly dangerous, though, because they allow for this this really unprecedented level of looting to go on. And because of who they're profiting. Right. So these cut these foreign visa seekers can come in and invest their five or two thousand dollars or so and they'll invest with these regional centres. And and we know who'll be profiting up the chain there. But those that are not investing with regional centres, they'll be investing it. They'll be buying American companies. They'll be they'll be buying, you know, commercial or residential real estate and turning them into her, into commercial ventures. So these people in the EBE five market are some of the most destructive and and engaged in some of the most looting of all visa recipients.

So now you see why. Now you see why. Because originally people thought that Trump's move in November of twenty nineteen to increase the minimum investment of five hundred thousand to nine hundred thousand dollars. They thought, oh, he's he's raising the bar, he's raising the standard and thereby making it more difficult for people to come in. Right. But then you have Lindsey Graham demanding that it gets expanded. He Lindsey Graham is demanding a temporary cut on this temporary cut on the. The entry fee from nine hundred thousand to actually a new low of 450000.

But now you see why Trump was doing this, because if you have the guarantee that someone can make a loan, why would you want a small loan? You'd want a bigger loan. And to someone who wants to come in, what difference does it make whether the loan is five hundred thousand or nine hundred thousand, why not loan more money and get paid more interest? That's the real reason why the amount was increased. It wasn't to prevent people from coming in. It was actually to make more money from this system of graft and fraud and abuse for those people like Jared Kushner and for all the Jews that own these regional centres. And on top of that, then expand the number of people coming in because they were planning. That's why Lindsey Graham proposed the expansion of the cap from ten thousand to seventy five thousand because they knew they were preparing. The whole system was preparing for a flood of people coming into this program. A flood of cash, a flood of nonwhites, a flood of hostile people who were gonna come in and fund projects that ultimately weren't going to benefit white people. Any way at all? Nothing. Nothing's come right.

Right. And at the time, in twenty nineteen. The capital was. Was extremely easy to access. And so increasing that cap from five thousand nine hundred thousand. This was effectively a bailout for this industry in the USA, an industry that didn't need a bailout. These regional centres basically guaranteeing everybody up that chain. More money. The effect of what Graham was proposing, increasing the cap. Seventy five hundred percent. And in reducing the. Reducing the minimum investment. This is in response to a tightening of credit markets. But the end result of that would be more people coming in. It would be more money coming in, more money for these for this industry.

And it's a question of time and place and what they can get through any given time at any given place. Graham Graham's proposal serves those same ends. Which is to increase the profitability of this industry and bring in as many people as possible. But it's it's adapted for a different time when credit may not be as easy to access.

No. And so the connection with Gerard. And we've and we've talked about this on our deep dive on the Kushner Inc books and everything, but it's worth revisiting again, because I think we are talking about Gerard as a whole.

And we weren't really talking about this specifically. But this is how this works and this is how this is all interconnected. It isn't just like throwing Jared Kushner into the mix on this. It's like though he's front and center in the whole thing.

And in fact, his younger sister, Nicole Kushner Meyer, she's a Kushner company's principal, basically the person who has been tasked with running the company with to give the appearance that Jarrard is totally like focused on government government work and has nothing to do with Kushnick companies. And Chuck is a felon, so he can't yet. Chuck is a felon. So K at Chuck. That's right. Chuck Kushner. So many jets and all of these junkets.

But so the Kustra companies capitalized in a major way on all the tax breaks. We all we all know this these tax breaks that that took place and Jared had pushed these through the administration while this was going on. You had Nicole Kustra. Maya was in a Beijing ballroom full of wealthy Chinese investors. And the brochure at the event said, invest five hundred thousand dollars and immigrate to the United States. The event aimed at encouraging Chinese investors to apply for a B five visas. We had explain what that is. And so blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. The month of mayors meeting, Myers meeting in Beijing, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services identified and confirmed 19 national security concerns with the EB five program. That's all. That's all you found against the backdrop of Kushner's signage. Chinese investors were encouraged to provide funding for Kushner one as a means of acquiring EB five visas. Kushner one is a New Jersey luxury apartment project, also known as one Journal Square. Earlier in January 2017, a representative for the U.S. Immigration Fund had asked a New Jersey official to issue a letter certifying one journal square as within an area with lower employment.

Doing so would transform it into a targeted employment area, otherwise known as T t.A for EEB five investors and qualify it for a lower investment threshold. You just never know. And yes, so. E-mails that were obtained from the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development show that after, quote, an official responded that the project did not qualify due to its location with a census tract, with an unemployment rate below the national average. A consultant for another company asked that the state combine six census tracts together. Official documents show that the state approved the project not long after. So they got their way. Give Schlomo whatever the fuck he wants anyway that he wants, right?

Yeah, that's you know, you're actually in an area that has high employment. Well, just it's like gerrymandering the district to make it look like it's a like it's something that it's not. Yeah, that's pretty remarkable.

Well, they're gonna crash this country so hard anyway that the whole country is now going to become a targeted employment area. And so all these EB five investors will be able to throw down roots wherever they want to go. And so, yeah, it's it's funny.

And so, of course, no overt reference to President Trump was made in any of the materials at the Beijing event, but they did play on the Kushner family's, quote, celebrity status. And Maya was clearly called out in literature as Jared's sister, Maya reportedly told the crowd that her brother Jared joined the family company as CEO and recently moved to Washington to join the administration, making a point that he's a power player and that you should care about this deeply. He's gonna be the one. I mean, you don't have to, like, tell the leader these Chinese people are not stupid. Like, they can look at this and just be like, oh, yeah, okay, we give money here. And like, this all gets worked out because as we pointed out in our our deep dive about Mao's inner circle. And so the Chinese are fascinated with Jews. They're not scared of them. They're fascinated by them. They love them. They want to make money like them. They want to be just like them. And I know that's you know, I'm not trying to say that in a in a sweeping sort of way. I don't even know why I have to caveat that. It's like it's borne out by things that we we've pointed out before. But but, yeah, it's kind of funny. So journalists claim that the event organizers were nervous about media presence. And at one point grabbed a reporter's phone and backpack to try to force that person to leave. Then later physically surrounded attendees to prevent them from giving interviews.

Wow. I do what Mike Pompeo would have to say about this.

I mean, big, big bloviating. Mike is all up in arms about the Chinese being harsh to journalists and kicking out American journalists. I wonder what kind of response this would get. And yeah, it's important to remember, too, that five hundred thousand dollars, when you look at at the rapid expansion in Chinese GDP and Chinese average wealth in China, especially among these these executives, five hundred thousand dollars is nothing for these people. Right. This is this is the equivalent of. Yeah. Like going to Japan late, getting lunch for many of these people. It's nothing.

Yeah, it's amazing. Yeah. So everybody has participated in this.

And so the driving force behind EB five, of course, is this, is this Nicholas Mastroianni, some Mamma Mia type of guy? I think CEO of the U.S. Immigration Fund became the subject of a civil fraud case against him by two Chinese investors. This is somebody who is very closely tied in with Jared Kushner.

The business Mastrianni had promoted to investors was a Kushner companies developed development known as Trump based Street in New Jersey. Then, amid the Corona virus pandemic, a push within the GOP for more EEB, Phi's bubbled up to the surface. The ideas bubbled up to the surface with Lindsey Graham, according to Politico. And despite the problematic history of the program, the Republican Party pushed to increase. Yeah, we talked about this already, blah, blah, blah. Lindsey Graham, Lindsey Graham. While it is unclear whether Kushner, in fact, leveraged his position within the administration to. Oh, yeah, it's totally unclear, bro. We have no idea. Who knows? Who really knows? We'll have we may never know. We may never know. Yeah. Three Senate staffers in one administration source are saying that Jared Kushner is the driving force behind the push for EB five.

I mean, yeah, like at this point, you'd have to explain to me who who really is if it's not Kushner per Politico. President Trump has been preaching immigration restriction ism from the populist pulpit.

While Kushner has been holding a series of meetings with dozens of advocacy groups, including business and agriculture organizations, about possibly expanding all visa programs, not just the five. Imagine my shock.

Right. And that is what was borne out in this. This totally based executive order where all of these these visa programs, many of which had been halted, the switch was turned back on and they were started right back up to. Looks like looks like Jared got his way on this one.

Yeah, so yeah. So this guy, Nicolas Mastrianni, though, he's the subject of the civil fraud case by these two Chinese investors. And Michael Cohen, apparently the longtime fixer for Trump himself, not asked to join the White House staff, turned to big businesses that wanted Trump connections and advice, according to this morning's New York Times. He paid a five hundred thousand dollar fee by Squire Patton Boggs to find clients for it.

One of the clients he recruited was the U.S. Immigration Fund that Mastrianni sits on top of that goes out and finds money for all these Kushner projects. So Squire Patton Boggs, which is a major lobbying firm, cut ties with Cohen and Jerry Kushner, is not named in the current suit. Of course not. Right. Like Jared Kushner is like the capo de tutee of the Jewish mafia. Like they're not going to name him. They're not going to he's not gonna be named in anything. And so, yeah, like this guy is gonna get away with everything, all of it. And yet this and it's so funny.

They try to string Trump up on trying to enrich himself in his hotels and everything else. You ever hear the media talk about EB five?

Only in very scattered publications. It's never a CNN, Kiran. It's never mainstream public news. It's very, you know, very limited in nature.

And they don't they try to avoid it as much as possible because this blows the cover off of this in in a way that I think a lot of people would probably be pretty pissed off about. It's too much. It's too on the nose, as it were.

Oh, yeah. Yeah. This is another example where people think people have seen the headline from Trump that we are doing merit based immigration. And so there are plenty of people who would be shocked to find that this program that essentially allows anyone with with access to a nine hundred thousand dollar loan to buy their way into the U.S. and become just as American as you. The existence of this program would be shocking, let alone all of the corruption and profiteering and graft that's occurring in close proximity to it. And you're right. Maybe five visas. These are visa that they are not mentioned alongside the others in most reporting on immigration. Usually you'll get the H2B, H2 way H-1B and that's the end of it. You have to look to find that this even exists. And when you do, it's it's, you know, ancillary to to reporting about how Trump won't won't make himself rich. Trump like money, trump evil white men who want money. It's never it's never addressing the systemic profiteering. And. Yeah. What's actually going on with that?

That's why Trump is such a great front man for a lot of this stuff. This is why a Michael Bloomberg presidency would've been just a little bit too far, a little bit too on the nose. I'll say that again, because it is it allows him to be the target. Well, the the real work going on behind the scenes, I'm just. Lavis laughing Why are you talking? Because the two Chinese investor I know we're not you know, I know I don't want to get I don't I get accused of of carrying water for Neocon's. But these the names of these Chinese investors are pretty funny. Ting Ping and the Lin Fu.

The people are gonna be suing, but good for them. Good for Ting Ping and Lin Fu. I'm sure they're gonna be paid off and that's just gonna quietly go away as fast as possible. But yeah it's, it's funny as as Jews get in bed deeper with the Chinese. Right. Like that this is gonna get a Chinese. Ah. You know, maybe not, they're not going to lay down so easy in many of these cases and it's gonna be kind of funny. They don't like being ripped off so.

Right. They'll they have the mindset. And when you look at the these like investment books they're reading in China, the bestseller's, things like how to be like the Jews, how to make money, you like it. These are bestseller books over there. They'll get to the U.S., many of them fresh off the boat and and think, you know what's going on here? Why am I not getting the same treatment as I did everything right? I did what Kushner I did what what Mr. Miller told me to do. Where's my benefits?

And yeah, they might be getting a little bit a little bit more uppity then than their handlers are wanting them to be. Absolutely. Well, we're going to go to break here. More on the way. Ready for this right here. And if you.

You're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever, bash the nation, the nation.

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