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Question to Soros: What are the 'European Values' Ukraine Is Defending?

Would those be war, extreme nationalism, corruption? - Soros talks a lot of nonsense, but here is a text to call him out on it

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<figcaption>“The principles that Ukraine is defending – the very principles on which the EU is based”</figcaption>
“The principles that Ukraine is defending – the very principles on which the EU is based”

In his tired, rambling, repetitive screed for the EU to apparently save Ukraine from itself or, more accurately, as one realizes reading between the lines of Soros’s latest intervention in The Guardian, to help it provoke a continent-wide war with Russia, which Soros for some reason believes would be a good thing — among many of the fictions he’s attempting to pass off as reality, George Soros tells us this, too:

The principles that Ukraine is defending the very principles on which the EU is based

Since Soros omits to expound what he might mean by this, let’s see if we can unpack that phrase for him here. What principles would those be exactly?

Would they include the extreme nationalism we find espoused by Kiev and Lvov, according to which everybody speaking the “wrong” language is deemed inferior and required to either leave Ukraine, or to submit to ridicule, mockery, dispossession, and even outright violence, all of which have been meted out to Ukraine’s ethnic Russian minority of some 6-7 million people. (So far, ATO has managed to displace between one and two million people in a refugee crisis the size of which Europe hasn’t seen since World War II.) 

Would such common values include the notion that violence is a perfectly good way to deal with differences and political disagreements in a society? Would they also have space for the use of political repression, as has been going on all over Ukraine for the past 14 months?

Does this common Ukrainian–EU ethos Soros sees mean the sort of widespread corruption and thievery that are now rampant in Ukraine at every social and political level? Does it espouse the carving up of the economic and political sphere of a country among a dozen or so robber-barons, a.k.a. oligarchs, each with his or her own militias and enforcement gangs? Does it include the suppression of dissent in any form, with the brutalization of the public sphere, with fist fights in the parliament and thuggery in courthouses as well as in media editorial offices?

Does the EU political and cultural ethos also tolerate the use of Nazi symbols and does it accommodate open proclamation and celebration of Nazi values?

Which of these practices, common to Ukraine today, was the EU founded on? Which of them does it stand for — and which does it reject as incompatible with the elementary principles of democracy and the universalism of human rights?

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