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YOU'RE INVITED! Tree Planting Commemorating US / Russia / WW2 Allies, April 24, 2pm, near Arbat, Moscow

  • Attention!  Time and date have been changed!!  If you saw the previous announcement saying it will be on the 20th, please take note!
  • American flags will be given to Americans who want to show their support.  Please share on social media, email, etc.
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Our friends at the World Russia Forum, who recently hosted a remarkable conference in Washington, D.C. at the US Congress, in which RI took part, are the organizers of this event.  They asked us to help spread the word, which we are delighted to do.

Our friend, Ed Lozansky, who runs the forum, will be there, as will, supposedly, the mayor of Moscow, assorted celebrities, and prominent American politicians.  The US ambassador has also been invited.

<figcaption>When they work together - good things happen</figcaption>
When they work together - good things happen


Ed, who is a naturalized American citizen, says he's got a wagonload of American flags which he hopes to hand out to Americans, so if you are American, and want to show your support, be sure to find him there and get a flag!

Assorted Russia Insider team members willl be there, including editor Charles Bausman.

It should be a nice ceremony.


Here's the info from the World Russia Forum:

(Please note:  Time and date have been changed!! - the current time and date stated below are correct)

American University in Moscow ( and The International Union of Russian Compatriots ( in cooperation with many other organizations are inviting you to join us for the US - Russia friendship "Tree Planting Ceremony" to commemorate 70th Anniversary of the Elbe River linkage of American and Russian troops on the eve of the Allied Victory in the WWII. 
Moscow City Government Permission is obtained. 
Time: Monday, April 24, 2015 - at 2pm 
Place: Corner of Sivtsev Vrazhek and Starokonyushenny, Moscow, Russia . 
Metro Stations:Kropotkinskaya, Arbatskaya or Smolenskaya 
Please indicate if you want your organization to be listed as a sponsor of this event and bring American and Russian flags 
If you cannot make it please forward this e-mail to your friends in Moscow who might be interested in attending. 
More information on

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