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Annexation Nation: Trump to Help Israel Conquer West Bank, STILL No Wall for Americans (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

From the FTN Website:

The ultimate 4D chess move was "based" Trump riding to victory with Israeli help in the 2016 election in order to secure the U.S. Embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and the annexation of the West Bank and Jordan Valley. In this clip Jazz and James react to Pompeo's whirlwind trip to Tel Aviv to coordinate YUGE election year moves.

Transcript follows below:

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Just you know, our podcast is sort of like a triathlon where there's some jogging, there's some biking and some diving, some swimming. So you get all three when you listen, FTN.

Yeah, we keep we're gonna keep going back to the well on this narrative for a while now. And there's just there's just so much more to talk about with with a lot of this stuff. And we're gonna be going back to the very beginning on some of it today. And people have asked us to define some of these narratives. But first, we have a guy on the forum got to give a little shout out to. He said that I'm like the Gentile version of Bill Marr.

He like your mom. I had no idea when I'd do a revolution. Bernie Brown. Okay, listen here, guy. New rule, either a Nazi or you're gay. OK. You people think it's comfy inside your little kosher kabuki theater. Hotbox N'Gai new rule.

Jews suck and should have all their assets liquidated to pay for jogger's to go back to Africa and gay. We've got a couple of winners here. James, we got winners all around us. The Grug report. Truth to power news. Big shout outs to those guys. Seriously, though, the bits over very, very big shout out. So there's a lot of losers, though. The losers. You know that you're over the target when you're taking flack. And brand new podcasts keep popping up everywhere that can't seem to get off the ground. And there's another new one. There's another new one by Congressman Matt Gates called Hot Takes. And it's been up since Wednesday. It has nine hundred and fourteen listeners on a YouTube channel that has tens. How many tens of thousands of subscribers to verify channel verify their congressional channel? Yeah, and they're using the same stinger as Jesse Jackson. Jesse, you. You called this to my attention, which I thought was absolutely hilarious. It's like, you know, they're not only ripping off the the because what like for the pot or the popular podcast network. Right. Tiara's, is this the king? And everything flows from here. And these guys are standing up their own because they don't like what we're saying. They want to dilute what people are listening to. And the overwhelming response has been am analysts in at once or twice.

And then, you know, that's like, I don't know, one one thousandth of the people that go and listen to these podcasts and then they don't tune in and it's like Vee Scott carrier Halflife, where week after week after week, claig, the listeners just decreased by half and a half again and half again.

And they keep trying. James. I mean, I give him credit for trying like hotcakes. Jazz and Jesse Stinger. Twenty three minutes of Matt Gates like lying to you.

It's you know, the reason why we're popular, you guys, is because we're telling you the fucking truth. And these guys can't compete with that. They're not going to be able to do it. It's all subversion. So, yeah, I don't know what you're going to do.

Right. They're gonna have to crack the code and just put Matt Gates down in a basement painting Warhammer figurines and smoking cigars and maybe that maybe then they'll be able to crack four digits. But yeah, the funny thing, too, about hot takes is you cannot actually find it in a number of different places. It's only on YouTube and not doing so well there, Matt. Maybe time to move into a different line of work.

I was amazed. I mean, I was amazed, like night.

Like to at least break a thousand nine hundred.

Your congressman totally based. Congressman, you're getting nine. I mean, I'll tell you, man, this this this whole, like, fake. And that stuff is fake and real. Like, whatever whatever it is is is not working out very well. It's sort of that table that that patient is lying on the table and it's just like.

So. So. And we'll tell you why. Because we have an explanation. We we've been talking about this for a couple weeks. And we're gonna start with what's actually happening right now in the world. And that is Pompeo, who has not traveled anywhere in two months, flew to Israel for a couple of hours to prep for West Bank annexation. Now, some people think that he did this to make sure that the timing was correct and everything was going on and like whatever. And there are some people, you know, some of the more reform Jew sides saying, yeah, he's he's trying to talk, you know, Netanyahu out of doing this, are only doing a symbolic annexation, but that's not what actually is going on. Pam Payo went over there to make sure that Netanyahu is actually going to follow through on this, because what a lot of people don't know is that Netanyahu, in a very kind of eerily familiar way, has dangled the prospect of West Bank annexation in front of people in Israel on the campaign trail, then gets in power and doesn't do it. Now, it's a totally different you can't project our politics onto their politics because it's a totally different situation.

But they are waiting for the right. Moment. And they didn't, waiting for the right moment for a very long time. We'll be talking a lot about that today. But. It's imperative that this happens now for Trump because an access to annexation of the West Bank is boomer bait. And if angelical bait and they want to make sure that Netanyahu, not Netanyahu, is actually to follow through on it this time, they want it to happen now. Maybe there's some deliberation between Netanyahu and when he actually wants to do it. They're gonna do it. Make no mistake, there's no question of whether or not they're gonna do it. But it matters the most to Trump right now that it happens because, you know, when you think that Trump should be delivering you a wall or an EO on birthright citizenship or whatever. Just rest assured, James Pompeo and Donald Trump are working very hard to make sure that they deliver for Jews and for Jerusalem and for Israelis and for Netanyahu and for Jews in the United States and evangelicals and everybody else.

Yeah, and you see this being kicked back up in this was this was going to happen around this time probably anyways. But you see a renewed focus on it now as all of these other pathways to victory for Trump in 2020 have been closed and immigration has been closed since the start. As we pointed out on the midweek, and the economy now is is no longer a a card he can play. And what are we left with now? Right. We're re restarting the, you know, us versus the swamp, the people versus the deep state stuff from 2016 and 2017 with this rallying around Michael Flynn, the Indian Israeli agent and with Israel stuff and and the West Bank and annexation, which is really a throwback to, gosh, what 2004? 2005 was the last time this was. Was a big deal like it is now. So, yeah, they're trying everything that they can. And and they recognize, too, that this is going to win them favor and, you know, inspire a lot of confidence and donations and and support from the Jeannette contingent, not only in Israel, but also in the US.

Well, yeah. And so there's this power sharing agreement. We talked a lot about this on on the midweek show, but we didn't talk about who we're using it as a jumping off point into some other subjects today. But there's this power sharing deal between Netanyahu and Benny Gantz right in the Israel is new government was sworn in on Thursday.

The only non coronavirus legislation that they're allowed to discuss under this new power sharing deal, annexation of the West Bank. Of course. And he can, but he cannot bring it up until July 1st.

But this gives enough time to declare sovereignty over this territory before the U.S. presidential election, which which is what Trump wants.

And so, you know, and there some of the jig nets are saying things that like in 100 years known will remember what happened to achieve the annexation. We know the Palestinians do not want us to be in this land, but Netanyahu must not be deterred. And he's that wrong. Nobody's gonna remember how and why and what happened. I mean, Donald Trump wants them to remember one hundred years from now that he was the guy who did this and made this possible. That's what Trump cares about. But dig, that's just care about getting the job done. And they want it done now. And Netanyahu is dragging his feet a little bit.

And for Netanyahu, he also does not want to leave power, as we mentioned. So for him, the play here is to to do this annexation, get this process started in July or August or whenever before the power sharing agreement is set to come into effect and then make the argument that because this is such a tumultuous time for Israel because of the conflict or however he wants to argue it, that this is not the right time to to change hands and we need to delay this deal or they can also call new elections. Right. And if the annexation proves to be as popular as it will be in Israel, then Netanyahu can win another term and not fear, you know, enough air having to hand over power. And also, Trump is firmly in support of this. Right. The this is this is U.S. policy that annexation should go forward. And if Netanyahu can make the argument that he is going to have the better relationship with with the U.S. and Trump and Pompeo and others, then that's another feather in his cap, so to speak.

Yeah. This is Jared Kushner's Middle East peace plan. I mean, ultimately, this is and this is how this this works out really well for Israel, is they let the United States be the one to make the policy and then they get to go along with it so that they don't become the the center point of international scrutiny in the U.N.. I mean, they're going to be to a certain extent anyway. But if it's us making the policy and saying here's the peace plan and the plan is that you're going to annex the West Bank and we will backstop you, then it isn't Israel making the move and then the United States reacting. It's it's Trump in jig that's leading the charge. And people have to remember that there are ultra nationalists even to the right of Netanyahu pulling him in this direction, too, because they're waiting for the right moment to do this. We're gonna get into some of that intra Judaic debate today a little. Trying to understand what that is and the fact that this has been a 100 year struggle. But Daniel Shapiro, former U.S. ambassador to Israel, said the hurry around Pompeii's high speed mid pandemic trip was to coordinate the annexation, which he said Trump sees as an electoral boon if it can be pulled off before the U.S.

election in November, like we said. He says, quote, For Trump's evangelical and Right-Wing Jewish base, Israel annexation and the last rites it will administer to the dying two state solution is wildly popular, Shapiro told Haaretz, of course. There is also mounting opposition to this. Potentially obstacles growing in France, Ireland and Belgium are considering threatening punitive economic measures if Israel breaks international law. They're not going to do anything, but they're going to scream about it potentially. EU foreign ministers meeting on Friday and Joseph Borel, the EU foreign policy chief, said annexation would be the most important issue on the agenda. He added, however, that the unanimity that was needed to impose sanctions on the subject was divisive among member states. There is another Jewish trick, right? Like in the EU, you can only impose sanctions on Israel if there is unanimity, meaning everyone is on board with it. For those of you out in Rio Rhinelander. So there are going to be sanctions. So it allows places like France and Ireland and Belgium to, you know, hem and haw and make threats.

But ultimately, no bite, no teeth in that bite.

And even if they wanted to even if they really did want to in these representatives of the EU, oh, our interested in sanctioning Israel. The other the elephant in the room is the big Grug caveman country, America. Walking around waiting to hammer down any European partner that does not play 100 percent along with the US Israeli foreign policy agenda. We've seen them do this to Germany in the last few months with the Nord Stream two pipeline. They've done it to some Russia. You know, there's been been action against Russia as well. And so. So, yeah. Like the US. This is another element to this, right. Not only is the timing in this immediate sense in the next few months extremely important, it's also in the arc of history. They recognize the US as an empire in decline, as a an empire with falling global power and an inability to project power in places that it was able to just a decade ago, just two decades ago. So, you know, while they have this big, big empire at their disposal, they want to get their money's worth out of it.

Empire in decline. I mean, empires are always in decline because they're having the life sucked out of them by a certain country in the Middle East. It's always the same old story over and over and over again. And we've seen it all before. The two major objectives for Israel after becoming a state or international recognition of Jerusalem as the capital gobbling up territory and the annexation of the West Bank in the Jordan Valley. And so this is something that goes all the way back to the Balfour Declaration. Of course, everybody's should be familiar with that by now. We're not going to rehash that here. We assume that you have some a priori knowledge about that. But it was issued by the British government in 1917 and long before there was this intra Judaic dispute over optics, which has always raged. You have the Zionists, hiim Weismann, outmanoeuvring the establishment optics Jews led by Lucius Wolf, to get the British government to publish the Balfour Declaration optics. Jews were worried at the time that by declaring the Jewish people a nation, they could no longer hide behind the meme that Judaism is just a religion and that they do not host any d'hote dual loyalties. They were also deeply guns earned that if Israel was established, that most Western countries would inevitably deprive them of the rights and deport them to Israel, which didn't sit well with Jews that had integrated themselves with the British elites and elites of other countries. And so this is why most of the jig nets in Britain were like Weismann, recent immigrants from Eastern Europe and Russia. Of course, that is the extremely abbreviated version of this history. But this should serve as a primer for those who are not familiar so we can add greater context in this episode into the rest of the material that we want to cover here today. Right. James Mean gymnast's one and Jews got their state. Yeah. So, yeah.

And part of the European consideration, of course, was the terrorism and havoc that Jews were wreaking in the region and threatened to wreak in these European states if they did not get their way. And yeah, so this is GeoNet strategy was was ascendant at the time and prevent a very importantly in this case, prevailed.

It did. It did. And, of course, you know, this is people it's important not to project our own dialectic, which is fakin gay between left and right onto them.

It's they at the end of the day, the the optics Jews are going to go along with this no matter what. I mean, they're going to backstop whatever the jig nets do. They may not like it. They may disagree with it. They may have their sort of intra Judaic debates on these subjects and they may see risk with certain plans put forward. Both the jig Nazi risks with what the optics Jews are doing, that it might be too slow, that it might be too drawn out, that they might be risking. Maybe the plan. Right. The the long term agenda. And that likewise is true for for that's as well. But fast forward through seventy five years of wars. Millions of dead Europeans, land grabs, dead presidents, stolen nuclear weapons, fake genocides and trillions in financial aid and weapons. And two very Guignard objectives that are trying to be carried out are annexation. The West Bank of Jordan Valley and international recognition of Jerusalem as the capital. And both of these things are illegal according to international law.

But this is something these are goals that they had to work to or they had. Their state now has to expand and now they have to take back Jerusalem. They have to fully kick out the Palestinians off their land. And so there's glue. There's been global opposition to Jerusalem in the early 1980s where our story begins today. You had liberal reform. Jews were this growing dominant force in U.S. and European politics. And thus there was not much of an appetite for either objective. The G20 and one hundred and forty other countries all had varying statements on the issue of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, its violation of international law. You know, and we recognized Tel Aviv as the capital. Right. It's like the most watered down were totally not against you guys. You can't even accuse us of being anti-Semitic. We're just stating the facts here. So violation of international law and Tel Aviv is the capital like this is the pushback that these countries give. But it's they they're not they're not down with it. Right. They're not giving them what they want. And so you have the 1948 Arab Israeli rule war to the six day war in 67. The status of Jerusalem has been hotly contested. It was declared its eternal capital of Israel in 1949.

In 1980, the Knesset passed the Jerusalem Jerusalem law, which declared Jerusalem the unified capital of Israel. Then you had jig nets. Yitzhak Rabin, Netanyahu, Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert all give full throated support to a unified Jerusalem.

So whenever you hear a politician come out and say, I believe in an undivided Jerusalem, they have picked up the jig net rhetoric. Right. Even Obama said, I believe in an undivided Jerusalem. So based Obama. Right. Of course, he was surrounded by Jews, too. So but then you had optics.

Jew Ehud Barak became the first Israeli prime minister in history to allow for a possible division of Jerusalem, despite his campaign promises. So he in order to get elected, in order to be popular in Israel, he had to be for a unified Jerusalem because that's what Jews in Israel want. Why wouldn't you? Right. And but, you know, then he gets into office and he says that I'm OK with maybe dividing this city up. And that's caused a lot of problems.

Yeah. And even if you're not if you're in Israel, even if you're not a hardline right wing ultra Zionist.

The Jerusalem problem is, in their calculations, just more headache than it's worth. Right. Trying to manage this holy city that's holy for three different religions and keeping the peace there. These one could argue to themselves and you could argue to themselves, even if they're not an ardent right wing Zionist, that the easy and quickest solution would just be to annex the whole thing and do it painlessly and quick with lead.

Just get it over with. Right. So, yeah, this is something that much more so than annexation of the West Bank. And Jordan Valley has a lot of support in Israel.

Yeah, because if they had done this immediately, I mean, why why else would these wars have been fought? Obviously, they could not have achieve these goals in 1948. They tried it could not achieve the goals that they wanted in the Six Day War in 1967, although incrementally they have achieved these goals slowly over time. They have achieved the goals, but it's not fast enough. Right. Jig Nats want more. And then there are ultranationalists to the right of Netanyahu that want even more than what the official gick that narrative is through Trump. I mean, imagine I know this is hard to imagine because you're not Jewish, but imagine being a Jew in Israel and thinking that Netanyahu is a cook and Trump is a cut, too. But there are a lot of them who feel that way because not enough is happening quickly. Right. And so you have global opposition to annexation as well. The West Bank is internationally recognized for now, for now as held under military occupation by Israel. Israel disputes this, of course, and has created 200 Israeli settlements there in the West Bank. Now, with over 400000 Israelis living in that region on somebody else's land. So an Israeli annexation would likely be opposed internationally because the plan would violate multiple principles. Number one, the principle of territorial integrity that the territories should not be acquired by war, which they have been as stated in this U.N.

Resolution 242. I'm not going to bore people with this, but it would be a violation of the Oslo Accords and the permanent day to day control of the civilian population by a foreign power. Right. So these are all these tenants where this would be a violation. But Israel's done it anyway. Nobody's really stopped them. And it's kind of continue to pace. And they played this game where, you know, United States comes in as the bad guy, the big asshole in the room, the golomb of Israel that gets trotted out every time there's a problem. But nobody's actually stopping this. But you have sort of, you know, I guess, token objection in these various countries to this prospect. But run the time out long enough, James. Right. Like, drag the decades out long enough. Who is gaining ground and who is losing ground? Oh, absolutely. Is Israel is winning. Palestinians are losing. And this Middle East peace plan by Jared Kushner. It basically says, like, yeah, we're gonna do this and you don't even get to have a seat at the table. I mean, normally, we would have invited you in the room, but you're not welcome. We're just gonna do this now and you're not going to do anything about it.

Yeah, that's exactly right. And they have got, you know, generally in the Israeli community, in the Israeli press, have come to the conclusion that this is going to happen. It's simply a it's a matter of it's almost like when you have to fire someone who's an employee. Right. They know that this decision has been made, but now they're coming to terms with how they tell that person. It's like, yeah, Palestinians like we're taking all of your territory. What's the what's the most diplomatic way we can put this? And the other element here, too, is that even if the European powers, again, wanted to stop this, even if Belgium was really upset or France or or Sweden were really upset about this, what are they going to do? Right. Even back in the back in the 90s and the 2000s, what are they going to do? And does this matter as much to them? And this is this is the what you get with the US as this massive Israeli golomb is they are going to be calculating, is sabotaging our relationship and incurring the wrath of the U.S. worth standing up against Israel. And because there was never an ability of these European countries or world powers generally to put up a united front against the U.S. in Israel. It's it's continued unabated, relatively unabated until we're at where we are today.

Yeah, I mean, they would have given leaders of France, leaders of Belgium the same choice that they gave John F. Kennedy.

You can have silver or you can have lead. You get one or the other. And most people take silver and some people take lead. And when you try to get in the way of Israel getting nuclear weapons, you get led. And that's what happened. I mean, that's I mean, pretty much there's no reason to suspend all this time on these conspiracy theories that boomers have for decades. But pretty simple to understand in hindsight. And so it's nineteen eighty your Benjamin Netanyahu. And you've been made ambassador to the U.S. for Israel. How do you get from there. Nineteen eighty four. And where he was then to today, where you're on the precipice of annexation of the West Bank in the Jordan Valley. And you have gotten the United States to recognize Jerusalem as the official capital and move the embassy there. I mean, you're Benjamin Netanyahu over the course of 30 years has just been racking up those wins. Hundred and thirty five years, really just just going ham on this stuff. But how does he get there? Right. Because it doesn't just you don't just wave a magic wand and make it happen. And and we know because we've talked about this, that when Bibi was ambassador to the U.S. for Israel, he was already friends with Fred Trump. Nineteen eighty four here. He knew Donald Trump.

He also knew the Rebbie. And the Rebbie is very interesting guy. And we're gonna talk about the Revy here and talk about how bad, Lubavitcher, when you talk about Netanyahu and how all of this got started, because you don't get from where things were in 1984 to where things are today. And it's not just with annexation. It's not just with the embassy move because those things, they don't wanting to do those things for a while. And previous American presidents kept signing the waiver and they weren't allowing it to move forward. They kept signing the waiver every six months. We'll talk about that, too. But they weren't getting what they want. But now all of a sudden, you have all these nationalist populist leaders all over Europe and America and Latin America with both scenario. I mean, you know, you have all these chips on the board. Now, how do you make that happen? How do you transform politics in all of these white countries? Well, we talked about that a little bit with Arthur Finkelstein and how that's worked and all of his proteges and how that has evolved. But we have to go back to the beginning to understand the goals that these people had that they wanted to accomplish and they needed to accomplish accomplish them quickly per the jig net sort of doctrine.

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