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ANGRY NEGRO: Security Threatens to Smash Camera of Russian TV Crew Outside NY Hospital

Meanwhile, in the Big Apple ...


Refrigerated trailers are now a must-have for any New York hospital.

They are driven to the rear entrance of the hospital to expand the possibilities of morgues.

And wooden fences are set up so that casual passers-by or journalists do not film the process of transporting bodies.

We still recorded this fragment, when an angry hospital employee was already approaching us.

In order not to aggravate, despite the absurdity of the claims, we didn’t filmed from their territory, we still left, especially since we came here for another purpose - to talk with Dr. Irakli Buziashvili.

A classmate of our famous Denis Protsenko, he is saving people in New York.

And, of course, he is worried about a comrade - after the news that a coronavirus was found at the head physician of Kommunarka hospital in Moscow.

- You are chatting with him? - Yes, Denis Protsenko.

I asked him how is he doing, did he catch the virus, he said: I am fine, working.

Both of them were taught intensive care skills at Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy.

But for many years, they did not need the endocrinologist Buziashvili, until they began to throw all their strength into the battle with coronavirus.

Not only myself but people working for 20, 30 years did not encounter anything similar.

They didn’t let us finish. The man in the dressing gown and mask returned with help.

They were trying to silence our interlocutor, they literally attacked our film crew.

They didn't even try to comply with the first amendment of the American Constitution, as well as social distance.

- Don't touch him. Film him.

What's your name?

I am gonna sue you. Call police!

The police were just around the corner. Several cars with flashing lights were parked a little further.

Not embarrassed by the cameras, they also annoyed our guest.

When you back inside talk with the management about you giving an interview.

What interview? I am sharing my opinion. It has nothing to do with the hospital.

OK. It is not related. What's the difference? What is all about?

They asked me what I think about the whole situation as a doctor.

The degree of aggression is growing with growing epidemics.

Here in a subway car, a man of Asian appearance is being harassed.

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