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Anatoly Karlin: Anti-Semite

Karlin has fun answering a questionnaire. We think he's on to something, and think everyone should answer it. 

Note from the editor: Karlin has done something very smart here - he has exposed the absurdity of the term "anti-semite", by trying to seriously answer an Anti-Defamation League poll. They actually describe themselves as "the nation's premier civil rights/human relations agency".  I think most people would use the term in the following sense: "someone who has an unjustified dislike of Jews in general". In the process of answering the questions, he has pointed out a lot of reasons why one might be displeased with the behavior of Jewish elites.

The ADL too has done something very helpful. It has given everyone a chance to say how they feel about these issues, and see how they measure up. I will take the poll myself and publish the results, and I think everyone should. I for one would like to know where people stand on this issue.

Are you an anti-Semite? Wonder no longer! Take the poll here:

Charles Bausman, Editor, Russia Insider

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Am I an anti-Semite? The SPLC and RationalWiki both seem to think so. But there are also those who believe I am a hasbara shill, or even Jewish myself. Either way, I don’t appear to be a particularly enthusiastic philo/anti-Semitic propagandist – of the 1,200+ posts to date at my archive, only about 15 are actually mainly about Jews (and I hope this will be the last one for some time).


Percentage anti-Semites according to the ADL (i.e. believe in 6+/11 of popular stereotypes about Jews).

Fortunately, the ADL has attempted to make at least a minimal attempt at quantification. You qualify as an anti-Semite if you answer Probably True to six or more of the following questions:

  1. Jews are more loyal to Israel than to [this country/to the countries they live in]
  2. Jews have too much power in the business world
  3. Jews have too much power in international financial markets
  4. Jews still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust
  5. Jews don’t care what happens to anyone but their own kind
  6. Jews have too much control over global affairs
  7. Jews have too much control over the United States government
  8. Jews think they are better than other people
  9. Jews have too much control over the global media
  10. Jews are responsible for most of the world’s wars
  11. People hate Jews because of the way Jews behave

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In this post I will try to systemically answer each of these statements, but before I finalize my excommunication from ZOG, there’s a couple of caveats that I wish to make.

First, many of these combine an observation – often a statistically correct one – with a normative judgment. Of course Jews have many more billionaires and elite journalists per capita than any other major ethnicity. Is this good or bad – or even more ambiguously, “too much”? Difficult to say. For a committed blank slatist, the answer should be “Probably True”. Hence, the “anti-Semitism” of the more honest and consistent Leftists. Then again, knowledge of race differences in IQ, and the correlation of IQ with economic success, explains most if not all of the residual.

But even though it annuls many of the more extreme anti-Semitic arguments, this form of argumentation is itself racist – and ironically, it was overwhelmingly Jews, e.g. Franz Boas, Leon Kamin, Gould, Lewontin, etc. – to a degree disproportionate even to their IQ advantage – who developed the modern blank slatism that tabooed such perspectives (although I have mixed opinions about his work, I think Kevin McDonald demonstrates this pretty conclusively). In other words, it was the Jews themselves who torpedoed the single most succinct and powerful argument against anti-Semitism; hence, also, the “anti-racist” IQ denialism amongst some of the more overt anti-Semites. Very amusing and ironic.

Second, these are also all negative stereotypes and perceptions. There are many things one may admire in Jewry. For instance, it is pretty much impossible for any educated person not to hold a considerable degree of appreciation for Jewish cultural and scientific accomplishments. As a “Russian alt-right, white nationalist anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist”, I will also admit to a no lesser degree of appreciation for the Jews’ verbal IQ-powered political acumen – simultaneously running a nationalist regime in Israel that is the envy of the Alt Right and exerting an inordinate degree of influence over US foreign policy via the Lobby, while somehow managing to maintain a reputation for erudite, tolerant, progressivism. Although normies will consider this as more of a negative stereotype. Oops. There go the paradoxes, again.

But this does go to show how fluid the boundaries are. For instance, the South Koreans are highly anti-Semitic by the ADL’s schema, but it’s a sort of anti-Semitism through philo-Semitism: “The idea of emulating Jews in order to get ahead in the world has gotten other people’s backs up as well. On the blog +972, Mairav Zonszein wrote: “I can’t blame the South Koreans for being interested, and it is indeed a compliment of sorts—but it brings up a point that I have written about before: the fetishization of Jews, whereby singling Jews out for greatness is the same as discriminating against them or stereotyping them.”

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Conversely, just as there is much to like and praise, there is also much to dislike and criticize in all peoples. On the pages of this blog I have made fun of the Amerimutt, the Britbong, the Eternal Kraut, Sweden Yes, and the Butthurt Belt of Europe. I have called for kebab removal and named the Mongoloids soulless drones. Paradoxically, I am also one of the most hardcore Russophobes out there; anyone who has read me long enough has probably figured out that I consider my own people to be no better than White Negroes. Probably the only ethnicity I haven’t called subhuman scum at some time or other are Gypsies – and only because it is so self-evident in their case. So bear this in mind before consigning me to the ranks of hardcore anti-Semites – I actually hate all ethnicities, to some extent. Except the Czechs.

So with these preliminary comments out of the way, let’s answer the ADL survey point by point.


1. Jews are more loyal to Israel than to [this country/to the countries they live in]

The dual loyalties of the Jews is a popular stereotype, so much so that around a third of Americans and half of Europeans believe that they are more loyal to Israel than to their own country.

This isn’t just a goyim stereotype. Even America’s premier Jewish mag openly speaks of the “burden” of having one’s loyalties “inevitably divided” for Diaspora Jews. The Jews are themselves inordinately obsessed with this issue. For instance, several years ago, the Israeli immigration absorption and foreign ministries polled tens of thousands of Jewish Americans on where their loyalties would lie in the event of a crisis between Israel and the US. Unfortunately, this polling project was halted when it came to light, so as far as I know, we do not have any hard numbers on what Jews think themselves.

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Israel, 1949. The world’s first Stalinbus. Now the Jews pretend they always hated Stalin, just like Balts like to think that they had nothing to do with Communists coming to power in Russia.

Historically, it seems to me Jewish loyalty was highly contingent on what best served Jewish interests (opposite example: Germans, who have tended to be remarkably loyal to their host countries, even when they were at war with Germany).

Consider Russian history. Jews were strongly hostile to the Russian Empire – Minister of the Interior Vyacheslav von Plehve estimated that 40% of its revolutionaries in the early 1900s were Jews. That said, I am not one of those people who ascribe the Bolshevik Revolution to Jews – the Bolsheviks were a predominantly ethnic Russian party, and it was the Balts, not Jews, who were instrumental in terrorizing central Russia into submission in the critical early months of the Civil War. Still, Jewish loyalty to the new, highly philo-Semitic early USSR soon picked up, and they ended up manning 40% of the NKVD for most of the 1930s and procuring Stalin the secrets of the atomic bomb from America – where WASP elites largely barred Jews from social (if not economic) advancement.

But as Brezhnev’s USSR instituted pro-majority affirmative action - which is all that late Soviet “anti-Semitism” amounted to – the Jews started joining dissident circles, emigrating, and lobbying for anti-Soviet sanctions in the US. Meanwhile, as America itself became a much nicer place for the Jews and the world’s foremost champion of Israel, the most visible face of Jewish political activism transitioned from Trotskyist internationalism to that weird form of Jewish-American nationalism called neoconservatism.

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Today, Russia is one of Europe’s more pro-Israel countries, and according to the ADL, it is more philo-Semitic than almost any other East European nation. Putin’s daughter married a Jewish minigarch, just like Trump’s. Consequently, there are plenty of Jewish-Russian “conservative/patriots” types both in Russia – Soloviev(Shapiro), Khinshtein come to mind – and in Israel – Lieberman, Eskin, and even a few odd nationalists (mostly prominently the “son of a lawyer” Zhirinovsky, though he is half-Russian and does not identify as Jewish). Even so, Russia is in a new cold war with the United States, which is a much more dedicated – and powerful – champion of global Jewish interests, so Jews are likewise considerably overrepresented in the ranks of the Russian pro-Western liberal opposition (Khodorkovsky, half of the Echo of Moscow crowd) and massively overrepresented in the ranks of the Western Russophobes (Ioffe, Elder, Applebaum, Nemtsova, Weiss, etc). It is certainly telling that this resurgence of Jewish hostility came at just the point when Russia became something approximating a sovereign state, even if it is more philo-Semitic today than at any other point in its history since at least the 1920s.

Now obviously, the Jews don’t constitute a hive mind, and there exists a wide range of opinions among them, as Winston Churchill eloquently argued in his 1920 article Zionism vs. Bolshevism. Even so, it appears to me that Jewish practice of and rationalization of dual loyalty is central to their own view of themselves to an extent unseen with any other major people, and it has been that way since at least the age of the Pharaohs and ancient Babylonia.

So, that’s at least Probably True.

2. Jews have too much power in the business world

There is no question that Jews are massively overrepresented amongst the ranks of the world’s super-rich. They are the world’s “market dominant minority,” to borrow Amy Chua’s terminology.

Jews constituted 36% of the Forbes 400 in 2010, and 21% of the 200 richest Russians (down from 6/7 of the Semibankirschina oligarch cabal that as good as ruled Russia in the late 1990s).

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In the meantime, they constituted about 2% of the US population, and less than 0.2% in Russia.


Source: Pumpkin Person – Does IQ explain racial differences in extreme wealth?

Note that this is something that Jews themselves talk about and are understandably proud of, though G-d forbid the goys notice.

Admittedly, a large (though far from total) percentage of this overrepresentation is crisply explained by higher Jewish IQ, and I have speculated that Mediterranean peoples – Greeks, Levantines, and yes, Jews – might be especially talented at making money, even relative to IQ.

However, as I have already pointed out, this is where progressive Leftism faces a major paradox – their dogmatic blank slatism precludes IQ-based arguments, while their postmodern relativism also rules out traditional conservative arguments ascribing Jewish success to superior culture, such as propensity for thrift, hard work, etc. Consequently, the only route left open to them is to go the full mile and ascribe Jewish economic success to, well, Jewish privilege. Hence why the more honest and committed – or more socially autistic – leftists, e.g. Corbynites and ethnic minority SJWs in the US, tend to veer into “anti-Semitism”, drawing the ire of neoliberal ZOG.

So it’s ultimately pretty hard to say. Although I was initially slightly inclined to say Probably False, the fact that a lot of this privilege-speak was developed by Jews in the first place annoys me and tilts me towards Probably True.

3. Jews have too much power in international financial markets

Obviously if Jews are overrepresented in the business world, then they will also be overrepresented in financial markets, since there is a great degree of overlap between these two spheres.

But there are a few critical caveats that make my assessment Probably False.

First, this question is largely an extension of the previous one, and I am averse to double counting – especially given the ambiguities I express on the last question.

Second, this question is too distinctly evocative of the Rothschild conspiracy theory, whereby the eponymous family cabal controls most of the world’s wealth and institutions along with the Rockefellers. This is complete nonsense. While the Rothschilds were Europe’s premier oligarchs in the 19th century, a century of inflationary defaults and dilution by inheritance have grinded them down, and today they constitute just a few small investment banks that are pretty much irrelevant next to the Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgans of this world.

Third, Israel is a minnow in global financial terms. Its stock market capitalization is less than 20% that of Switzerland’s, despite having similar populations.

4. Jews still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust

This is not just Probably True – it is obviously, objectively true.


SourcePEW – What Does It Mean to Be Jewish?

I mean I don’t even fault them for it. I would probably go on about the Holocaust if I was a Jew myself.

Even pushing Holocaust denial laws serves Jewish ethnic interests by pushing extreme anti-Semitism to the margins and thereby reducing the probability of it getting repeated.

Note that Israel doesn’t rush to recognize other genocides – e.g., that of the Armenians. Then again, trying to maintain a monopoly on victimhood makes cynical sense.

5. Jews don’t care what happens to anyone but their own kind

This is just an absurd exaggeration of #1. Probably False.

Jews played a huge role in the US civil rights movement, and ultimately I don’t think it was wholly or even primarily driven by racial hostility to the majority European population. Charity is a constituent part of traditional Judaism, with Jews obligated to give up 10% of their income to the needy – and not all of that goes to other Jews.

The Jews might be more clannish than North-West Europeans, but not more so than typical Mediterraneans – and a great deal less so than Sicilians or Caucasians.

As the commenter MawBTW noted on Greg Cochran’s blog, Eliezer Shlomo Yudkowsky – one of the core people behind Effective Altruism, possibly the most inherently universalistic ideology out there – is one of the most Jewish Jews around: “Eliezer Shlomo Yudkowsky has a comically Jewish name and a comically Jewish face. He’s an atheist, but that’s a Jewish stereotype too. On the female side, you have Shula Firestone, who’s full name is Shulamith Bath Shmuel Ben Ari Feuerstein and who Wikipedia describes as “a central figure in the early development of radical feminism”. By some miracle she contrived to be born in Canada instead of the first synagogue from Ellis Island.

6. Jews have too much control over global affairs

I don’t think so. Even though the US is somewhat under their thumb (see #7), it’s not like Israel was exactly getting its way under Obama. And Jews have far less influence in the rest of the world.

Besides, the flip side of the US vetoing all the anti-Israel UN resolutions is that an absurd percentage of those resolutions are made against Israel in the first place.

So that’s Probably False.

7. Jews have too much control over the United States government

This, on the other hand, is not just Probably True – it is obviously, glaringly true.

Consider the following.

It was supported by 9/172 countries. It was opposed by 63% of US voters, including 44% of Republicans. Even so, 90-0(/100) US Senators, including Bernie Sanders, voted to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

All this happened under an American President with well-known financial and familial ties to Jewish oligarchs and Chabad, whom many liberal American Jews nonetheless believe to be the second coming of Hitler.

Oh, and even speculating about the Jewish Lobby in the US is anti-Semitic – just ask Stephen Walt/John Mearsheimer or Philip Giraldi about how their careers fared after they started talking about this subject.

Incidentally, I say all this as someone who has no dog in the fight over Israel and Palestine. So far as I’m concerned, these are two tribes locked in their tribal struggle – admittedly, one is far more intelligent and dominant than the other – but since neither is particularly pro-Russian or anti-Russian, I see no reason to favor one or the other independently of objective geopolitical calculations. I don’t go on about the “AngloZionists” as one columnist here does, nor do I particularly care about “Israeli apartheid” and the travails of the Palestinians – that’s the job of Israel (Shamir), not mine.

Still, that does not mean ZOG is entirely a figment of the anti-Semitic imagination.

Case in point: The taboo against even noticing the Jewish Lobby has reached such heights that there is now a bipartisan consensus in the US to effectively do away with the First Amendment in order to… criminalize advocacy of BDS. The American political elites are happy to scrap the very Constitution that they otherwise worship for make benefit of Israel.

8. Jews think they are better than other people

I think the only people who think otherwise are people who have not met many Jews. For instance, jokes like this about incompetent goyim are hardly atypical:

Ivan: What if we have to fight China? They have more than a billion people!
Pyotr: We’ll win with quality over quantity, just like the Jews with the Arabs.
Ivan: But do we have enough Jews?

This sense of superiority extends to Jewish religious texts.

For instance, Deuteronomy 14:2 – “For you are a people holy to the Lord your God. Out of all the peoples on the face of the earth, the Lord has chosen you to be his treasured possession.

And this is tame. Some kabbalistic texts go as far as to describe non-Jews as “beasts in human form”.

Conclusion: Probably True.

Now admittedly, one might argue that the superiority complex is justified.


Source: Charles Murray – Human Accomplishment

After all, it is an objective fact that Jews are far wealthier, more successful, better educated (more than can be explained by IQ, as Ron Unz showed!), and higher achieving than the goyim.

This, as Richard Nixon correctly noted, engenders a certain arrogance on the part of certain Jews. Which I suppose can be looked over, if they could just keep it to themselves.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Here’s the thing. Israel happens to be far more of a “national state” than any other Western country or even the Russian “Putlerreich” (that exists only in Western imaginations). Israel has a big wall, it deports Black African illegals en masse, and opinion polls suggest that half of Israeli school children oppose equal legal rights for Arab-Israeli citizens. Most importantly, Israel is The Jewish State. Even though ethnic Russians constitute a higher percentage of the Russian population than do Jews in Israel, they can only dream of a “Russia for Russians” in the Putlerreich.

No wonder, then, that many in the Alt Right, such as Richard Spencer, cite Israel as the sort of ethnostate that they themselves aspire to for their own people. Good luck with that, though – any European leader who aspires to a quarter of what Israel managed will immediately become a Second Hitler. Thanks in large if not exclusive part to…

Well, Jews.

What knowing goyim notice and dislike is that too many of their (((fellow white people))) combine progressive, pro-minority agendas with aggressive support of Israel across virtually all countries where they have a substantial demographic presence.

The US: While the Jewish Lobby supports Israel and influence the US to an extent that ROG can only dream of (see #7), other Jewish activist organizations – which substantially overlap with the Jewish Lobby – have played outsized role in promoting Marxism, feminism, anti-racism, etc., present immigration as a “core Jewish value”, and have been outspoken in trying to discredit Trump, the closest the US has ever had or might ever have to a Netanyahu.

France: Guillaume Durocher has written a lot on Jewish ethnic lobbies who propagandize the poz and hate speech laws in France while aggressively shilling for Israel.

Russia: As soon as the anti-extremist Article 282 was brought against the Russian liberal/Jewish nationalist Anton Nossik for advocating the extermination of Syrians, on the basis that it was good for Israel, the entire Echo of Moscow crowd suddenly became ardent proponents of absolute free speech, even though they had previously been at the forefront of writing Russia’s hate speech laws in the first place.

ioffe-putin-is-antisemitePerhaps the ultimate “Jewish spy” archetype is Julia Ioffe: From being an Israel First activist at university, wall and all (!), she seamlessly transitioned into condemning Americans who want the same for their own country: “Je Suis Refugee“, therefore you need Infinity Immigrants! (Ioffe was not, of course, a “refugee” from the USSR in any meaningful sense of the word). She has also castigated Russian “cattle” who had the temerity to vote for the Vladimir Putin, who she believes hates Jews because he once said that Russians sacrificed more than anybody to save Jews from the Holocaust – no, really!

I can’t think of any other major market-dominant minority that has a substantial percentage of people who push “nationalism for me, not for thee” on their host countries.

For instance, the Chinese in South-East Asia, though economically dominant, do not translate it into political power, or a “culture of critique” against their host societies. On the other hand, the locals also organize the occasional pogrom against them, so perhaps it is the Chinese who are doing it wrong?

Ironically, George Soros – despite his Emmanuel Goldstein status amongst anti-globalists – isn’t really a Jewish spy. He has gotten high on his own supply and trafficks to Israel too, with the result that Israel has disavowed him. (There were reports that he stopped financing FEMEN when they attempted to open an Israeli affiliate, but AFAIK that was fake news).

9. Jews have too much control over the global media

Jewish overrepresentation (even relative to IQ) in media, journalism, and Hollywood is too obvious to deny. However, is it “too much”?

On /pol/ you have memes floating by every so often suggesting that Jewish dominance in the media is near total. Here is one such example:


I don’t know to what extent this table is accurate and/or cherry-picked. It seems to be too extreme to be true, but who knows. Maybe we can establish that in the comments.

Anyhow, my rejoinder to the idea that Jews control the media and that this is a bad thing, which I employed in a email discussion with an Alt Right intellectual who is deep into the JQ, went as follows:

… According to Wikipedia, there are 15,000 Jews in Sweden. That’s <0.2% of the population. Even you would surely agree that this isn’t anywhere big enough to seize control of any significant institution, even for a people as intelligent and apparently wily as the Jews. (If it is then resistance is futile, assimilation is inevitable).

If France, Germany, and the UK are cuck countries, then Sweden is the cucklord supreme. It has by far the highest Third World immigration per capita of any major EU country (100k+/year), and it is also the only one where a majority of people continues to favor the opens doors approach!

In short, it appears that the Swedish people are perfectly fine with voting themselves out of existence and electing another. That is despite (or because?) the media, political, and business scenes in Sweden are dominated by ethnic Swedes. And it has the strongest political correctness culture in all of Europe, with transgressions against it being punished not only by ostracism, as in the US and much of Europe, but also by the real threat of prison time.

And it’s all almost entirely Judenfrei! ;)

So, anyway… you’re probably anticipating my question/criticism here. How would Kevin MacDonald/Culture of Critique and the other propagators of the theory that there is are strong Jewish Ethnic Genetic Interests that unwaveringly works against Whites explain Sweden – a white country that is doing away with itself with the willing and happy connivance of not only its (ethnically Swedish) journalists and politicians but a strong majority of the (ethnic Swedish) population themselves?

Problem: That 0.1% includes the Bonniers:


My interlocutor replied:

Sweden is a bit of a mystery. The Jewish factor is not completely absent there however. The Jewish Bonnier family apparently owns several publishing companies, the private channel TV4 (with as many viewers as the main state TV channel), various other channels, a film company, cinema theaters, magazines, and newspapers, including two leading dailies.

From that alone, punching above one’s weight as ever! (In Poland, perhaps the most homogeneous country in Europe, the leading liberal daily constantly shaming the Poles for not being international and “modern” enough is owned by . . . Adam Michnik.)

Lack of country specific knowledge led me down a dead end, and forces me to acknowledge Probably True.

There used to be a site called J-DAR that scraped movie databases to calculate a “jewdar” score for Hollywood movies and “celebrate the Jewish contribution to the film industry.” Unfortunately, the site seems to have been folded, presumably because not everyone was celebrating. It would be interesting to revive the project and do some statistical analysis.

10. Jews are responsible for most of the world’s wars

First, this is simply not the case historically.

Jews had nothing to do with World War I (nor as Niall Ferguson showed did bankers want that war, later Communist propaganda regardless).

Jews only provoked World War II in Nazi propaganda.

Jews had nothing to do with the Cold War.

Nor did Jews have much to do with most post-Cold War conflicts. The only major recent war that could conceivably be somewhat-somehow attributed to Jewish influence is the invasion of Iraq, but there were lots of other, more important factors in play there. Otherwise, they were at best only incidental at most. The Syrian Civil War is primarily a Syrian conflict, stoked along by the US to be sure, but not incited by it. The main responsibility for the War in the Donbass ultimately lies on Russia; if not for Russian support, the rebellion would have been crushed in summer 2014.

For the other perspective, see Philip Giraldi: America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars.

That said, my own position is Probably False.

I might change my assessment if the US ever does end up seriously bombing Iran, but the Jewish Lobby has had no luck with that – and I doubt that will change any time soon.

Second, ultimately only 6% of Congressmen are Jews, and the most prominent and aggressive warhawks (e.g. John McCain) don’t seem to be Jews.

The most visible face of ZOG in the current administration, the Kushnerites, might be more aggressive than isolationist Bannonites, but they are less aggressive than McMaster.

Jews figure prominent in the Russiagate conspiracy theory, to a greater extent than can be explained just by IQ, but they are nowhere near as uniformly Russophobic as other East European emigres (Brzezinski, Ros-Lehtinen, etc.). The Jew Stephen Cohen is probably the most eminent “Russophile” in the US, and there are no end of Jewish anti-war/anti-imperialist commenters (Greenwald, Chomsky, Blumenthal, Chapo Trap House).

Jews are significantly more hostile to Iran, but they don’t have a monopoly on it (e.g. Michael Flynn). Besides, it’s more understandable than with respect to Russia, since Iran actually is deeply hostile to Israeli interests.

Jews don’t seem to be hostile to China at all.

Third, while Israel itself is a relatively belligerent country, it’s not any kind of wild outlier by global standards.

11. People hate Jews because of the way Jews behave

Explanation 1: Pretty much everyone’s ancestors were evil anti-Semitic scumbags who loved to persecute and fleece Jews.



Explanation 2: The fact that everyone and their dog ended up deporting Jews at some time or other indicates that it might also have something to do with Jewish behavior.

Standard explanation is #1, but maybe, just maybe, #2 also came into play at times. Here are some arguments in favor of the goyim:

1. The plural of anecdotes might not be data, but it surely is stereotype, and Shylock didn’t emerge from a blank canvass.

2. Jewish dual loyalties and culture of critique.


SourceADL – Global 100

3. Poland – epicenter of the “Paradisus Iudaeorum” under the Commonwealth, eagerly welcoming in Jews exiled from the rest of Europe – is now the most anti-Semitic region of Europe, even more than half a century after the Nazis genocided the Jews out of Poland.

4. Israel’s neighbors hating Jews more than anyone else. Including 58% of Armenians, who are some of their closest relatives.

Though in fairness everyone in the Middle East hates each other anyway, and they quite reasonably all view each other with suspicion: “Beware Greeks bearing gifts”; regional variations on “It takes two [A] to deceive one [B]; two [B] to deceive one [C]“, …, in which A, B, C… = Turks, Greeks, Persians, Jews, Armenians, …

Conclusion: It takes two to tango, but since the politically correct position is to avoid blaming Jews at all, I suppose this would be Probably True.

FINAL RESULTS: 7/11. Anti-Semite!

I suppose I deserve my “accolades” from the SPLC and RationalWiki after all.

But then again, so does this rabbi, who scored 6/11 in a similar article for the Jewish mag The Forward. As I said at the start, things are complicated.

Source: Unz Review

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