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Americans and Europeans Increasingly Desire Alternative News Coverage

According to a recent poll, some 60% of Westerners said they prefer alternative media for international news coverage

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This article originally appeared at RT

Getting their international news only from mainstream media is not what the majority of Americans and Europeans want, an opinion poll shows. Some 60 percent desire alternative sources of news coverage.

The only country among the five polled by the British company ICM Research for Sputnik news radio, in which less than half of respondents said they would like to have an alternative source of information on world affairs, was France. Forty-nine percent of the people there said they would be ‘quite interested’ or ‘interested a lot’ in it.

Greeks were on the other side of the spectrum, with over 80 percent vying for such a source. The US and UK were level at 57 percent, while Germany ran at 55 percent, Sputnik reported.


The polling happened between March 20 and April 9, with 1,000 people covered in each country.

Sputnik is a Russia-based news agency and radio network targeting foreign audiences. It started an opinion polling service in partnership with ICM in July 2014.

A separate ICM poll conducted for Sputnik in April showed that some 54 percent of people in the same five countries didn’t trust mainstream media when it came to coverage of the Ukrainian crisis.

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