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American Priest, Editor of 'Russian Faith', Blocked from Facebook for Posting Article Critical of Sodomy

Facebook is awash with barely disguised pornography, which it makes little effort to curb. But speak out about sexual degeneracy and they freak out. Why is that?

The same is true for all the big tech platforms.

I'm a little surprised it didn't happen sooner. Facebook is well known for being liberal, anti-Christian, and pro-homo. They are also well known for kicking people to the curb when they don't like their views. I am a Christian, and I frequently post articles from a Christian perspective, so it was just a matter of time.

I was trying to post an article on Facebook, suggesting that Polyamory Will Soon Become the Norm, Just Like Gay Marriage and Transgenderism. It mentions three classes of sexual deviants, and Facebook likes catering to all three. So apparently that title was just too much. A few seconds later, I was staring at this screen: 

I see the same message whenever I try to access Facebook messenger. And when my own mother tries to look at messages I have sent to her on Facebook, she is not allowed to view them. They have been deleted. Facebook says "This message is no longer available because it was identified as abusive or marked as spam."​​

My mom is not allowed to send me any new messages either. Facebook tells her, "You can't reply to this conversation." Here is a sample screenshot from my mom's phone:

Never mind that the Russian Faith website is my livelihood. Never mind that this is how I feed my wife and eight children. And never mind the fact that Facebook is my primary vehicle for sharing news stories from the Russian Faith website.

None of that matters to Facebook. What they really care about is protecting the feelings of trannies, homos, and wife-swappers. They are kicking me to the curb, to make sure I don't post an article that hurts the fragile feelings of people who give it to guys in the backside, or of someone who cuts off his junk so he can pretend to be a girl.  

At least they have their priorities straight.

Thankfully, the Russian Faith website is still alive and well. Facebook can't bring it down. Indeed, there are several things we can all do together, to fight back against Facebook, making sure that Russian Faith continues growing in strength and influence:

  • I can keep posting articles on Russian Faith, and you can keep reading these articles, every day.
  • You can be my eyes and hands, by posting Russian Faith articles on Facebook, every day. Help us, by posting articles on your own pages, and sharing articles in Facebook groups.
  • Increase support for Russian Faith, by adding one dollar to your monthly support. If you had been giving $100 per month, then bump it up to $101. If you were giving $20, make it $21. And if you hadn't been giving anything, then make a $1 monthly commitment to support this noble causeAnyone can afford a dollar.

They didn't like it when I — one person — was regularly posting conservative, traditional, Christian articles on Facebook. Let's see how they like it when thousands of Russian Faith supporters close ranks, joining forces to share the truth! 

The Gleason family in Rostov Veliky where they live

They didn't like it that Russian Faith has been gaining new supporters, people willing to make donations to fight against the sexual deviants who are infecting society faster than the Corona virus. Let's see how they like it when thousands of Russian Faith supporters unite, responding to Facebook's temper tantrum by making Russian Faith stronger than ever!

Facebook is a Juggernaut. I can fight them, but I cannot fight them alone. I need your help. Please go directly to the Russian Faith website every day, read your favorite articles, and share them on Facebook and Twitter. Increase your support to Russian Faith, and encourage others to do the same.

If we join forces and stick together, they won't be able to stop us!

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