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The American Mind Melts Away

Such ignorance of the world-at-large from Americans is to be expected

As many Americans celebrate all things to be thankful for by bashing in each other’s heads for deals on big screen TVs, blenders and underwear, with even average American nutjobs showing their dedication to what Christmas IS NOT all about by dressing up as store employees in order to score “deals” on more junk made in China, they might want to sober up and pay a bit more attention to the world-at-large rather than be consumed with consuming more and more:

Putin Tells Industries to Be Ready to Switch to War Footing – via

A hostile globe-spanning American empire, endless US interventions, encroaching NATO, and now also an elite Blame Russia hysteria taking over western Europe and northern America. No wonder Kremlin is preparing for the worst:

It wants civilian industries, even private ones, to be ready to switch to military production at a moment’s notice if the need arises

Ah, but who cares? I scored my big TV, my iPhone XXX, my new tablet, new computer, new clothes that will whither away to nothing before Spring – all to celebrate the big day of Christ’s birth. Jesus, Mary and Joseph – how they must weep from the heavens.

Such ignorance of the world-at-large from Americans is to be expected, with everyone from the dimwits called “US Officials, Senators and Representatives”, to Theresa May, to Merkel, to the mainstream media blaming the Russians for anything and everything; needlessly ratcheting up tensions so that the “order” of the West (bankers) can be maintained.

Americans aren’t paying attention – they’re too consumed with the most banal of interests. They’ve been splendidly brainwashed – truth be told.  And if a source for all this insanity is needed, look no further past the supreme nutjob of the planet, Hillary Clinton, losing an election to a guy with orange hair, finding a convenient scapegoat in Russia, along with a complying media, to blame for her utter ineptness. Yeah, a world war is worth this failure of a human being.

This is how a country feels when it is threatened with war: via

And if you want to continue to follow the bouncing ball of insanity from the mainstream media about Russian “influence” here in the States – look no further than this lovely piece of horseshit:

In yet another mindless fake news story about fake news, NewsWeek explains how “Russia Controls the American Mind”


The all caps shouting is theirs. – via

One has to wonder from reading such grade A guano – do these people have a heart and soul?  Do they wish for war?  Do they not give more than a Black Friday deal about the future welfare of not only themselves, but their children and grandchildren? Evidently not.

NATO Tells Europe: “Prepare for a Russian invasion”. Who Are the Most Dangerous Russians in the World Today? – via

The fact is that under Putin’s leadership, Russia has simply absorbed and dissolved every attack the west has thrown at it resorting to physical, military action only when considered absolutely necessary but also, crucially, when the possibility of success without bringing the west into a major, immediate armed conflict seemed virtually assured. The saving of Crimea and its population and the Russian intervention in Syria at the Syrian governments behest being the two most prominent examples.

The Russian restraint in retaliating in kind and refusing to be dragged into war has left the west increasingly exposed, at least to the more perceptive among its own population and others around the world, as the aggressive, lying, land grabbing force it actually is and has led to increasing frustration among the west’s rulers culminating in a petulant frenzy of provocations in the dying months of the Obama regime.

And to conclude, from a recent article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts:

Meanwhile, the effort to keep Americans and Europeans totally ignorant of everything that is really happening, substituting Washington’s controlled explanations for actual reality, continues. For telling the truth, the news service RT has been forced to register as a “foreign agent” under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

In other words, the First Amendment, along with the rest of the US Constitution, has been repealed by Washington’s assertion of raw power, not limited by law or even morality.

According to the report (above) on Global Research, “This month, an organization calling itself the European Values Think-Tank, based in the Czech Republic and funded by the US embassy and foundations associated with billionaire George Soros, published just such a list, including the names of 2,300 RT guests, grouped into US and UK politicians, journalists, academics and celebrities. These individuals are, according to the think tank, ‘useful idiots’ for a ‘hostile foreign power.’”

I am not being facetious when I tell you “don’t expect to live much longer.” We are ruled by mindless, insane, psychopaths who believe that the US is invulnerable. These dumbshits are likely to get us all blown off the face of the earth. If you are not concerned that the US government is picking a fight with Russia (and China, North Korea, and Iran as well), something is wrong with you.

But Dr. Roberts must have it wrong – after all, I did score my big new TV to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ!

And if one thinks that Russia will allow another war to be fought on its homeland – they need to think again.

The Second World War started in 1939 in Europe but the Russian Great Patriotic War began with another date – June 22, 1941. Although it started later for us, the Soviet Union, without a doubt bore the brunt of it: in total in those 5 years they lost more than 26 MILLION people (around 2/3 of them were civilians). For people of our country the Nazi army was the infernal evil. – via

The following song in remembrance of their valor and their ultimate sacrifice follows, just as our WWII veterans made the ultimate sacrifice, fighting on the same side against Nazism.  Yet now, we're supposed to hate and despise the Russians enough to accept war against them – and all because of some faked narrative of election fraud in an election lost by a failed candidate and deplorable individual.

It is the insanity of our past and present governments, along with an abiding media that pushes the world to the brink, and as always, ready to send others sons and daughters to die for their insanity.

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Source: Dispatches from the Asylum 

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