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U.S. Media Outlet Mocks WWII Stalingrad Memorial as Victory Day Approaches

Insulting the memory of over a million humans who struggled through the largest battle in human history is a new low, even by the standards of Western media.

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This article originally appeared at RT Russian. It was translated by Kristina Rus at Fort Russ

American mainstream media hit a new low by proving the junk value of its "journalism" and "Western values", publishing a veiled wishlist of Soviet structures to be toppled and mocking Russian victory in WWII over Nazism. 

In time for  May 9 (celebration of 70th anniversary of Russian victory in WWII), the American edition has included the memorial "Motherland" [in Volgograd - former Stalingrad] on the list of the most absurd buildings.

American website Business Insider, dedicated to news about business and technology, ranked "the most absurd of buildings of the Soviet era that are still standing". Along with various buildings and memorials of the countries of the former USSR and Eastern Europe, the list included the statue "The Motherland calls!", located on the Mamaev Kurgan in Volgograd.

American "Business Insider" today published the rating of the 12 "most absurd buildings of the Soviet era that are still standing". This list included the monument "Motherland", located in Volgograd. As stated on the website, Volgograd statue, reaching a height of 85 meters, is twice the size of statue of Liberty. It is worth noting that the list was published less than two weeks before the 70th anniversary of Victory day.

No reasons by which certain buildings were included in the ranking were stated by Business Insider. However, the author of the list used the words "weird" and "ugly".
Also on the list of Business Insider is the sculpture "Monument of Revolution" in Croatia, the Central Bank of Georgia, which, as the newspaper writes, "looks like it was subjected to editing in Photoshop", "resembling a UFO" house of the Bulgarian Communist party in Buzludja. The authors were also surprised  by the Chisinau circus and the monument in Macedonia, created in memory of the uprising against the Ottoman rule, and the building of the Central Research Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybernetics in St. Petersburg provoked a reference to a "devil's church".

A little over a year ago a scandal broke out after CNN included in the rating of the ugliest monuments of the world the Belarussian memorial "The Hero Brest Fortress", dedicated to the soldiers fallen during the Great Patriotic War.

The rating caused an international scandal prompting an internal investigation, and the post was removed from the channel's website. The editors made a statement in which they apologized for the inclusion of a memorial in the rating of the ugliest monuments of the world.

"We realized that our mention in our article of the "Hero Brest Fortress" insulted the people of Belarus. We didn't want to offend anyone and we apologize," - said the statement.

The statue "Motherland calls!" by Yevgeny Vuchetich is the center of the monument-ensemble of the "Heroes of  Stalingrad battle". This battle was a turning point during the Great Patriotic War, along with the battle of Kursk it turned the tide of the war. Soviet troops lost more then a million people in the battle of Stalingrad, Germany and her allies — about one and a half million people.

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